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  2. AveryTheKitty

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    The LDF uniforms are a mix of the officer and combat uniforms. Vests and helmets are new entirely. The Russian uniforms might be from DayZ but I'm not sure - though they do have Viper gloves now. Same with the vest. Helmets are "new" models but built off of the vanilla CSAT ones from the looks of it.
  3. johnnyboy

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    The little hop the unit did is in my move script. The script plays a move animation, and checks if unit position has changed since starting the move. If he hasn't moved, he's given a little velocity boost to get him going. This helps prevent units from being stuck and running in place. And it also causes the occasional little funny hop you spotted.
  4. Hello, i got few performance issue with the CQB module, i host a server at home on a dedicated computer, everything work fine for the other people but not for me, got weird performance issue : -without the CQB module everything works fine -with the cqb module (5%-500m spawn distance) my performance client decrease, i take in charge all the cqb unit, i think its because i have 0 ping. -with the cqb module (5%-500m spawn distance) + 2 headless client, i got a weird performance issue the fps are fine but every 5 seconde i got a weird slow frame. Its possible the engine load/unload repeatedly the cqb AI between me and the headless client (i have tried distribution option for virtualized AI headless/server) same issue. There is way to force Alive to spawn CQB unit on the headless/the server only ?
  5. instagoat

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Considering that A3 was supposed to be scifi before it was rolled back to its current near future setting, maybe the story is a little more involved. That they spoiler the twist in the trailer is the disappointment, if anything. The Units seem to be kitbashes from existing meshes, but the vests look at least partially new. Making new buildings from scratch is probably out of scope for what appears to be a side operation when compared to the main studios in CzRep. So is completely new vehicles, etc, thus the sidegrades for existing ones. Such as the hardtop for the pickup, and the new textures. The russian units do not use the TCU of the persian and chinese CSAT units, apparently. The Uniforms look more like Gorkas. The Helmets are reskins though... I hope they read some good books (or a helpful site such as atomic rockets) before writing this. If the Aliens are there to steal our water, I am going to scream.
  6. I wish they'd make a tiling satout with a similar arrangement of fields as exist within the map proper.
  7. haleks

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I would add that simply comparing numbers between the CDLC and official content doesn't make much sense. The creative process is different, with different goals and scope. GM sure is impressive in many ways, and compared to it, A3 Contact might seem a little light; but we don't know nothing yet about its play value and quality. Story writting, acting, music quality, game modes design and other things that can't really be quantified may surprise us and justify a comparatively high price. It's a bit soon to start bashing the new DLC IMO.
  8. I'm adding support for Global Mobilization to my dynamic mission (which is extremely close to release now), and I need the directory structure for GM's new German language radio protocol in order to update my included voiced squad command system. When I check Global Mobilization's addons inside "\Arma 3\GM\addons", I see only EBOs, and no PBOs. I read up online a bit, and learned that EBOs are encrypted PBOs, and that BI basically encrypts upon release, and then some time later updates with a patch and then wallah, all the EBOs become PBOs. For those familiar this this process, two quick questions: After new DLCs have been released, how long has the "EBOs to PBOs" thing typically taken in the past? Has the timeframe been pretty consistent or has it varied wildly per DLC? More importantly (for my particular case), can we access stuff inside directories that are EBOed, in mission via scripting commands, etc? For example, I can't de-PBO the EBO to see inside, but supposing I could infer the proper directory I need inside GM directory structure, would scripting commands work to access the underlying data? (In this case I'm using kbTell and directSay to make player unit say things. Works for all vanilla radio protocols plus those from popular mods. Would like to make it work for GM radio protocol too. Anyhow, would rather not wait for the "EBO to PBO" magic to happen, if that makes sense.) I welcome any and all help, even simple things I may have overlooked, thanks!
  9. lexx

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Because you open up the door for much more criticism if you price "paid mods" too high. People were crying already as-is. Honest question: What exactly do people expect content wise for a 20 bucks dlc?
  10. Mr.Toad's Wild Ride

    Contact Expansion Livonia Feedback

    I'm really liking Livonia overall but one thing really rubs me wrong. A significant number of the buildings are only partially enterable, some will have barred doors on the inside, some (like a certain church that exists in at least 3 places on the map) simply only have one door that works to enter one small area of the building. Considering how few other assets will be added I had hoped for more for the map. Are there any plans to finish the interiors of the buildings in Livonia?
  11. tortuosit

    NO, BIS, NO.

    Yes. I'm coming just from a cheap "a milsimmer is a consumer" perspective. And most of us (consumers/content and game hunters) cannot resist new content.
  12. krzychuzokecia

    When will BI start to understand their own product?

    @froggyluv I agree completely, but that would require real work and a courage to make something different (ayy lmaos are such a cliche, especially ayy lmaos are so peaceful but our military wants to kill them anyway! cliche), and not politically correct.
  13. Crielaard

    Sabre's Civil Aviation

    Hi Sabre I notice the jets with AI wont land. They just Touch & Go. Any way to force this?
  14. Zhivets

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Why is this somehow worth more than GM? Sure, the map is nice and all, but the content provided is mostly boring reskins of vanilla uniforms which have already been done to death by BI and the modding community, and ported DayZ assets that are years old, which those of us who own DayZ have already paid for, and some strange sci-fi storyline that has nothing to do with the armaverse. Meanwhile GM offers much more original content and involves a setting that undoubtedly appeals to far more people than aliens. And if the terrain assets for Contact are free as with Apex, you're getting even less for your money.
  15. Jackal326

    Thermal Signature Question

    I've just had another thought. Depending on which model it is you're altering, provided it is compatible with hiddenSelections, you can use the HiddenSelectionsMaterials config parameter to simply change the rvmat relevant to that selection/texture. That way you don't need to go through the hex-edit route.
  16. Larrow

    count magazine left

    TAG_fnc_numMagsAvailable = { params[ [ "_weapon", currentWeapon player, [ "" ] ] ]; _magazines = []; { { _magazines append getArray( _x ); }count configProperties[ configFile >> "CfgMagazineWells" >> _x ]; false }count getArray( configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _weapon >> "magazineWell" ); _compatibleMagazines = getArray( configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _weapon >> "magazines" ); _magazines append _compatibleMagazines; _magazines = _magazines arrayIntersect _magazines; _numMags = 0; { if ( _x in _magazines ) then { _numMags = _numMags + 1; }; }count magazines player; _numMags }; [ primaryWeapon player ] call TAG_fnc_numMagsAvailable Doesn't include loaded mag as OP said he is already counting that mags available ammo. Tested on B_soldier_F carrying standard loadout of arifle_MX_F and mags. Roughly 0.045ms from console test.
  17. We don't have an exact timeline for further Dev-Branch additions, but they will happen over the next weeks in batches. And there are to be smaller updates with fixes in-between, probably not daily, but as often as we can get them out. We realize there are arguments for both having / not having furniture baked in, but stuck with how it's been for the other vanilla terrains.
  18. krzychuzokecia

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Oh, the jokes write themselves! I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel like that. From what I see, all we get for this DLC (priced almost as high as the full game!) are: 1. a bunch of retextured units: Russians - funny thing, different texture for them is left in game data since the beginning, Livonians who are just woodland AAF, 2. few weapons: new AK-12 variants - I suppose, knowing how things work in game art development, that these models may have been already made during Apex development (rarely art studios get back to remake old stuff, case in point Livonian Offroad which still have damaged passenger doors, like post-apo Altis car), Mk14 but with smaller magazine - with mag proxies being a thing now it's... pathethic, Shotgun - Kozlice is back, yay! But wasn't that gun taken from DayZ? MSBS/Grot-ish bullpup thingy - OK, that's new but that 2x scope/carry handle taken from Croatian VHS-2 doesn't fit the rest of the gun at all, 3. a bunch of CRBN equipment - that's cool, but again I have a strong feeling that this content was being made for Laws of War, but missed the deadline (this suspicion is even stronger due to the fact that both Contact and Orange/LoW were made by BIS Amsterdam), this includes the new UGV, 4. tractor - this is just laziness, not only it's the same old Arma 2 model, which we already have in A3 thanks to CUP and/or other ports, but it also doesn't fit to the futuristic style of other civilian vehicles (note that this model is some kind of 80s era Zetor tractor, and even in 2019 those are a rare sight, much less in 2035), 5. new island - well, OK, thanks for that, 6. ayy lmao objects and campaign focused on dealing with ayy lmaos, who are apparently just McGuffins. So the really new stuff are island, two guns (MSBS and Kozlice), CRBN and ayy lmao objects. Campaign... I have a feeling it will be a failure - I liked movie Arrival (Amy was no accident) but it seems that even this idea is not realized completely in Contact, and we'll have a traditional shootout with Russians over McGuffin. So for all of it's revolutionary content, this DLC is story-wise just micro-East Wind, but with McGuffin being so out of place, that half of the community (which doesn't end on just these forums) is enraged. Had BIS went with something more down to Earth (for example old Soviet WMDs exploding in former bases in Livonia - contaminated Soviet bases are real thing in Poland), nobody would really bat an eye, and we all would be dancing in circle, happy that we finally get Russian component of CSAT.
  19. haleks


    Indeed. They are using some assets from Dayz, so yeah, the map will definitely have a nice post-apo/abandonned vibe. Man, I would love to see a "remastered" version of Altis with some of the recently added assets, like the supermarkets and factories from Malden & Apex... I wonder where altian people do/did their food shopping? ^^
  20. stburr91

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I decided to wait before posting, and after sleeping on it, here are my thoughts. I hate posting this, I generally try to be positive, but there just hasn't been anything to be positive about since Jay Crowe left, leaving Arma floundering with a lack of leadership, and decision makers that are out of tune with the community. First, like many, I'm not a fan of the alien concept, but ignoring the aliens... let me talk about the rest of the content. Well, lets just get this out of the way right from the start. I have bought all of the official A3 content, gladly, and being eager to buy new content, $25 isn't a lot of money for an expansion, but.... This is not even close to an expansion, truthfully, it's about half an expansion, with a full expansion price tag. This isn't about the price, I'd gladly pay $25 for an expansion, this is about getting what you are paying for. So, moving on. The new map. Sadly, this is simply yet another Chernarus (that's now 7 Chernarus maps for those of you at home counting). The new map is mostly buildings from Dayz, so if you bought the standalone Dayz, congrats, you just paid for the buildings ....twice. Yes, BI just charged you again for content you already own. The vehicles. Well there are no real vehicles. Sorry, but a little drone, and a f**king tractor just doesn't cut for an expansion. Seriously BI, a f**king tractor, that's just adding insult to injury. The weapons. Yeah, not much there either. The rest of the content is mostly reskins, and small objects. Hell, reskins, and small objects DLC would have been an much more accurate description of this project. I want new content as much of the rest of you, and until more recently, I liked the direction Arma was going, and was eager to buy their content, but not anymore. I no longer have any faith that BI (with it's current leadership) is capable of creating decent content, and that is really unfortunate since BI has failed to plan for delivering Arma 4 anytime soon. God, I hate being "that guy" complaining about Arma, I really want to like the new direction Arma is going, but I just can't get on board.
  21. Today
  22. froggyluv

    NO, BIS, NO.

    Based off of what? Id consider myself a milsimmer based of how Id like to be able to somewhat recreate real worlds event conflicts and have them play out somewhat realistically vs the AI. Things like real combat morale and reaction, the sense and effect of a real time ambush, the psychological effect a sniper has on a squad, the fact that realworld soldiers often ORIENTATE themselves towards their only know threat - not sit down/standup/spin180, like getting AI to mantle obstacles, giving more varied AI reactions to unknown threats, like AT soldiers working hard to get off that shot as the whole mission may depend on it and much much more.. All of these things could be addressed to a point until or concurrently with Arma4 development. No offense but new terrains (unless eye poppingly unique) and guns are just Barbie dress up playtime -the mil simmer stuff lies far beneath
  23. Mr H.

    NO, BIS, NO.

    true, and Livona looks lovely btw but contrarily to Tanoa that had no rivals in the modded maps, there are tons of free maps with Eastern Europe themed forests out there... If I use the new map all members of my community will have to own the DLC, then why not just use CUP's Chernarus? In one instance I had to buy Apex for one of our players because I reallllllly wanted to make missions on Tanoa, I won't do it for this DLC. Exactly! I have a policy to buy all DLCs although I never use their assets just to support BI because I think that with the 3,000 + hours I've spent on Arma they deserve my money, and I will buy this one for the same reasons, but in the mean time is it really too much to ask that they do a little something for the milsim community in their next DLC ? false (unless for buildings or props) for units,vehicles and weapons I've never used anything vanilla in my missions, only RHS and cup
  24. AveryTheKitty

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Awesome! I'm super excited for everything, can't wait to redo my Russians with all of the new gear in particular. Personal request: Granit Suit with a ghillie cover like the other vanilla ghillie suits. Also, will the Spetsnaz faction receive any new ground or air assets such as quad bikes, qilins, or helis? I do recall spotting a heli pilot when digging though cfgMods. ­čśë
  25. During a firefight, especially in an urban area, phones should be ringing off the hook, from concerned neighbors and from bad guys and spies. My latest incursion in Leskovets, I didn't hear any phone ring.
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