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  2. I'm an old coder, it's been there since a long time in all my inits, and the documentation I could find says nothing for it or against it. I guess if it's not broken don't fix it would be the answer. Of course I'm curious and if you know something else about it please tell me. I used to read your blog posts a long time ago, and I've 'borrowed' your code pieces more than once.
  3. I guess the best thing I can do is to provide a code you can test, so let me narrow it down to the bear minimum. init.sqf if (!isDedicated) then {waitUntil {!isNull player}}; //wait for the simulation to start waitUntil {time>0}; //Finish world initialization before mission is launched. finishMissionInit; if (!isNull player) then { [] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "SAC_TEL\main.sqf"; }; main.sqf if (isNull player) exitWith {}; SAC_TEL_teleport = { hint "Hey! I'm working!"; systemChat "Hey! I'm working!"; }; SAC_TEL_manager = { hint "Waiting 120 seconds..."; systemChat "Waiting 120 seconds..."; sleep 120; hint "I'm disabling the teleport."; systemChat "I'm disabling the teleport."; SAC_TEL_allow = false; }; SAC_TEL_allow = true; [] spawn SAC_TEL_manager; ["Reconnect Teleport","sac_teleport_key", "Teleport", {if (SAC_TEL_allow) then {[] spawn SAC_TEL_teleport}}, "", [20, [false, true, false]]] call CBA_fnc_addKeybind; When you JIP that, you'll see instantly the "I'm disabling the teleport" hint, and the systemChat lines "Waiting 120 seconds..." and "I'm disabling the teleport." one after the other, without the wait. If you want I can replace the CBA key system call with a native keyboard hook. BTW thanks for all the answers.
  4. Thanks Gizz, I'll try it out when I go into Arma later. But it may not work for me because, I think this test... ...is checking if eyepos shooter can see aimpos of target (if I understand this code correctly). What I want to know is if the weapon is pointing directly at the target. Example: Shooter is standing, and target is prone 5 meters away. If shooter is facing the target, and 2D weapon direction is toward target, that is not good enough, because weapon may be pointing above the prone target. What I need to know is if weapon is pointing down exactly at target (so if shooter was to shoot, they would hit the target).
  5. chernaruski

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    Emergency Broadcast incoming... A release candidate is undergoing a final changes and bug fixes. You can have a glimpse of what will be changed under "Release Candidate" section of our public roadmap https://trello.com/b/SQbMmUkx/chr-dev-road-map-external
  6. Hi johnnyboy, this is what I use: I use it in an oneachFrame eventhandler, but you can use it in a while loop or whatever. Basic Idea or source of this script, is actually not mine. Found in some forum threat.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I tried all the different intersects commands, and none of them were returning object of type "Man" though.
  8. @johnnyboy, If you see the return array no problem maybe just this instead? lineIntersectsObjs
  9. i9-9900K has same or better overall framerate than R9 3900X in games like Metro Exodus, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Assasin's Creed Odyssey, Far Cry5, The Division 2 and Battlefield 5. But R9 3900X has more stable/calm/fluid framerate and its threads load is most of the time lower than 50%, whereas i9-9900K threads load tends to go above 50%. Here one can see the % of frames skipped by i9-9900K vs R9 3900X in The Division 2, while streaming with OBS in 1080p (CBR - constant bitrate) 10.000 bitrate slow preset at different FPS locks. i9-9900K skips 82% of frames at 60 FPS lock whereas R9 3900X skips only 1.1% of frames, which results in much much more fluid visual experience. R9 3900X skips only 1.7 % of frames even at 70 FPS lock, which is still very fluid. R9 3900X skips 62% of frames only when FPS lock is raised to 80 FPS. i9-9900K skips 3.2% of frames only if FPS lock is lowered to 40 FPS and the stutter is still very noticeable. R7 3700X skips 5.1% of frames at same 40 FPS lock as i9-9900K.
  10. @black_hawk_mw2_87, May I see the the effects you're talking about? Just link the page.
  11. This is absolutely awesome. To be honest, I didn't believe it would be doable and now I would follow your idea, but I don't have the knowledge needed. That's why I asked so many questions and tried to provide as many ideas as possible. I totally agree with your way of thinking and making this possible. Perhaps I need to read more about your suggestions or relay on your great experience. 🙂 I will be absolutely glad to ask you for the best possible solution. 🙂 And this script would be more than helpful for anyone who has such ideas for missions creation! 😉 Thank you in advance! 🙂
  12. Rename the texture file temporarily?
  13. DSabre

    Flying Circus

    that would be fun. I had plans to add some sort of animation to make them longer. I wonder if there is even some better way of doing it. Perhaps, someday. Geo Lod detection goes crazy beyond 40 meters though so it's nothing trivial
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  15. Smart Games

    Screamer on kill

    You could use setvariable/getvariable. init.sqf: player setvariable [“tkill“,“false“]; [] execVm “tkcheck.sqf“; onplayerkilled.sqf: _killer setvariable [“tkill“,“true“]; tkcheck.sqf: while {true} do { _sleep 0.05; _state = _unit getvariable “tkill“; if (_state == “true“) do { player setvariable [“tkill“,“false“]; //call here the scream(code) }; };
  16. @black_hawk_mw2_87, Totally do-able. Make a function full of configurable triggers. Use the function call (with random params from array) to call the effect triggers (script). Make a few triggers which represent areas where an anomaly might appear (editor). When the player enters an editor placed area trigger it calls the trigger function using randomly generated params which dictate the state of the spawned triggers. It spawns all the triggers each time but some of them are disabled, some of them have different effects, whatever condition they received from the random params. Triggers delete when player exits the area. params sent to the trigger could be something like, _size, _timeOut, _typeEffect If _size is zero player can't activate. _timeOut could be determined by the effect to spawn (some effects take longer to initiate perhaps). _typeEffect determines which effect is created. Get back to me if you think that's the right idea and I'll help you write the function. You may place as many invisible helper objects as you please. Have fun!
  17. Nichols

    [WIP] Black Hornet PRS

    I'm not sure exactly what is wrong. It went from not being flyable but able to at least maintain position against ACE wind but once you remove the auto hover and attempt to fly its extremely uncontrollable. I have evened out the weight on the nose and tail in Object Builder; I have tweaked the flight characteristics; I have increased and/or decreased overall mass (weight) of the drone in Object Builder but nothing is fixing the death flip as I am going to call it now.
  18. LykosMactire

    [Terrain] Uzbin Valley

    Judging by the sunset it appears more like the Livonian Lighting from contact
  19. zsneerfulz

    arma3 BattleEye update today

    I got an update for Arma3 BEService.exe and my virus software is blocking it. It says its a trojan.Heur2 at c:\program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\downloading\107410\BattlEye\BEService.exe. If I scan the BEService.exe in the arma3 folder that hasn't been updated no virus are detected. Is it possible there is a trojan with this new BEService.exe update?
  20. Hello, my fellow friends from the community! 🙂 -> We all know about some scripts for special effects like those of @aliascartoons. -> Such special effects can be spawned, for example, within marker areas, or attached to objects, placed on the map. -> I would like to create such areas or use such objects, generated randomly on the map and depending on different conditions that are checked by the script over different periods of time. -> In this case, as I suggest or suppose, that a condition can be: 1) if the player is moving; 2) if the player is alive; 3) if the player is X meters away from these objects; 4) if the player is within a marker area etc. They can differ and vary from the possible commands used in the scripting. -> My idea is these effects to be randomly spawned at different locations and time around the player so he wouldn't know where they can appear if he goes through an area multiple times or replays the mission. -> I can later provide example codes of such special effects, but I guess it's more important to define the way they would appear on the map. -> I personally prefer to add some objects on the map, but if they are too many, this could lead to a weaker performance of the PC and dropping FPS. So, is it possible to create these objects randomly and they are named after creation, using specific names, which are also used for the special effects as a condition to be triggered at the same time? We all know about the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-like effects from this mod or the effects provided by @aliascartoons. I have tagged him assuming he may also help to find a way and achieve this. Thank you in advance and cheers! 🙂
  21. James Galagan

    Tembelan Island

    Hello Ben, Oh are you ? Sorry for my language but i'm french boys and i have a question, can you add me or accepted my invitation please ? I can paye you map source 😉 Tank's is very impirtant for me and my community 🙂 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198258556331/ See you 😉
  22. BlackSomethingDown

    Russian Helmets Project

    The goggles radiate big dick energy, they look so good on the ZSh-1-2. Totally agree
  23. ottaviodp

    Combat Den

    Yes, but not at run-time. This is defined in a config file, that you can edit depending on your comfort level of either: unpacking and repacking the pdo file with the change or, building from scratch with the change. Blacklisting is defined for each terrain in CfgWorlds, here is an example for Malden. The values in this list are location class names, so if you have a map location in mind, you just need to make sure you use it's classname (which may be different from the map label). I have instructions on how to build the mission from scratch on the wiki if you go down this route. Otherwise, you can just unpack and repack the mission. In the mean time, I'll add a feature request to the backlog to enable players to blacklist location before the mission starts. I think this should be possible through CBA menu, but I'll need to dig a little deeper. Same response as above except the config for units is located here. Each faction has it's on config that defines what's in their arsenal and their default loadouts. You can configure it to change per climate rather than per map. Enabling this at run-time seems more complicated than the blacklisting, but I'll think about it. Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, or ideas, just post. Thanks.
  24. New update to the mod: - Added new building - Fixed zeus compatibillity
  25. Archer_MT

    Fulcrum Mission System (FuMS)

    I installed the fums things seens ok , the headless client can connect to the server . but it cannot spawn missions in game .
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