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  2. AZCoder

    Chimney Smoke FSM

    Here's the debug console code I used for testing. Just stand on a roof and execute it. dog = (nearestTerrainObjects [player,["House"],12] select 0); [] spawn { _worldpos = (dog modelToWorld [-1,10,5]); _eSmoke = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal _worldpos; _eSmoke setParticleClass "ObjectDestructionFire2"; _eSmoke setPos _worldpos; }; Adjust the modelToWorld numbers until the fire is where you want it. Of course you can switch the fire to smoke if you prefer, I just found fire easier to line up with smoke stacks.
  3. AlecW

    count magazine left

    Somewhat relevant to this, @Vandeanson, can you spot what I'm doing wrong here? I'm trying to cycle through the different suppressors that fit on a rifle, and I'm having trouble with a for loop. _a = 0; _pWeap = currentWeapon player; _muzzleSlot = getArray (configFile / "CfgWeapons" >> _pWeap >> "WeaponSlotsInfo" >> "MuzzleSlot" >> "compatibleItems"); for [{private _a = 0}, {_a < _muzzAmount},{_a = _a + 1}] do { _pSupp = _muzzleSlot select _a; player addWeaponItem [_pWeap, _pSupp]; };
  4. Ha! Oh yeah thats actually from if (side _this == playerside) /* || !(Frog_Ind_Enemy ) */ then {_this setVariable ["Frog_Friend", true]; _mahfriend = true; }; which i took out as not to further confuse anyone -good eye tho man!
  5. Bringing our fallen viking back. Mods: Project True Viking, Project Opfor, Ruha Map, Whiplash Static Animations, nikoaton's animations
  6. you have a slash in the first line after condition which should throw a syntax error?
  7. Yes I do have and should have wrote that: private _mahfriend = false; if (side _this == playerside) / then {_this setVariable ["Frog_Friend", true]; _mahfriend = true; }; @Larrow: ok interesting i didnt know that and that explains while the icons seemed to be shifting from entity to entity one at a time. But wont that still leave me with the problem of having to write redundant code ie: Camo for all/ Camo +Icons for friends only?
  8. After playing XCOM again, I'd be down with some Aliens. I'm gonna put a notification on my calendar and buy some popcorn. Really looking forward to this...!
  9. They won't do Zombies. That would create competition with DayZ. And the nuclear attack thing has already been explored with Eagle Wing in Arma 2. My guess is BIS Amsterdam is reusing old ideas (which isn't a bad thing) from Arma Futura and going all out. This might be the last official DLC / Expansion we ever receive so why not have fun with it? 🙂 Plus, beyond aliens we could also see new sci-fi assets for CSAT and NATO such as coilgun tanks, exoskeletons, or whatever else. The "Contact" suffix in the leaked file RPT is a dead giveaway too. I don't think it'll be NBC personally because that seems like it'd be very heavily scripted and the particle effects would chug computers. Plus it doesn't seem like an extensive enough topic to be covered by an Expansion. People seem to be forgetting that the opening quote is in quotation marks, probably meaning someone in the Arma universe itself said it. It's kind of a stretch but still. The only issues I see with it being aliens is what side their faction will be on and how gear / uniforms will be handled. It's also important to keep in mind that just because they're aliens doesn't mean they have to follow sci-fi tropes and use lasers and stuff. Plasma, magnetic weapons, micro missiles, and even bullets in some form or another are still viable. They could even be robots or cyborgs. Nonetheless I full expect it to be an alien invasion setting and the thought of it has me super excited. Regardless of what BIS does, I'm sure it'll be awesome! This is the Dutch team after all, and they gave us the masterpiece that is Laws of War. 😄

    F/A-24 Shadowcat

    It's highly rated blog because it provides question and answer facility and can share job nmk article also Quotes etc mundejob
  11. Today
  12. ALiVEmod.com The next generation dynamic persistent mission addon for ArmA3 Release 1.10.1 Civilian Overhaul and more! This release sees a massive overhaul of the Ambient Civilian functionality, making the streets, towns and battlefields of Arma even more ALiVE than before... If you haven't tried ALiVE Ambient Civilians, now is the time to try it out! Check out the 2 minute set up video here. Thanks to community feedback and testing we noticed that Ambient Civilians and to some extent civilian insurgencies were not working as intended. Not only have we fixed those issues but we've massively improved the ambient civilian population functionality. This includes: Ambient Civilians now dynamically spawn and despawn around players in small or large urban areas to create a true feeling that villages and towns are ALiVE. An additional layer of ambient civilians (crowds) now spawn and despawn from buildings around players, creating large numbers of civilians in built up areas. Ambient Civilians and crowds will carry on with daily life, moving between buildings, visiting mosques, churches, shops, observing local forces and starting noisy crowds. Civilians can now throw objects when they are upset or hostile. Civilian crowds will cheer and boo with appropriate animations. Thanks to IndeedPete for Arma 2 animations. Civilians will now flee for cover if armed factions start shooting. Ambient civilians may scream in terror during combat. Civilians will be more active during the day and less so at night. More civilians will take journeys, turn on lights, play music and be more active. BUT WAIT! There's more... thanks to AUTigerGrad and TPW we've added faction specific environment sounds too. When you enter villages and towns you will hear faction appropriate sounds of daily life. Ambient civilian sounds are currently available for CUP and CFP African and Middle-East civilains factions as well as vanilla Arma 3 civilian factions. A custom building sound system has been implemented, initially supporting call to prayer from minarets and mosques. This system can be extended to support any building type. Number of civilians spawned from buildings, spawn radius and spawn limiter can be configured from the Ambient Civilian Population module. Finally, rumour has it that Spyder's Civilian Interaction functionality is being ported into ALiVE to work with the updated Ambient Civilians... Other highlights for this release include: Added support for the Global Mobilization terrain! Thanks to the GM team for their support! Added support for the Kujari terrain. Added the ability to define multiple items for access to Combat Support. We have fixed an issue where ammo crates could not be unloaded from vehicles when called in via Player Resupply. We have also fixed an issue where additional units were spawned in certain vehicles with gunners. Fixed an issue where Independent sides were not treated equally Removed blacklisted vehicles from roadblocks Notification about ALiVE persistent markers only shows once now. See full commit history on Github Download Grab the latest version from ALiVEmod.com Also available from PlayWithSix, ArmAholic and Steam (Usually within 24 hours of this post) Please note that as with all updates, if you have an issue loading a mission made with a previous version of ALiVE, delete and replace the modules in that mission. Known Issues & Support Existing bugs are listed on Github here. Feel free to submit bugs (with vanilla repros please) or discuss any issues or ideas on our forum at http://alivemod.com/forum/. Manual Please refer to the ALiVE Wiki. All the info you need is there. If anything is missing or unclear, please let us know. Are you using Linux? ALiVE is fully supported on a Linux Dedicated Server (as well as Windows). In fact the ALiVE Official Server for testing is running Ubuntu. Here are some tips on getting ALiVE running smoothly on Linux and integrated with War Room - http://www.alivemod.com/forum/1916-setting-up-linux- dedi-server Acknowledgements and Thanks Particular thanks to all those on our support forum who have worked closely with us to identify bugs, provide logs and generally help us improve ALiVE. Your assistance is valuable and your dedication to ALiVE makes it all worth the effort! Have fun!
  13. Hi! All is in the title. For the moment i have this : _configs = "getNumber (_x >> 'scope') >= 2 AND configName _x isKindof 'Car' AND gettext (_x >> 'faction') == 'UNSUNG_E'" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles"); But it miss the condition to check if the car is armed..
  14. In addition to what @pierremgi says, you say that "All units run thru this loop" but you are using onEachFrame. There can only ever be one onEachFrame, each additional one will overwrite the one before, so you will only ever see one icon drawn. OnEachFrame could also easily be overwritten by someone else's code. If this is not the result you are looking for, use a single MEH "EachFrame" instead, drawing an icon for each unit that has their "Frog_friend" set as true.
  15. Did you define _mahfriend before your first condition? If not, start with something like: private _mahfriend = TRUE;
  16. Use the scripted event "ownerChanged"
  17. pierremgi

    Enhanced Movement

    I hope @bad benson will do something for the link on Steam. As subscriber, that's the first page you read.
  18. Coordenadas Perdidas/Lost Coordinates Download: Workshop MEGA.CO.NZ Mission Summary The CIA finded corruption cases envolving Japan and Pharmaceutical Industries. The President of USA ordered a spy group to get some information about the cases and finded ghost accounts from Japan. After few months, CIA reached the conclusion that Japan is making a new virus to sell the cure, trying to be a new superpower country. The President sends now 4 operators to attack the secret japan base. Features • COOP/SP 1-4 • 55 Bots around the map • Difficulty: Hard/Medium • Patrols • Originals Scripts made by me • Open-Source Mission • 1~3 Hours of Operation Credits and License Anyone can uses the scripts from this mission for commercial or usual purposes. Mission delivered for: Herbert Silveira
  19. Thank for your answer. But I'm looking for some solution that not depend of good will of player. Regards
  20. if (side _this == playerside) / then {_this setVariable ["Frog_Friend", true]; _mahfriend = true; }; \\\ All units run thru this loop -this obviously to weed out friend from foe via the local _mahfriend variable if (Frog_Foliage >=5) then {_Frog_Deep_Jungle = True; _this setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef",0.000889190]; /// Id like all units both friend and foe to capture this part - that being a modified CamouflageCoef value if !(_mahfriend) exitWith {player sidechat "He not mahFrnd!"}; /// Here is the problem - Id like only _mahfriend (same side as player) to continue to the next line in which a 3dIcon is visible but so far - I get the hint that hes not "mahfriend" but enemies are still receiving the icon. In short -its not exiting even tho the condition fires onEachFrame { drawIcon3D ["ego\ego\EgoData\SHGreen1.paa", [1,1,1,1], Frog_pos, Frog_icon, Frog_icon, 0, "Concealment", 1, 0.005, "TahomaB"]; }; };
  21. Larrow

    Markers Show/Hide

    Use the scripted event ownerChanged.
  22. Looking to create a Vietnam Unit with someone My info is as follows: Timezone: EST I'm free during evenings throughout the week and late nights on the weekend. What I'm looking for: Leadership, no ego US based Milsim oriented Mature... don't be some kid wasting my time, although joking is fine, I like to laugh lol Feel free to message me on Steam: Master H. C. Mullins or on Discord: Akedes Thanks!
  23. The trailer title says "Expansion", which is a term historically used for large updates like Apex, smaller items being "DLC". They could break tradition, though. Personally, I expect science-y or alien-y content as well. But let's not read too much into it. Alchemist and Sapphire are callsigns. Military callsigns are often "dictionary picks", or have indirect meanings. "Alchemist" could be a commander who's trained as a chemist, for example, or it could be a unit working with explosives. (Or it could be NBC...) "Phase line" isn't science-related at all. It's a military term referring to a line drawn on a map. An operation might have several "phase lines", which the participating units move to during each phase of the op, to keep from advancing too far ahead of each other. "Stay tuned" literally just means "keep listening", as in "stay tuned to this radio or TV frequency". It's a common phrase, especially in Arma's military context (lots of radio use). So there's room for it to be a nuclear attack as well - or maybe even something offbeat like zombies.
  24. What for? More cheat codes on servers?
  25. next time please make this sort of thing OPT-IN this been a constant annoyance for our team while we plan during the briefing phase, which has always been the point of the briefing screen, to read briefings and tasks and plan the execution of the mission which normally means people sitting idle listening to the plan etc, so to mess with that was just a pain. also, today was the first day I have had a chance to fix this stupid time out thing on our server due to a busy life and work schedule, and to find this post has taken a lot of googling to get me where I needed to be. about the only time, most of us get to do this sort of thing is on our days off. so for the past few weeks, this has been a problem, affecting mission-critical scripts and the like. this is a good feature for SOME servers but NOT ALL, so, please make things like this opt-in in the future. save people who don't need it the hassle of turning the damn thing off (also please make sure it can actually be turned off when implemented, not after the community begs you to make it so)
  26. current dayz engine is not the same as A3. so no, there is no proper dynamic lights in A3, only sun and shadow do casts shadows in RV engine. it's not a matter of computer burden btw.
  27. Yesterday
  28. Mordhau against Bots. Its the medieval combat system ive always wanted -instinctive, deep and nuanced regardless of the excessive gore. I wish all fantasy/ medieval type games would use this combat system -its awesome
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