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  2. That's impressive. Its a generated 3d floor plan.
  3. MuRaZorWitchKING


    What are your loot settings? (Values for each defined loot type)
  4. ArteyFlow


    Ravage seems to have an abundance of binoculars nowadays, look at how many I found in this one room: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1721682556. It's basically a binocular orgy at this point 😂. Funny thing is, I actually found 2 more pairs of binos in that same room after I took that pic.
  5. MuRaZorWitchKING


    Definitely gonna try it out! I still have yet to try out the Myst Mission Haleks released, was too busy making small fixes and edits towards my own scenario, but I will definitely give them both a go!!
  6. It's great work you're doing. I'm a big fan of offline indexing for optimal in-game results both in terms of quality but especially performance. This might just end up being the biggest upgrade to Arma since its release.
  7. Hey all, small progress update. I refactored the detection algorithms, and it works pretty well on more complex structures now. More importantly, we have our first usable points, stair tops and bottoms! (Btw - Stair detection wasn't trivial like we'd hoped. Had to filter out several types of false-positives.) Here's a quick real-time video: [For added fun, listen to this simultaneously as soundtrack.] Closeups of the new stairwell points: Note - All the rays have to be raised quite a bit over visible surfaces (in order to see them), unlike the nodes (in this case yellow, which are positioned as they appear).
  8. I've some errors in .rpt. I use the current script version. My coop mission is at beginning of creation process and I ve set up only some enemies (about 10) which I gave no waypoints in eden. I just dropped them with Eden and set up their stance. "Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck:" translates as "Error undefinded variable in expression:"
  9. Didn't SteelBeast (a military training sim) use similar control to current ArmA? There are mods to improve AI object detection like Vcom Driving, but they are very resource demanding. Just a few vehicles in urban terrain could cause significant performance drop.
  10. Smart Tank addon already allows Tank gunner to engage slow flying aircrafts, they would even switch to ATGM if available.
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  12. Delta Hawk

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    I plan on it, just don't know when I'll get around to it. I'm still rolling the idea of how to even make it in my head. Good news everybody! I've updated my DHI Uniforms and Equipment mod to include basic, temporary LC2 gear and US GI Gloves. The web gear is just a place holder for now, allowing me to move onto more important work. It includes two rifleman sets, an officer's webgear, grenadier, machine gunner and guard duty pistol belt. I've also included US GI gloves. These are the famous US GI gloves that have been issued for decades and have their origins back in WWII. Whether it's repelling, handling C wire, grabbing hot MG barrels or slapping people who think their political opinions matter these gloves will not fail you!
  13. hey guys, i have some problems with my model. I took the car sample as a reference and wanted to animate the destroyed tires. in buldozer everything looks fine, the tires are destroyed to 0.99, the tire disappears, proxy (destroyed wheel) appears, but as soon as I destroy it at arma 3 (ingame), the wheel stays visible and does not disappear like in the buldozer. In addition, this error comes in the RPT and I do not really understand, because I assume that this comes from the model.cfg custom lod - proxy (destroyed wheel) and wheel_1_1_unhide have the same mesh geoemtry - wheel-model as wheel_1_1_damper hitpoints - some point as wheel_1_1_steering view geometry - wheel-model as wheel_1_1_hide fire geometry - wheel-model as wheel_1_1_hide (+penetration) memory - Basic_Damper_Destruct_Axis 2 verts on z-axis, posun wheel_1_1 on z-axis, wheel_1_1_axis 2 verts. for wheel-rotation, wheel_1_1_bound one verts at the lowest point of the wheel, wheel_1_1_hide one verts at the lowest point of the wheel, wheel_1_1_steering_axis 2 vertson z-axis for steering land contact - one verts as wheel_1_1_damper_land model.cfg skeletonBones[]= { "wheel_1_1_damper_land","", "wheel_1_1_damper","wheel_1_1_damper_land", "wheel_1_1_steering","wheel_1_1_damper", "wheel_1_1","wheel_1_1_steering", "wheel_1_1_unhide","wheel_1_1", "wheel_1_1_hide","wheel_1_1", [...] class damagehide { type="hide"; source="damage"; selection="damagehide"; sourceAddress="clamp"; minPhase=0; maxPhase=1; minValue=0; maxValue=1; memory=0; hideValue=1; unHideValue=-1; }; class wheel_1_1_destruct { type="hide"; selection="wheel_1_1_hide"; source="HitLFWheel"; minValue = 0; // upravit na 0.99 maxValue = 1; // upravit na 1.0 hidevalue = 0.99999; }; class wheel_1_1_destruct_unhide { type="hide"; selection="wheel_1_1_unhide"; source="HitLFWheel"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; hidevalue = 0; UnHidevalue = 1; }; #define DamageOffset 0.2 class wheel_1_1_Damage:wheel_1_1_destruct { type="translation"; axis="Basic_Damper_Destruct_Axis"; memory=1; selection="wheel_1_1_damper"; source="HitLFWheel"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; offset0 = 0; offset1 = DamageOffset; }; class wheel_1_1_Damper_Damage_BackAnim:wheel_1_1_Damage {selection="wheel_1_1_damper";offset1 = -1.2*DamageOffset;}; [...] config.cpp class HitPoints: HitPoints { class HitBody: HitBody { armor = 1; explosionShielding = 1.5; material = -1; name = "karoserie"; passThrough = 1; visual = "camo"; }; class HitEngine: HitEngine { name = "motor"; armor = 4; radius = 0.25; }; class HitFuel: HitFuel { name = "palivo"; armor = 2; radius = 0.5; }; class HitGlass1: HitGlass1 { armor = 0.25; }; class HitGlass2: HitGlass2 { armor = 0.25; }; class HitLFWheel: HitLFWheel { armor = 0.3; passThrough = 0; }; class HitLF2Wheel: HitLF2Wheel { armor = 0.3; passThrough = 0; }; class HitRFWheel: HitRFWheel { armor = 0.3; passThrough = 0; }; class HitRF2Wheel: HitRF2Wheel { armor = 0.3; passThrough = 0; }; }; Of course, all of this scetion refers to a single wheel, except for Basic_Damper_Destruct_Axis. I hope someone can help, I guess I'm just too blind...^^
  14. Congratulations and good luck, guys! 👍
  15. Hello, and congratulations on your release! Will the tanks feature interiors? 🙂
  16. pierremgi

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Just one more "input". I experienced significant differences between "wild" (as is) vehicles (in convoy or not), and vehicles with limited speed... really limited speed (18 km/h). It sounds like the FSM has sufficient slot to take obstacles into account. And, as consequence, the heavier scenario, the worse AI driving.
  17. mihal190

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

  18.  EO


    Man, I totally forgot about this little gem, glad to see it's gonna get some more attention....I'm in the addon camp my friend, I don't mind the dependency if it means a more user friendly experience.
  19.  EO


    With the forthcoming Global Mobilization DLC, I've updated the Zombie Uniform Override list accordingly.
  20. is this for adding in waypoints to any building of that class? i've been trying to get AI's to behave in those military cargo towers but i think something like this would be what i need! been away from arma for a bit and you've put out some cool stuff in that time, the auto population script is very interesting as well, good work as always, remember to sleep 😉
  21. Perhaps that is why we see flying tanks, which stumble about bushes/small obstacles? Lol! Or jumping corpses, which fly up to 5-10 meters? Or do you think that 6 years is not enough to fix it?
  22. or counterwise, if you have the pbo but still not coennection, delete it. You can compress or uncompress file in missions multiplayer folder via unPBO (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369)
  23. Wiki

    Single player campaign

    There were some updates since the last time you played ahah. There is no mor Survive, Adapt nor Win. The campaign is set as one. I think this is where your pb come from. You need to restart the campaign and it will be fixed.
  24. cu3b4ll

    Project RACS

    I'm on the team doing their media and I still get excited to see what wld427 is gonna drop every time he rolls out another testers build.
  25. Hello guys! I'm pretty confused about all the setPos's and getPos's commands... I've placed down an object1 via editor, and now I'm trying to attach object2 to it, so that object2is always on the ground level, wherever I place objectX. And if its possible, I'd like to be able to change x and y axis distances (like in attachTo). Anyone?
  26. Imho, the "public" _player setVariable ["test", 123, true]; is the only thing to keep on mind. And probably conceived to make it smart and light for networks. There are so much causes to load the network, if you can skip another useless remoteExec... So, yes a simple test in a loop, local on client of course, is the best thing to do.
  27. tortuosit

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    You must be new. I gave up on street vehicles about 10000 years ago. I was just sick of watching them drive into a street lamp and then needing like 2 minutes to drive around it. But yet have to check vcom ai for this. I think he guides the ai units with can openers.
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