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  2. Gage Heath

    Glitches and idea.

    So there has been at least 4 occasions that my game has times out, right when the countdown for in game ends. Then when I push A to login and go to my shelter. I lose all my inventory. The first two didn't really bother me, but the last two I've lost good weapons. The special issue ADR-97 isn't easy to get. Also I have an idea to potentially add to the game. The choice to cancel your booster at the pre-game. Only reason I haven't bought crowns is because I don't want to be paying for everyone else's increased chance. There's been many games where I'm the only one who boosted loot chance. It would be more fun to actually get games where the crate gets boosted to the special issue. But sadly hasn't happened once. Even though I've played long enough to improve my shelter to the 12/13th tier. Other then those couple issues, the game has worked pretty great for me. Thank you
  3. I'm going to need more specifics here, I haven't been able to replicate your issues, please note that you will have to be in range as the gbu31 and gbu38 isn't a very maneuverable bomb compared the the gbu53 or gbu39 so it will still need to be dropped roughly like a normal bomb but it will guide itself. Height and Distance also come into account, can't just drop the bomb from 7km out at 20m and expect it to glide all the way there.
  4. klima

    co10 Escape

    Slots on the mission are missing. Have tried RHS and BIS versions, none load up with slots.
  5. Firing "from the hip" (ie, when not using sights) shouldn't take zeroing into consideration. Having a 'flag patch' tied to identity, similar to how clan/unit insignia works. (think new XCOM games, or Stargate Atlantis =p ) Being able to cycle between firemodes and muzzles with a separate key. (really inconvenient when you forget you have a GL on your rifle... and very much a 'game' issue - no one's ever accidentally done this irl!)
  6. Sheldawglowe

    Changelog 1.1.46453

    I do have to say thank you everyone for all of the work you have done to the game. There are a few bugs here and there but for the most part, the teams is making sure to patch them quickly, to go along with the firing glitch though I have noticed it creates almost a jam with the m16 in burst. After 2-3 bursts the gun will lock up. The only way to fix it is to put it away, and pull it back out. This is not really a glitch that’s easy to avoid. Again thank you for all the work you have put into the game, and I hope to be around for many more updates. P.s. the new map, and treasures are an amazing addition to the game
  7. johnnyboy

    Mid-Air Collision

    You are welcome sir. Glad it worked out for you.
  8. Today
  9. Nicolas Mojito

    Changelog 1.1.46453

    Hello, first of all thank you for the patch, very good things for the setting of weapons. very good start for the crowns. very good buff from the cache. there is all the same a huge concern that has returned, on all weapons in automatic after a first burst the weapon fired continuously alone. the bug animation, this is one thing that had disappeared. but they are back and on any auto weapon or burst. There was also the return of some weapon that did not produce any flash gold shooting. Thank you and see you soon
  10. Is it possible to make a "allPlayers" check instead of the "player" with this code? Like Allplayers findif etc. _distanceMarkers = _markers apply {[player distance getmarkerpos _x, _x]};

    ACC Artillery Shell Tracker v1.0

    hey, i love this script, i use it on a server, it is good for shoot and scoot gameplay. The thing is my server is restarting a lot without warning, could this script be the reason?
  12. JohnKalo

    Break Windows Only

    How do you do that? Was only able to find the number of windows in the config file via the editor.
  13. Kuljack

    Reimbursement for games fault?

    Ouch, and insurance is the mechanic to keep what you already had. Not something like mine where it wasn’t even yet mine. I feel worse for you man... sigh. I remain loyal and hopefully for this game but it’s taxing on the heart.
  14. SwzzyGetzBzzy

    Auto fire is backkk

    Pull trigger on auto to burst and drains whole clip, was fixed in bridges update and now you nerfed guns and changed recoils and it’s back. Most annoying thing during heated battles!
  15. Kuljack

    Got stuck and died in radiation storm

    https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/kuljack/video/80646188 Me too. I don’t know if they reimburse but it sure would be nice when you have proof of what you should have been able to leave the encounter with.
  16. I'll give this a shot, haven't looked at arma scripting commands in a long time (used to follow every day the daily dev build changelog but that was a long time ago) -EDIT 1- This works, RHS vehicles now will fit inside using the new clipping type (clipVisual) This change will be out whenever the next update lands
  17. killzone_kid

    Break Windows Only

    find windows hitpoints and iterate setting damage 1 on them
  18. Olivier Raherisoa

    Empty my magazine

    Whoa, before that happened from time to time but now.... Did you make the problem worse? It put 3 times in the same game I shoot a bullet and my magazine empties!!!!!
  19. PonyDroid

    Changelog 1.1.46453

    Played three Encounters just now with the MGV-176. The gun keeps glitching to where it fires without being able to stop. It empties the whole clip, and once empty, firing the gun restores all your ammo like nothing ever happened. Edit: Just had the issue with two other weapons. It tends to occur whenever I tap-fire or try to shoot in small bursts.
  20. " When starting my game with BattlEye enabled, random legitimate applications on my system are being terminated. Recently several Windows 10 users have started experiencing this issue without a change on our side. We have investigated the issue and also reached out to Microsoft regarding potential changes in the latest Windows 10 versions and so far concluded that it’s related to some unknown (potentially low-level) third-party software running on the user’s system. Therefore the only thing we can currently suggest is to close any unnecessary applications while using BattlEye and if that doesn’t help perform a clean reinstall of Windows."
  21. three encounters so far (since the last 2 udates) I have killed the outlander with the crate and they are no longer carrying it in their death box. Dont tell me they have destroyed it because 2 of those encounters they were single headshot kills with the m21. this makes no sense to chase an outlander with the drop if the drop wont be your reward. I love the game but there are some very frustrating parts to it...
  22. Guys! Thanks a lot for the hard work! The long waiting paid off big time! I have a problem though, if you can help it'll be great: JDAM does not hit the targets (tried the 31, 38 JDAM). I mark a target, click on it so it will turn red as in the tutorial, but JDAM does not hit the target (not even close..just drops to the ground). Any help? Tried with the A10 and F35
  23. dave_beastttt

    Jetpack v1

    There's a bug with the jetpack, an action allows you to get in gunner position, which renders you invisible To fix, in the vehicle spawn init, add _vehicle lockTurret [[0],true];
  24. Thank you, exactly what I needed!
  25. Dedmen

    Broken crafting after update XBL

    I just went to devs forum profile and took the first thing 😄 But yeah.. They were active months back, but nowadays its kinda dead. Maybe I'm not looking at the right devs.
  26. Civilian5902

    Changelog 1.1.46453

    Hi Pyrit, what about the possibility to start a weapon craft and leave the game without losing both weapon and materials ? I didnt play since few days so Im not sure, is this still an issue ?
  27. TuRb0235

    Broken crafting after update XBL

    Got me 😉 But it's kinda significant that you had to go back 4 months to find a devs post, isn't it?
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