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  2. šŸ™‚ Iconic.
  3. R0adki11

    [WIP] Frith_Robots

    This looks like a fun mod, reminds me of the The Institute Faction in Fallout 4
  4. Could someone take a look at this: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T139749 I think it's an easy fix and long overdue.
  5. Loading texts are always insightful, equally so for Livonia.... A few things I've noted already that are related to the loading texts... The hills to the south of Nadbor are very creepy indeed, especially from dusk till dawn, there is a strong whiff of Namalsk around those parts, something in the sound that I can't quite put my finger on yet. Deer and wolves are referenced a few times, given there are deer skeletons among the assets, I'm hoping deer are added to the ambient system before release. A little feedback regarding the terrain, given it's landlocked with only a very murky river running through it, are ambient fish really necessary?....I found a few spawning on open ground around the riverbanks already.
  6. R0adki11

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    There is no hate, but you have to appreciate it takes time to make any content. Also as you have requested one in this thread and the CUP thread multiple times, you will just have to wait and see if someone makes one. Alternatively if you desire one to made so much, perhaps learn to make it yourself.
  7. soul_assassin

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    No one here hates 64
  8. Sure thing, the project is on hold until i have updated another project, but feel free to use the test versions and then also the final version if you like it. The testing capability will indeed be helpful. Happy to receive feedback! What map are you on? It recognizes the big rock formations. Small rocks and boulders usually not, could not get that to work yet:(
  9. Today
  10. Checking in to report the AI via TPW Skirmish are reacting much better it seems. I shot at two different foot squads and this time as soon as one got shot they ducked and dispersed as they returned fire, much funner then seeing them just continue to walk along unphased haha. Not conclusive but I'll keep playing and see if they continue to perform as expected.
  11. kireta21

    [Suggestion] Arma 2 3rd Party DLC for Arma 3

    As pointed out, for ArmA 2 we already have CUP, which is good enough. Armed Assault is irrelevant, honestly. Recreation of Operation Flashpoint though, complete with official campaigns and scenarios, now for that I wouldn't mind paying full expansion price.
  12. Hi, Based on killzone_kids code above, I've attempted to script a version compatible for ArmA2 ACE, however script isn't assembling weapon? My code posted below: I've checked class names for tripods using the LoadOutEditor "LEA", and having tested a similar script to "davidoss" above above using the drop weapon command. ACE doesn't like action "PutBagļ»æ" command, as backpacks/racks are classed as weapons as I understand it. KORD_Tripod action ["dropWeapon", KORD_Tripod, "ACE_6T7TripodProxy"]; KORD_Gunner action ["dropWeapon", KORD_Gunner, "ACE_KORDProxy"]; KORD_Gunner addEventHandler ["WeaponAssembled", { _this select 0 action ["GetInGunner", _this select 1]; }]; _base = "ACE_6T7TripodProxy"; // was: _base = unitBackpack KORD_Tripod; KORD_Tripod action ["dropWeapon", KORD_Tripod, "ACE_6T7TripodProxy"]; // was: KORD_Tripod action ["PutBag"]; KORD_Gunner action ["Assemble", _base];
  13. General Yudenich

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Why so hate of T-64? This is a great tank almost a symbol of the Cold War era. As for the Š¢-14 ArmatŠ° tank, it will remain a prototype as the MBT-70 since Russia now has problems with sanctions and there are no factories for the production of guns. We are likely to continue to upgrade the T-72 and T-90 than to launch mass production of T-14.
  14. This is something completely different from this script , but i don't know either to answer.
  15. piter306

    0xC0000005 Status access violation

    OS + Arma not going over memory in your PC?
  16. NeoArmageddon

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    I understand why keeping the assets EBO before release (objects in the wild will stay in the wild, older versions may stay around and conflict with later updates, etc). But it would be really helpful to get something like untextured, first-LOD-only p3ds of the terrain assets before or right after release (through samples or Licensed-data pack maybe) as a kind of placement proxy on terrains. I know of a mod that maintains a few well known terrains where the new, opened and polished buildings could be used as a replacement instantly. Also adding +1 to what @.kju said.
  17. mankyle


    I just had my two year PET-CT scan and it seems I'm still oficially in remission,so... Yes, things for the moment are going well...
  18. chortles


    As unfortunate as the news of ceasing your own work on this may be, may we hope that your offline life is stable despite these issues? EDIT: The news of remission more than outweighs the hiatus of your own work on this!
  19. beno_83au

    [Release] SleepingAI

    @Play3r Your init.sqf should look something like this: init.sqf _units = [unit1,unit2,unit3]; nul = [_units] execVM "MIL_SleepingAI\initSleepingAI.sqf"; OR, just: nul = [[unit1,unit2,unit3]] execVM "MIL_SleepingAI\initSleepingAI.sqf"; Then you need to make sure your units are also named. If it still isn't working you really should post your init.sqf contents here.
  20. harper1998

    Exported Textures are Blurry

    I have a new issue
  21. Hmm I've never heard of that one before. Did you try running the installer script in the download? That should put everything where it needs to go. EDIT: I just had a thought. When did you download TPW MODS? You might have tried to download it just as I was updating it through Dropbox. Please try downloading it again just to be sure.
  22. @AirShark @mickeymen @Zakuaz Please download TPW MODS again. I've incorporated each of your suggestions. If they're OK then I'll announce the release.
  23. AveryTheKitty

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    @DnA Minor issue with the Gorka / Granit Suit's textures. On the camouflage version, the camo is in the wrong area. It should be where the dark green is. Blue arrow shows where flat green should be. Red arrow shows where camouflage should be. Please note that the camouflage is in the wrong area across the uniform, not just on the pants.
  24. I only recently found this mod and I am super interested in giving it a shot! After a couple hit or miss attempts at installing the mod, I believe I managed to do it right after I got the "TPW Initializing" message on the top of my screen when I load in. After this however, my game freezes and crashes, giving me a STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error any time I load into a mission. I couldn't find anything relating to the error and TPW combined on Google or any sort of forums, and I've tried troubleshooting the error code itself with no luck. If anyone has any insight I'd be very thankful.
  25. yxman

    [MP/SP/COOP] Asymmetric Warfare Thread

    would like to try it coop, would you please provide a proper dl mirror: http/ftp (onedrive/googledrive/etc)
  26. arthrfortune

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    the decontamination shower don't want to work like when i press the button to start the large shower but it does not work
  27. @Vandeanson I've been developing a mod/mission called State of Chaos, its a zombie apocalypse survival mode. I'm incredibly interested in integrating this in, and I'd be more than happy to help you with any testing that you need (I have a dedicated server and some scripting experience). Feel free to DM me if you're interested Also, I can't seem to get the stones to mine correctly. Are there specific rocks?
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