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  2. So, try all that right.? BTW they give u a tbb4 with the game now.
  3. GamerOnkel

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Can you turn the m1 abrams and the m2 bradley from rhs into the batt of the c17?
  4. kklownboy


    usually the little stutters are a Process that is polling every x-seconds. A utility that checks the temp of some hardware,or some such. I have even had FPS overlay counters do that. Sometimes changing priority (game to highest, crap to lowest) can do wonders. But there is also the lag from latency for settings in your Bios
  5. When we place any sort of code into a unit's init field does it apply to all clients for a hosted server? The question came as a troubling from ... will the insignia appear to all clients if I place this in some units init: [this,"enemy"] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; and on a side-note there will be quite a few units using the above. Is there any other more fps friendly way to place the insignia to those specific units?
  6. Spoiler alert for followers of the Defying the Odds Campaign who might be spoilers sensitive. What I am trying to do is spawn two missiles which will collide mid-air. So I placed a car in the air and sent the two missiles. The car has no simulation but is shown to players. Everything works fine. Next try I click the Show Model box making the car invisible to players. They cannot be able to see it while playing. What happens is that the missiles do not hit the car but the ground. The code I use in a trigger so as to spawn the missiles: [[11707.6,18444.8,1000], "ammo_Missile_Cruise_01", car1, 180, false, [0,0,0.25]] spawn BIS_fnc_exp_camp_guidedProjectile; [[12900.8,18750.6,1000], "ammo_Missile_Cruise_01", car1, 180, false, [0,0,0.25]] spawn BIS_fnc_exp_camp_guidedProjectile; I tried spawning an explosion when the two missiles come together like this: "HelicopterExploBig" createVehicle (getpos car1); but the missiles would not blow up. In short the explosion and everything is great when the car is visible to everyone but not when it is invisible. Oh and I tried making it invisible only to players but I do not know how to do that. So any ideas? EDIT: Should the trigger spawning the missiles be set to server only? So as not to spawn missiles for every client. Since triggers are local.
  7. Vandeanson

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Thought about this today (during work, because yeeep 1000 timers more interessting). I m trying to avoid loops wherever possible as in my project, they used to add up quite a bit and i started to notice it. Maybe a firednear EH would be something to combine it with. It only triggers if someone fires very close by... 69 m i think. However, i am not familiar with the cba EHs and they might be better fitted.
  8. In BIOS disable iGPU/ Dual Graphics and connect monitor to RX 580.
  9. Smart Games

    Structured Text with Variables?

    I tried something like that: _var1 = "HI"; _var2 = "You"; titleText [_var1<br/>_var2, "PLAIN", -1, true, true]; It's not working
  10. Mcnab.D

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    thank you for the reply. i will submit a ticket on there github. wont hold my breath though.
  11. specialsmith

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Just wanted to thank you@nkenny for great work on the mod! I’ve been reading this thread since you posted it. We already ran our weekend long LAN-party using this and other LAMBS mods. No complaints, and everybody were happy with the firefights we had. Will continue to follow this development and contribute with feedback from our games whenever such is recorded. :) Thank you!
  12. killzone_kid

    Structured Text with Variables?

    Does example on biki not work for you? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/titleText
  13. Kuljack


    People can see you in a bush, bushes aren’t full proof cover is someone is looking for you. Sometimes people see you from far away and stalk you, maybe they knew you were in the bush cause they saw you go in? I have seen more and more ‘teams’ lately in solo. I don’t get their focus though, it’s a small advantage for less crates. I guess if they need the advantage and can’t compete in real duos.
  14. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    I love it. Gonna try it out later (need to focus on work now, instead of this stuff that is 1000 times more interesting to me). Thanks for the guidelines.
  15. Today
  16. Kuljack

    3rd person / ADS

    It’s a bug unfortunately
  17. LSValmont

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    I follow these guidelines for most of my scripts now: https://ace3mod.com/wiki/development/coding-guidelines.html#84-unscheduled-vs-scheduled CBA_fnc_waitAndExecute is basically a sleep but for the unscheduled environment. By the way assignedTarget won't fire if the simulation on the unit is disabled so you will only be checking on dynamic enabled units basically. It seems pretty performance friendly if you ask me!
  18. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Thanks LSValmont! This is a great start. What's the advantage of CBA_fnc_waitAndExecute? I'm not familiar with it.
  19. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Bummer dude. Thanks for saving me the research time! So now the question is how to write a loop monitoring AI that doesn't bog the engine down. Some ideas: Only monitor 2 of the 3 enemy factions (east, west, independent), which would still cover all possible enemy close contacts. Start loops with long sleeps initially that detect when enemy ai within 10 meters of each other. Once detected, cut sleeps down to .5 seconds until units within 2 meters of each other (or jack sleeps back up when one unit dies, or distance grows > 10 meters again). Run one loop for all AI in 2 factions (i.e., not a loop per per ai unit which would be too many processes running). In the loop, only check unique set of Enemy AI pairs so not redundantly testing EastUnit1 vs. WestUnit1 and WestUnit1 vs. EastUnit1. Reduce set of AI to check to those within 200 meters of a player, and those whose simulation is enabled, and behaviour is not CARELESS. What else? Anybody have suggestions for such a monitoring loop?
  20. LSValmont

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    CBA option: meleeRangeAiCheck_fnc = { { if (alive _x && !(lifeState _x isEqualTo "INCAPACITATED") && alive (assignedTarget _x) && !(lifeState (assignedTarget _x) isEqualTo "INCAPACITATED") && (_x distance (assignedTarget _x) < 4)) then { [_x,(assignedTarget _x)] spawn JBOY_fnc_pointBlankMelee; }; } forEach allUnits - allPlayers; // loop to check every 3 + random 3 seconds: [ meleeRangeAiCheck_fnc, [], (3 + (random 3)) ] call CBA_fnc_waitAndExecute; }; Not tested, should work for Ai vs. Ai and Ai vs. Player situations.
  21. I took a quick look at your code, and yeah, it's pretty much the same general idea - except yours is a lot cleaner! ^^ As to what composition gets spawned, in Ravage it's basically one compo per house type - but each element of the composition has a random chance to (not) spawn. The random selection process is semi-procedural, so the results are identical on each client - no need to synchronise (the only thing that needs to be sync'd is whenever an object has been looted). Another difference is that I sort of cache objects to avoid the constant creation & deletion : instead of deleting furniture and having to respawn them back, I just hide them and move them deep underground between frames. The cache handles 150 objects max - it's only once that limit is reached that the script starts deleting and spawning objects again. That made a huge difference performance-wise. Good point regarding AI interactions on dedicated servers, I never thought about that.
  22. May I ask for a chance to spawn parked vehicles also? Like L_ambiDrive_maxCivs = 20; L_ambiDrive_parkedPercent = 10; End result: 2 cars will spawn parked (and empty) and 18 will spawn on the move. Also ambiDrive is lacking this config vars that ambiCivs have: L_ambiCivs_deleteCheckInterval = 4; // How often the script checks in on spawned civilians in seconds L_ambiCivs_spawnCheckInterval = 1; // How often the script will try to spawn a new civilian in seconds Those would also be very useful for ambiDrive so that to delay the spawning/despawning of civ vehicles! Thank you!
  23. Only for PhysX simulated objects iirc, so cars and pretty much any kind of vehicle - but it won't trigger if the objects are foot units.
  24. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Just had a thought: EpeContact eventhandler. Supposedly, this event detects collisions between 2 objects. If this idea works, then we can add an event handler to all AI units and zeds. When this event fires, we check if 2nd object is an enemy, and if so call my script. That would eliminate the need to monitor AI closeness via a script. Hope to try this out tonight or tomorrow. It might not work if units refuse to fire on each other when not close enough to fire a collision event. We can hope though...
  25. I would like to create a Startscreen with black background like this: Mission Name //text given by first variable Made by Me //text given by second variable But I am not able to create two titletexts at the same time. So i tried to use titletext with structured text: titleText [_var1 <br/>_var2,"PLAIN",-1,false,true]; //not working Any Ideas?
  26. Yeah and that is good for optimization but in my scenario there are several groups of players all over the map so I cannot have just a bunch of them spawn enemy patrols while the rest of players elsewhere waits for them to step out of their markers so other markers can spawn enemies. Your loop is great when you are forcing players to stay together rather than the open world scenario I am doing. Also I've set up a very strong cache/dynamic simulation for ai units so as soon as players get far from a spawned enemy patrol that AI just goes offline until the players return, so I still get a quite good performance even with lots of makers activated. Also I don't want to go the trigger way... that some other scripters use... I find that kinda unnecessary given how optimal some new commands and loops can be... controlling all the markers from one single loop instead of 120 triggers + markers is so much easier and clean.
  27. Only tested my script local and alone and player command works there, but as LSValmont said, does _distanceMarkers = _markers apply {[player distance getmarkerpos _x, _x]}; work in MP if script is spawned from initserver? @LSValmont The main loop stops when a player is near one the markers from the array because of the waituntil in the if then. It starts the loop again when player is outside of the radius.
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