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  2. not my fault. you should check for invisible chars which u probably copied. this is a known forum bug
  3. Gonna split this post in two because different topics. So about the Server Browser and ListNBox. It consists of one top line of buttons which, when clicked on, sort the ListNBox below. This also means that they are not part of the listbox and can be handled (tooltip, selected) seperatly. Aligning them is not that intuitive though. I made a mission to show how I would do it: GitHub mission description.ext defines.hpp is way too long to post here. The basic defines should do. dialog.hpp loadTest.sqf As you will see I am keeping the buttons together inside of a controlsGroup and use the relative width of the listbox to get the horizontal position. The magic of sorting happens in the loadTest.sqf script where I fille the listNbox with random vehicle configs, assign an EH to the buttons and then find the correct column to sort by the idc of the button. The command lnbSort(ByValue) does the rest. Because the third column contains numbers they have to be set as values on the column. Otherwise they will be sorted by their string which would put "100" before "2". To keep track of if the order should be ascending or descending I set a boolean variable which gets inverted after each click. Yeah sometimes BIS is hiding things from us. Might be handled by the engine. But I don't know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Next post: RscControlsTable
  4. V3N0Mcz

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

  5. A3 did never feature any "future" weapons. All we have is "makeup" of old to ancient technology with only half of the RL capabilities. The "future" setting with "fictional" units that are based or mash-ups on/of existing weapon system was only a way to avoid royalty claims from the defense idustries, that came up in 2010 the first time. Firms rangign from Colt over Porsche to Bell and Boing threatened Game Developers over branding and design royalties since the second decade of the 21st century. That's why you dont see a "Colt M-16A4" in games anymore or an "Bell AH-1Z", but a "M16" and an "AH1-Viper" at best, often witch changes in the detail or dimension to make them different.
  6. This is how I see it. Either he's trying to cheat or he's honestly trying to learn. If he's out to cheat and I treat him like crap I really don't achieve anything. The information is out there and if I'm not going to help him he will likely just turn elsewhere. It is unlikely I will discourage him with a figurative "No!" at the door. If he's trying to cheat and I treat him well, well what's the harm? There are other systems in place to prevent unwarranted changes of game mechanisms. If I suspect he's up to no good I can also make it more effort than is worthwhile and he might lose interest. If he's trying to learn and I treat him like crap I've likely discouraged him from scripting entirely which, in my book at least, is detrimental. I've also stained the reputation of the community. If he's trying learn and I treat him well, well everybody wins don't they? So by all means raise an eyebrow or even two but I do believe those eyebrows should be kept out of the replies or at least be hidden by a smile. As a side note: When someone claims to be new I believe it better to just give pointers instead of pasting code solutions. It's more work but gives better result.
  7. It still goes directly to the last index 😕 That code throws up this error:
  8. Only on latest dev branch? Or also on current stable/performance? Your RPT is from stable, but this is the dev-branch forum section.
  9. Noticed a strange issue on a couple of points on Altis. Happens with both 32 & 64 bit editions, no mods loaded (executable run directly from the install folder). At certain points on the map half the scene fails to render; SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/a/5fFCt02 REPORT: https://pastebin.com/JGrLAKHb MISSION: https://nofile.io/f/rCs7Y30DMNE/terrain_rendering_issue.Altis.zip Haven't taken the step of uninstalling GF Experience (I use this for recording) but think I've ruled out any other external factor. Wondering if somebody could download the mission and let me know if this happens for them also? Camera position and direction is preset to the problem location and this happens 100% of the time for me.
  10. SchwererKonigstiger

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    Good luck! It's a great way to get contributions directly to your codebase, as Dedmen said. Also too late, it was pushed out as I wrote the message. They'll be your guinea pigs, they enjoy testing breaking new stuff.
  11. the_one_and_only_Venator

    Arma 3 Expansion Teaser - Reveal Date: Thursday May 23

    If the conflict will be taken to the US and if Russia will in fact join CSAT and will become a faction and if the expansion will contain a new map Alaska makes sense I guess. Or any other place in the US...
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  13. The Man Without Qualities

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Ok, here my GENERAL Question (mainly for BIS management to answer): When (well not even the year, which decade would be accurate nuff) we will get A4 and what will be the major evolution steps in engine developement. Everything before 2035 would be welcome. After 2035 A3 would not feature "future weapons" anymore.
  14. if (visibleGPS and cameraView isEqualTo "GUNNER") then { showGPS false; }; but idk if showGPS is able to close the GPS screen. wiki entries state´s about closing the on-map-gps-receiver of Arma 2...
  15. Hello there, i bring you a new Video. This time its about the Geneva Convention System. Basically, doing WarCrimes and being seen doing it, is kind of a bad thing. But enough - Video explains it. With a flutter of our wings and a loud caw caw. Stay crunchy.
  16. I hear you guys and of course you're correct - the actual loop script is huge as it looks to cover really just too many things and its not well delegated -at all. So you'd see a variable defined at say Line 10 and then needed again 50 times at 50 different places in a thousand+ lined script. Not an excuse, just part of my reasoning which is really just to cover up a blatant feature creep morass of code by a non-coder. Gonna re-write and clean up
  17. *sigh* Not again. When Apex came out we had tons of these speculation threads were everybody listed what they "suspected" was in it, but in reality it was just a list of requests. I'd rather see people to stick to the topic of this thread and open their own topic for wishlists and speculations. Otherwise it will again generate a lot of noise for nothing.
  18. Gotcha! So..you need to FORCE that on the player....mmmm....not an expert, but you should try looking into Event Handlers or User Interface Event Handlers. Maybe you'll find what you're looking for. Cheers Bud!
  19. For some reason I am only getting 2-3 spots for civilian spawns on Kujari, anyone else? Disregard
  20. God i hope it won't be alien or zombie nonsense! I hope it's going to be Alaska/Alps kind of map with non-futuristic weapons and good SP campaign! Btw did they said when we can expect APEX campaign 'OLD MAN'?
  21. Dug this link out from Shay_gman & Spirit's GAIA AI in MCC, https://mccsandbox.fandom.com/wiki/GAIA_cycles
  22. ... Macrotech, Drone manufacturer <--- This has @Kydoimos all over it! Now I'm thinking Cyber warfare.
  23. A couple of Zeus thoughts. A Zeus 'Hold WP' or 'Garrison WP' making a squad 'TCL_Hold' would be great. A Zeus 'Seek and Destroy' WP ought to make a TCL squad push inside the 300m zone. I was trying to think of a way that you can use Zeus WPs to automatically alter TCL_Status or a squad. One less thing to worry about. I could think of something that would naturally work for 'TCL_Defend' -- other than a Zeus Guard WP (but that comes with a pile of BIS hard-coded stuff).
  24. A query about inits from MadCheese (author of the C2 Mod), "I am using < this setVariable ["TCL_Disabled", true]; > to pre-init Player controlled elements, but I am not clear on the effect. If used both squads and HC level groups AND units. I had some issues with a TCL error hint telling me to never initialise multiple times.I'm a bit confused with the whole thing." I assume only squad (not unit) TCL_Disabled are effective [I don't know much about High Command level Groups.
  25. icarium


    Oi! So I've been developing a MP version of the Ravaga mod on Tanoa since the beginning of this year. I call rvg_fnc_equip on intiplayerlocal and onplayerrespawn. This used to work like a charm - but broke with the latest Ravage update. At first completely, now with the latest fix (the one with the built in delay) it (sometimes) switches the primary weapon on you (at random) when you log into your saved character. Not sure about other gearstuffs, so far only the primary weapon switchup stands out. Thought I'd mention this here. Also, I believe the server key of the latest version hasn't been updated yet. Cheers
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