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  2. Then I have to determine if carrier was clicked... Could probably use raycast but I thought there would be simpler methods
  3. afaik the most reliable way for ships is to hardcode it.
  4. I recently bought a Pimax 4K VR headset, ostensibly to play Elite: Dangerous, but but actually I am playing nothing but Project Cars 2 :)
  5. Tankbuster

    SQFLint - Syntax error checker CLI

    @SkaceKachna, I'm still getting loads of 'Possibly undefined variable' yellow warnings on variables defined in a global variables file earlier. All my own functions too - it's not getting stuff out of CfgFunctions. Finding the red warnings is brilliant and it's a valuable tool because it's very reliable at getting these. I was wondering; in the documentation, you say it works best with Armitxes SQF support extension and I use a different one, the Vladislav Sazonovs extension. Is it likely this is what is causing these yellow warnings?
  6. Hi I'm using onMapSingleClick to teleport player for testing but I want it also to work when player clicks on position over carrier. How do I get the carrier height in this case? thx!
  7. islesfan186

    1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    Congrats. Is that #5?
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  9. Understood, anyway thanks!
  10. You have wrong models. You have your units with uniform models instead of unit models For example: universerp_aums_off_duty model="\A3\Characters_F\Civil\c_poloshirtpants.p3d this is correct. The one below it is wrong: universerp_aums_recruit model="\A3\Characters_F\Common\Suitpacks\suitpack_universal_F.p3d This is incorrect. this model is for the uniform only. It should be the model for B_Soldier_F. IT's probably \A3\Characters_F\blufor...... not common. I don't know off the top of my head. But your rangemasters are all correct, I think. A good recommendation, that I use, I try not to include anything that I am not changing. If you have B_Soldier_F as your inheritance, If you don't change the model, just leave it out. I don't include modelSides[]={3,2,1,0}; either. The only time I include model on my units is if I had an inheritance for FIA units. They don't have a repair unit. so I can inherit a O_repair but I don't want the csat model, so I would find which FIA model I wanted. You also have no faction selected. Here is an example of what I leave in. author="Victim9l3"; _generalMacro="Guerrilla_Snow_SquadLeader1"; scope=2; side=0; faction="VCTM_GUERILLAS"; vehicleClass="VCTM_Guerrilla_Fighters"; editorSubcategory = "EdSubcat_Guerrilla_Snow_Infantry"; displayName="Guerrilla SquadLeader1"; uniformClass="Guerrilla_para2_uniform_D"; I hope this helped.
  11. Alwarren

    POLPOX's Artwork Supporter

    Definitely works for me: EDIT: Aw crap, I see what you mean. Eden switches off "Simple Object" automatically if you drag any unit over it. That's... not very good 😐
  12. Thanks mate. I did investigate agent spawning ages ago and vaguely recall having issues. Might be time to investigate this again now that I’m a 13% better coder.
  13. Hello. It would be nice to include new parameters, such as lobbyIdleTimeout etc.
  14. Wrong. hasInterface returns whether the local machine has a interface, not whether that player has one. Can easily figure that out yourself, how is it supposed to know which player you want to ask about if you don't give it any arguments? On server it's (always) false, and on client it's always true if not a headless client. As this code runs on the server, it's always false.
  15. I wouldn't advise using remoteExec a ton -- it doesn't always call in the correct order or precisely when you need it. Additionally, if you are hosting a mission on a server which uses this script/mod and the animations are executed via switchMove, the animations will only be visible on the server and the clients will see the units doing different animations or a looping animation. I heard addons don't have that issue when run on a server/all clients (Makes animations global?) but I've never created an addon to test it.
  16. Wow, thx @ixaak , didn't expect anyone to reply so thank you very much. One step closer to victory with my challenges 😉
  17. MrSplendid

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    I cannot get the Tanoa objects in XCAM. Do need a config file for XCAM or how can i make it work. Thanks in advance.
  18. bludski

    Blud's Terrain thread.

  19. 56Curious

    Animation dump

    Hiya, first of all, really nice animations. Having some trouble getting a few to work, only 5 sets are showing, but there are files for things like "AnimSlashKnife" etc. - any ideas on getting these to work?
  20. I have a question regarding AI and the "radio chatters" , is it possible to have one AI unit play any of the radio chatters available with the unsung radios with a script command (like with a playSound3D or say3D command) ? I know it's possible to manually activate the radio of an AI unit while in-game, but I would have liked to make it activated/play the sound without needing the player to do it in-game, for "immersion" purposes. I browsed through the config viewer in cfgSounds and tried a bunch of different sound files from Unsung but could'nt find those radio chatters, specifically the "transport channel chatter" and/or the "support channel chatter". Anyway, still having some great times with this amazing mod.
  21. Local effect is more performance friendly than Global effect. If possible I would just run the code where group is local and keep the effect local to cut down on network traffic.
  22. These are things BIS should (have) work(ed) on. That vanilla AI don't use buildings at all is a sign of the PvE apocalypse for BIS as they move toward PvP "emergent gameplay". Do you control unit rotation as well with setDir? I relied on swarming AI to overwhelm the defenders, spawning extra bots just outside the door once players/defenders lose control of the doorway/etc. clumsy compared to this challenge you guys are working on
  24. FallujahMedic -FM-

    My Mission File Is Broken

    Closed per request
  25. Nicolia'z

    POLPOX's Artwork Supporter

    it's not work for me
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