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  2. bludski

    Blud's Terrain thread.

  3. Volantarius

    setHit and setHitPointDamage Issue?

    Huh, I'm using ACE, CUP, and RHSUSAF. Probably should've tried this without ace since I know its handling damage as well.
  4. Nope, literally no problem is reploduced. What MODs you're using?
  5. Holy cow.. I just spent last night and 3 hours this morning trying to figure out why my ground vehicles have no sound lol. I did a complete wipe of my arma install, re downloaded it to another drive, nuked my user profi folders, unsubbed from all the workshop stuff, nuked it all and began fresh and STILL had a "No entry'bin\config.bin/CfgDistanceFilter.jsrs_vehicle_interior_attenuation_filter'." Error...I was freaking out! Muffler pbo, here I come!
  6. I'm good with aliens. I've never really used the vanilla 'near-future' content so it'd give me a setting/situation in which I might want to. Arma is a broad church.
  7. i saw that when killing civis they just disappear is there a way to add a Delay for it ??
  8. Yeah I've heard enough. Cheating/Hacking violates our Forum rules. If you continue, your forum access will be restricted. Closing.
  9. Volantarius

    setHit and setHitPointDamage Issue?

    I defined the script in CfgFunctions, and called the script in the Init line on a blufor unit. After playing the Unit has the visual damage. Once I shoot a body part, then everything resets and only that part got visually damaged. I can continue to damage the unit after though. I am disabling the ai with just disableAI "ALL", just to test out.
  10. Hi Mike, I sent you all files in pm Ive run your demo mission in dedicated and i've this error in RPT : "fn_init | _object: 1f37ace8080# 38: device_slingloadable_f.p3d | _needKit: true | _debug: false" "fn_getCondition | _needKit: true" "fn_attachObjects | _object: 1f37ace8080# 38: device_slingloadable_f.p3d" "fn_soundLoop | _object: 1f37ace8080# 38: device_slingloadable_f.p3d" Error: Object(4 : 16) not found BTW the result is the same as in Liberation mission : interaction doesnt works neither bomb bip sound
  11. ...And how do you calling it? The script itself has no problem at all and I just tested it and also no problem at all. Does this mean when you shoot an arm, “visually” damaged parts are reset to normal state and only arm is damaged?
  12. Dedmen

    count magazine left

    Exact same result as my code. 90% the same code as my code. But vastly less efficient as you do config lookups on every iteration.
  13. Silent Scout


    I cannot find any servers who are running the New DLC.?
  14. Volantarius

    setHit and setHitPointDamage Issue?

    private _dude = _this select 0; _dude setHitPointDamage ["HitNeck", 0.9]; _dude setHitPointDamage ["HitPelvis", 0.9]; _dude setHitPointDamage ["HitArms", 0.9]; _dude setHitPointDamage ["HitLegs", 0.9]; Short and sweet. I am calling this as a function, not spawning.
  15. SpartanViperz


    New Update: Cool screenshot of new Helmet :) And another awesome screenshot :) Sorry this took so long, Uni work to get through and then I just moved it to the back of my mind while I worked on other things. -Added 3 completely new Tan textured helmets from the pre-alpha of the game. (2 with US flag patch) (Thanks Night515) -Several gear items have been swapped around on different units, some which showcase the new helmets! (SL, Ammo bearer etc) -Fixed the Autorifleman to now have a bipod (Thanks JV) -"Rifleman(SMG)" is now known as "Breacher" (Thanks sgtfuzzle17) -Started to work on the pacific units, managed to get the config working but I have only done the rifleman as of yet. Not sure when I will complete this. -Other minor changes which I can't really remember 🙂
  16. What is your script? First everything you need is it unless you don't need any advice in a forum.
  17. Hello! I'm using setHit and/or setHitPointDamage to damage a unit. I've set any of the Unit's damage names to 50% or above for visual damage. Testing in singleplayer, whenever I shoot a Unit their visual damage gets reset to the new location I've shot. In singleplayer locality isn't an issue. Is this a bug? Is this intended?
  18. I uninstalled JSRS about a week ago. I love his mod but let me cut to the chase... I was cutting out all the mods besides CBA, TPW and RAVAGE just to troubleshoot some performance issues. I decided I'd stick with a thin mod list for a bit and played a LOT for the past week, made new missions and so on with just TPW and RAVAGE, was running great! No JSRS, even played a few total vanilla missions with no mods... no problems. Then today I updated TPW Mods and updated Ravage. I loaded into the game and jumped into a mission I had made yesterday ( a week AFTER uninstalling JSRS) and some JSRS "distant sound attenuation" error pops up and none of my ground vehicles ( well the ones I checked) make any engine noise. So I uninstalled every mod and did a verify files on the game...loaded it up pure vanilla and still an issue. Tried the JSRS dependency fix, still no engine sounds. I uninstalled ARMA 3 and deleted what was left in the steam...common, arma 3 folder and that folder itself. I then moved the Steam games directory to my M.2 drive and downloaded/ reinstalled ARMA 3 there. Fresh new install, fire it up and some friggin how the game still errors on a JSRS distant sound attenuation thing... slightly frustrated lol HALP hahah "No entry'bin\config.bin/CfgDistanceFilter.jsrs_vehicle_interior_attenuation_filter'."
  19. Thanks Pierre, I'll give it a try later today
  20. Ah... this reminds me of the period when Take on Helicopters was being teased and people started speculating about it being a North Korea expansion 🙂 Anyway... 👨‍✈️
  21. While I have bought all the previous DLCs I will be hesitant to buy this one if its something sci-fi related. All the previous DLCs expanded the already poorly chosen setting of A3 and made it at least a little more interesting and complete. Each of the DLCs also came with a significant engine update so I was glad to pay for the continuous improvements to the game if not for the 2-3 planes or helicopters added that I have never ever used since then. All of the recent DLCs also came with a very decent SP content and that was the major draw for me. However the main reason for me being hesitant at this point is the CDLC. GM is exactly what I wanted from the official A3 for so long and after finally getting my hands on that it will be hard to get excited about anything BI produces if it involves their silly futuristic lore or even worse - sci-fi. So lets see how my opinion will be later tonight.
  22. Unironically - yes PS: i'll make it 50+ if it's '86-'88 Soviet Army VS US Marines
  23. I think the create commands adjust the position so you could try what sarogahtyp said or if that doesn't help try using setPosATL after creating the module. Like this: _pos = [1390.102, 6325.516, 10.8]; _mod = _fireGroup createUnit ["ModuleEffectsFire_F", _pos, [], 0, "NONE"] _mod setposATL _pos;
  24. 1. Personally I won't if thats the case, I dont own Karts for that very reason. 2. Make it 50, will have no complaints for me 😉
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