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  2. Unused vanilla texture and model.
  3. Tetixx

    [R3F] Logistics

    Hey guys. Any idea how to make the player not walk when placing stuff from the creation factory? Like enable the player to run. Currently it forces the player to walk.
  4. Hi Guys, Hopefully someone may be able to help me, I have been playing with editor and creating a scenario's with some WW2 maps adding items like extra tree's, bushes buildings ect.., I had noticed next time I opened my saved mission so to speak I had a missing file ? , now I have not removed or added any files or maps in launcher not sure what to do but I have spent hours dressing up part of this map and I don't wont to lose it 😢 ....can anyone help thank you...does anyone recognize this file...ff_Badges ?
  5. Is that one of the civ outfits from GM? Looks awesome!
  6. Salty Simon

    Tabbing out Blackscreen

    yeahr i think it is the best option i have ^^
  7. R0adki11

    Tabbing out Blackscreen

    If you need to Alt + Tab regularly, i would use Fullscreen Window Mode in your Arma3 Graphics settings.
  8. Salty Simon

    Tabbing out Blackscreen

    Sometimes if i Play Arma 3, and i tabbing out to desktop and tabbing back in, then i have a blackscreen and task manager tells me the game is Inactive. Then i have to restart the game. Why is this happening sometimes (not every time) Task Manager: http://prntscr.com/o4c0m0 Specs: http://prntscr.com/o4c03h I need help 😞
  9. gc8

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Good news everyone, I was able to optimize the mission so that it runs much better. You should now be able to play it without dedicated server. But still dedicated server allows the best game play performance. Also there is parameter to further tweak the script execution time. enjoy 🙂
  10. Version without keys. With keys will be added later when it is updated in Steam. Fixed rotation of AI in a bent state. Fixed a problem with equipment after respawn. Fixed animations on player self-healing without weapons. Fixed a problem with jamming of AI after injury during treatment. Removed repair animation after exiting a player’s knocked out weapon status. Removed the inclusion of animations after death with a knocked out weapon from the AI. Reduced twitching animations after knocking out weapons from AI, if it remained in place. Added changed ragdoll. Download new version.
  11. Rydygier

    Hell Let Loose

    Yes, true, to me MP-focused games are pure waste of devs work, I simply ignore their existence. If it doesn't contain actual gameplay, only MP aka "here, we're done, make the gameplay yourself with some random crowd, and now give us $$$", it's hardly a proper computer game to me. ... But if I can make actual gameplay myself without any crowd, well, this is Arma.
  12. Salty Simon

    Flickering/Flashing Objects

  13. Selva73

    ArmaModFrance is back !

    oh my god, mon dieu, thank you, thank you very much, merci beaucoup !!! For me it is the best French mod ever. I love it...i can't say anything….speechless, un GRAND MERCI !!! Many many THANKS ! Vive la France et a bonne 14.juillet !!!
  14. Today
  15. Afaik its only possible through replacing the wheat "grass" with actual objects like Rosche does. Trades visual fidelity with rendering distance I presume. I would welcome any change in that direction but doubt significant changes like these will be made in this late phase of development.
  16. luminous815

    Apex Framework

    I tried in my server,seems like eventHandler can not use in this block.But now I can add weapons for the vehicles,thank you for your reply!
  17. haleks


    Yes. Coef below 1 makes them thougher, above 1 makes them more fragile.
  18. Tonci87

    Hell Let Loose

    Yeah, AI development is difficult and costly, so many companies go with a focus on MP. It really is a shame. I´m also a SP player, because I do not want to waste my precious time being frustrated by idiots and stupid children. You just can not get immersed in a regular MP game the way you can with a good SP game.
  19. A few variations of these are coming soon... ...unfortunately the baton and cuffs are merely eye candy and serve no function, but they look cool right?
  20. chrisb

    Hell Let Loose

    Sorry if this has a thread already, but I couldn't find it. If there is a thread, please merge it. The game looks great.. But man, am I sick of MP only games. One day devs will realise SP players (and as I get older I tend to be a SP player more nowadays) are large in number... Of course really good ai that would suit this type of game, is very hard to make/develop. So instead, put the effort into the terrain, effects, damage model etc and that is good. Just let humans spoil it (generally). I would like to see this type of game, especially with the 'damage' model, as an SP game too, with good ai. Imagine an Editor in here.... Seems devs are incapable now and Arma remains the number 1 for that type of gameplay, even though A3 has gone more MP and probably A4 will go even further MP.. Not that I'm into WW2 much now, played that to death, back in the day. I prefer modern'ish warfare now. But HLL looks very good. Shame about SP.
  21. as said it changed (aka GM got its own bikey) as the mixed loading was causing missing sounds for players - yeah BI should fix the root issue. at the same time it is meaningful to have GM have its own BI key and admins to explicitly tell if people should be able to join with GM or not in short you just unload GM if you dont use it in MP, like any other mod, and you load GM if its required
  22. Valid feedback, however as per design we call these as "mags" (not "drums"), even in English, so the translation is actually correct.
  23. Thank you for your response. I primarily play with PVP (150-180 people) a- 10 and su-25 are best against RHS aircraft. That's why I'm looking for a replacement for these two machines, and your mode is perfect for that. The problem is DMG certainly understand that when pvp when you want to destroy a-10 or su-25. 5 or more missiles is a problem and I am not saying that the aircraft has a warning about aiming and flying missiles. That's why I want to ask when do you plan to fix a DMG model because you answered it 4 months ago. Personally I understand that you have a lot but it is quite problematic with PVP or PVE
  24. Thank you. They can be convinced how we will add more country area where the FPS will be better. We are planning an update for 2000 subscriptions. If you have any ideas for what is missing in the areas, let me know. We will try to implement the achievable and remarkable ideas for the climate. If anyone has the ability to implement objects to the Army, we invite you to cooperate.
  25. You based your models on A2, correct?
  26. Also please note we have now newly created a dedicated localization/translation feedback at:
  27. @.kju Thankyou x 10000000 I made a class Enoch: CAWorld and commented out class EnvSounds: CfgEnvSounds { soundSetEnvironment[]= { ... //"Silence_Bg_Night_01_SoundSet", //"Silence_Bg_Day_01_SoundSet", ... }; Problem solved, map is free of that ambient noise. Transformative! Thanks again EDIT: Looking in the config viewer: configfile >> "CfgSoundSets" >> "Silence_Bg_Day_01_SoundSet" >> "volumeFactor" = "1.9 * 1"; might I suggest that the devs drop this to "0.019" EDIT 2: OK So I ended up patching out the noise thusly: class CfgPatches { class TPW_ENOCH { units[]={}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Data_F_Enoch_Loadorder" }; worlds[]={}; }; }; class CfgSoundsets { class Silence_Bg_Day_01_SoundSet { loop = 1; soundShaders[] = {"Silence_Bg_Day_01_SoundShader"}; sound3DProcessingType = "ForestNight_3DProcessingType"; spatial = 0; volumeFactor = "0.2"; }; class Silence_Bg_Night_01_SoundSet { loop = 1; soundShaders[] = {"Silence_Bg_Night_01_SoundShader"}; sound3DProcessingType = "ForestNight_3DProcessingType"; spatial = 0; volumeFactor = "0.2"; }; class Forest_Bg_Morning_01_SoundSet { loop = 1; soundShaders[] = {"Forest_Bg_Morning_01_SoundShader"}; sound3DProcessingType = "ForestDay_3DProcessingType"; spatial = 0; volumeFactor = "0.2"; }; class Forest_Bg_Noon_01_SoundSet { loop = 1; soundShaders[] = {"Forest_Bg_Noon_01_SoundShader"}; sound3DProcessingType = "ForestDay_3DProcessingType"; spatial = 0; volumeFactor = "0.2"; }; class Forest_Bg_AfterNoon_01_SoundSet { loop = 1; soundShaders[] = {"Forest_Bg_Afternoon_01_SoundShader"}; sound3DProcessingType = "ForestDay_3DProcessingType"; spatial = 0; volumeFactor = "0.2"; }; class Forest_Bg_Night_01_SoundSet { loop = 1; soundShaders[] = {"Forest_Bg_Night_01_SoundShader"}; sound3DProcessingType = "ForestNight_3DProcessingType"; spatial = 0; volumeFactor = "0.2"; }; }; This will work on any worlds that inherit the Enoch "ambience"
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