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  2. killzone_kid

    Check Visibility Script

    Just one, couldn’t find checkVisibility command anywhere in code 😉
  3. Mods: @CUP Terrains - Core, @Cytech industries
  4. ronin1979ca

    Is combined arms PvP possible?

    Combined arms game play really depends on players. I could script and edit in a coy sized objective, but the scenario would be too limiting and uninteresting for most players. conversely a mission gen with recon, infantry, armor, artillery, air and jtac for example is possible if there is an interest. if you have enough people who want something i can make it, and I've done enough combined arms work to know what it all means. The two projects on my website, warkin.info include systems not normally available, and include rapid battle procedure within the ai. I could even add dynamic smesc orders if you wanted. To accomplish all arms you would need ai like i develop to undertake most roles while players swap in, and a system for coordination and planing. The KOTI gamemode I developed may suit this niche, but I need people playing to host it on my server. Without any coding, just plop down an objective, get some players for the roles you want and communicate like you're on a radio. frag o's shouldn't take you more than 45 min.
  5. I understand that AFAR currently limits itself to modifying the behaviour of the Group Channel but I don't understand completely disabling all of the other channels under all circumstances just because the script currently does not include the whole scope of communications. You see I've always imagined that each default Arma 3 Channel represented a different frequency and equipment used. So for example: 1) Player on foot without radio: Limited to Local (AKA mouth to mouth conversations) channel. 2) Player on foot with radio: Limited to Local and Group channels. 3) Player on vehicle (Supposing vehicle contains long range equipment and that the vehicular radio uses a frequency that is repeated using FOB antennas etc): Gains access to Side Channel. 4) Player on a radio specific installation or asset (Like a long range radio placed near a radio Antenna): Gains access to Global Channel. Sadly Arma 3 completely forgot to add those limitations and requirements for accessing each channel's benefits. Perhaps it would be in AFAR's interest and scope to do so... so instead of disabled channels we get: "You can communicate to your whole side but you need to be inside a vehicle with a much better equipment or inside a radio installation etc. I hope you get my point. Also disabling default Arma channels might lead to scripts and mods not communicating things correctly. Like: [unit1,"Kicked for cheating!"] remoteExec ["globalChat",0];
  6. Today
  7. Hi Guys, Not been on Arma III for a year, come back to it this weekend but have an issue. The server list in the launcher is extremely slow to populate and when it does all I can get is a list of about 20 servers or so, not even the ones im searching for. The search filter is clear. In game the server list from Multiplayer populates fine but is a real pain to setup mods for connection. Any ideas how to fix the launcher server list ?
  8. ronin1979ca

    what do you want hosted?

    I'm down with pretty much anything. I run a server I can host arma on and would really enjoy rallying together a small community. my specialization is integration of various code, ai systems, database systems and optimization / debugging. The server will be up regardless, but it would be wonderful to make more use of it, warkin.info is a personal site of mine, but it can easily be expanded into a full community, and the warkin discord is there as well, with a Empyrion community already present. failing that i have been discussing work with some existing communities.
  9. Hi to all. I'm new in scripts programming and I have some doubts. I'm working in a cooperative MP mission. A unit is infiltrated behind enemy lines. They use enemy uniforms and weapons. This unit can't fire in enemy territory because they enemy discovery him, except if they use a suppressed pistol. I used this code: player addEventHandler ["FiredMan",{ params ["_unit", "_weapon", "_muzzle", "_mode", "_ammo", "_magazine", "_projectile", "_vehicle"]; if (_weapon != "rhsusf_weap_glock17g4") then { hint "setCaptive false"; // Only the player //player setCaptive false; // All unit are undercover {[_x,false] remoteExec ["setCaptive",_x]} forEach units group player; } else { hint "setCaptive true"; }; }]; This code works right, but any player with a suppressed pistol can kill all the enemy without any restriction First question: Is possible restraint the distance to kill the enemy or that the player and the enemy are un the same room or the enemy died in certain time after the player fire or any realistic situation that you can think, to avoid that? second question: I use a trigger with an area to discover my group if the enter in this area. This is not too real. If my group go into the area and kill the enemies one by one, and the enemies that behind the walls don't see or listen that, the group must remain uncovered. They must have a time before a guard can alert to others, and if the guard is killed before this, the unit is safe even though is inside the prohibit zone. Can you imagine some code to do this?
  10. That's because you haven't actually port forwarded those ports. You need to either get into your router or a webpage that your ISP offers to open those ports. As I don't know who your ISP is or what router you're using you'll have to figure that one out yourself. I can tell you that you have to port forward the range of ports between 2302-2306 (both included) for UDP traffic.
  11. Fanatic72

    3CB Factions

    I have noticed the Hiker clothing has the NAPA flecktarn camo available, but its not visible in arsenal. Any way you could make it appear there with its classname?
  12. Hey all, i have updated the steam link and included all addons required to the mission on steam pls try out the mission 😃
  13. Matilda II Mk.II its posible download here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=641305739
  14. RIP C4 Another group of West Coast frogmen getting their GWOT on in North Africa. Watching baddies before breakfast. Mods: All RHS Dev builds, MGP, FunnyNVG, Maritime Helmets, C.O.S., 75th RR, A3 Blastcore, 1st SFOD-D (A), RH-ACC, SMA3, ACE, S4G. http:// http:// http:// http://
  15. I turn on the upnp option then I start it it up and it says setting up port forwarding then puts me on the screen where I select mission and map I do that and when it is all loaded up he can’t find it
  16. MATILDA II Mk.II - West front 1940 MATILDA II Mk.II - EAST front 1941-1945 MATILDA II Mk.II - PACIFIC front 1941-1945 MATILDA II Mk.II - AFRICA front 1941-1943
  17. Hi there! We've been testing out the dev version of .97, and everything seems to be working - except when we go for a military base, the host freezes up. I've got the rpt file, where would be the best place to send it?
  18. mcslavko

    .paa Transparency Trouble

    the problem is solved partially, you need on the p3d model to select window glass in O2 "Faces> Move to next alpha" this is not a perfect solution but the objects are visible
  19. bombe


    hi, i made a mission today but i have problem. I but manually some AI infantry but they wont move. Why ?
  20. Hi, i've got a problem, my mission is nearly finished but i have a huge problem. I putted some squad on the map but they dont attack at all and they dont move. I can go front of them and shoot in the head. Halp pleas
  21. SlovakianLynx, There should never have been such a mistake. Check the addons, there is also a screenshot of the error? Strims.
  22. i agree. I wouldn't have a problem spending 20 euro on something like this. and it would complement GM very well too, revoloving around a "cold war gone hot" situation the same. something to think about.
  23. MuRaZorWitchKING


    Ooooooh Now you’re just spoiling us (if you added that in) I quite like the idea of having players only being able to save if they have a “player camp” set up, almost like a safe zone... more immersive. 😁
  24. whiteface73


    That...would...be...great! This in something I considered too, but realized that I am not able to do this kind of stuff.
  25. haleks


    Using elements ingame to save player data when desired certainly is better in terms of performances : at one point I considered using deployable tents as save points, but that doesn't suit every mission configuration... I might add that as an option though, it would give more importance to tents and camps in MP, and we could also save the tent itself and its content.
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