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  2. pognivet

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Updates that add things that should have been there when the game was released... half a decade ago.
  3. mondkalb

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Citation needed. Our VA sheet has eight listed and paid voice actors. Granted, two of those are GalComT and me. Edit: Before everyone gets their panic modes activated about this. I've spent two years in theatre before moving to Prague, so this matter is not fully amateur-work, either. 😉
  4. pognivet

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Quit being a big baby.
  5. my aircrafts support toggle visor option when you get in. or also pilot unit from FIR Pilot&Crew pack also support toggle visor option.
  6. Vdauphin

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello, I thought there is only BLUEFOR factions but just checked and there is way more I will added in the next hotfix I will also remove CAF (really old) Cheers


    They do indeed have backpacks, most of the time Alice packs and Carryalls..... oh yeah, and AI population is set to 0.3 xD So yeah, I do carry all my gear in my hands 😄
  8. vilas

    ACTA2 voted today by EU

    they ban people for telling historical truth , for example about crimes of Israel (crimes against Palestinians) or Jews (in Communist secret police NKVD or UB) or Muslims (terrorism, WW2 in SS against Serbs and orthodox Christians) so they ban for truth , freedom of speech is not existing in western europe just as not in FB - but everyone blame Putin for being non-democratic, lol, if Putin was only person who make cenzorship laws, lol , all "hate speech" laws are in fact cenzorship , now even historical truth is endagred cause you cannot say about that many Jews were in NKVD/UB, you cannot say that Israel commits crimes on Palestinians, you cannot say Muslims make attacks and were voluntary joining SS during WW2 killing Serbs (official version is that Serbs are "bad guys") etc. they even ban critics of feminism-looney and gender-looneys , they ban hunters for showing off hunting trophys (hunting exists since thousands of years and human eat meat ), so we have global problem of vanishing freedom of speech, we had freedom of speech in 00's nowadays in 2019 we start to have more and more cenzorship and rewriting history (Jews deny that Poles were also huge group of victims of holocaust etc) , we really start having problem with cenzorhip over internet , and every one just blames Putin for his laws , but west and FB does the same and it is shame, cause cenzorship is part of communism, we fought against communism because we hated cenzorship just as we hated confiscation of property, now we face cenzorship again in our lives (we - i mean people like me, from "eastern" Europe which lived in communism before 1989 and now communism returns, fight against tradition, fight agains property , social benefits for lazy non working bastards, cenzorship, limitation of gun laws upcoming etc. i hate communism and commies because they limit freedoms ) freedom should treat all people equally - if nation A commited crime over nation B - we can say it, but when nation C commited crime against nation D - suddenly we cannot say "because it is racism, hate speech" etc. ? wtf all nations, all religions should be treated equally - all people should be treated equally , without "holy cows" - musicians tear and burn Holy Bible on stage - is anyone is in prison for it ? well - try to do the same with Quoran or Tora - is it eqality ? why noone punishes for defamation of Catholics ? what about Armenians holocaust by Ottoman Empire etc. ? we have people (in EU or USA) which are in prison for "hate crimes" - we also have "artists, musicians" which burn Bible on stage - and courts say it is "freedom of expression", we must have laws that treat people, religions equally - without special right of anyone, and this should be guaranted by freedom of speech - without any cenzorship or bans - there should be no holy cows otherewise we do not have any democracy , democracy rely on freedom of speech and equal treatment of any competitor
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  10. jackel85

    Not ready for release

    Hey at least you can find a game I haven’t found one in 4 months and I try for 30mins every day, I don’t care if it’s game preview I want my money back!
  11. the_one_and_only_Venator

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    They are providing continuous free updates and new features more than five years after release. In case you haven't noticed.
  12. jackel85

    DevStream #17 - Ask Questions!

    I want my money back! I have had this game since it was first released on game preview and in the last 4 months I have been unable to to find a single game so I’m stuck at my broken house. I think waiting for 10 minutes each match making is way too long. I want my money back I have had enough!!
  13. Will 100% buy it on AliExpress for 350$ + shipping for 3 additinal years of ArmA on same platform. Because @ 4.4/4.0 GHz core/cache and with my 32 GB DDR3 2400 MHz CL10, I will get almost 10 FPS more, which will be fine (in ArmA) till 2022. Vs. buying a very expensive CPU (i9-9900K 5.2 GHz) + very expensive RAM (32 GB 4000 MHz CL17) + expensive mobo + custom watercooling. For less than 10 FPS, average, singleplayer. Q2 2020 still 14 nano, but 10 cores Comet Lake (confirmed) Q2 2021 still 14 nano, but 10 cores (refresh) Rocket Lake (confirmed)
  14.  EO

    Sirens (Prelude)

    I've play tested this so many times and never noticed any issues with the fog, however I just watched kodabars playthrough and it did have some weird looking issues when he was close to the Siren. On closer inspection he was close to death, his stats were showing that he was Weak, Nutrition 29, Hydration 44, it's very possible the Ravage ppeffects were having an influence. I'll try a few more runs with those stats to see if that's what could be causing that. 🙂
  15. i7-5775C @ 4.2/3.8/2.2 GHz core/cache/eDRAM | 8 GB DDR3 2400 MHz 9-11-11-31-T1 | GTX 1080 Ti On one hand, FPS is higher (slightly), because of GTX 1080 Ti vs. RTX 2060 / GTX 1080 / GTX 1070 Ti / RX Vega 64. On the other hand, FPS would have been even higher (slightly), if files' swapping (RAM -> paging file) didn't happen, because of only 8 GB of RAM. And frame time must have suffered (slightly) as well, because of only 8 GB of RAM. 1080p ultra: +5 FPS vs. i5-8600K @ 4.8/4.5 GHz core/cache | 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz 15-17-17-35-540-2T | RTX 2070 +4 FPS vs. i7-4790K @ 4.8/4.4 GHz core/cache | 32 GB DDR3 2400 MHz 10-11-12-18-204-1T | GTX 1070 Ti OC -2 FPS vs. i7-7700K @ 5.0/4.4 GHz core/cache | 16 GB DDR4 4200 MHz 17-17-17-36-260-1T -3 FPS vs. i9-9900K @ 4.7/4.3 GHz core/cache | 16 GB DDR4 3600 MHz 16-16-16-36-631-2T | RTX 2080 Ti -7 FPS vs. i7-8700K @ 5.0/X.X GHz core/cache | 16 GB DDR4 4200 MHz 16-XX-XX-XX-XXX-XT 1440p ultra: +6 FPS vs. i5-8600K @ 4.8/4.5 GHz core/cache | 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz 15-17-17-35-540-2T | RTX 2070 +6 FPS vs. i7-4790K @ 4.8/4.4 GHz core/cache | 32 GB DDR3 2400 MHz 10-11-12-18-204-1T | GTX 1070 Ti OC -0 FPS vs. i9-9900K @ 4.7/4.3 GHz core/cache | 16 GB DDR4 3600 MHz 16-16-16-36-631-2T | RTX 2080 Ti
  16. LSValmont


    I didn't know that! Thanks EO!
  17.  EO


    @LSValmont I use the individual zed units that are are available in the Editor.
  18. jonipetteri

    Object to terrain level

    Like I said, sarogahtyps code works fine. I run it via Game Logic-module in the editor. I've attached cable1 to ied2 by writing cable1 init box this: ied2 attachTo [cable1, [0, 0, 0] ]; and this code is not working after I run sarogahtyps code.
  19. lexx

    Object to terrain level

    I did, and you must do something wrong in your code.
  20. pierremgi

    Object to terrain level

    There is always at least 3 solutions for a problem: the wrong one; the right one; the jonipetteri one. Joke apart, you should read what sarogahtyp wrote and disregard your attachTo setting (for all that stuff). That means you have to apply the code on ied2 AND cable1AND... with relative positions from ied1 I guess.
  21. pierremgi

    remoteExec an addAction

    This is specific to the init field of the edited object. But when you spawn an object by a command or a function in a script, usually the returned value is the object and you can run your code on it.Here you need to remoteExec the code (such as an init field which is "public", ran by all players) Example: _veh = "C_Offroad_01_F" createVehicle position player; [_veh,[ "Use Me" , { hint "Action Used"; },[],1,true,true, "missionNamespace getvariable[ 'someVar', false ]" ] ] remoteExec ["addAction",[0,-2] select isdedicated] ;
  22. LSValmont


    Hey EO, By hand placed you mean the Horde Module?
  23. LSValmont

    remoteExec an addAction

    I think this method is the most efficient bandwidth wise! But how would you apply this method if the object (to get the addAction) is spawned via script rather than EDITOR (So no access to Object's init field)?
  24. empleat100

    arma 3 won't launch with stereoscopic 3d

    It is way to long. Are you looking for something specific. I uploaded it for you. https://pastebin.com/k8vmBZMi Weird thing i have no logs param, for perfomance and after i enabled logs, when i launched game it instantly crashed and than previously freezed on logo.
  25. jonipetteri

    Object to terrain level

    Read last post, please.
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