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  2. there are still two minor flaws in moving reinforced floors, but I will not upload that today
  3. Kuljack


    I don’t understand what you just said. Just had a match on bridges where I scored 3 headshots on three kills, was on fire and then game across two people who were obviously playing teams. I saw one guy coming at me with a suomi, second comes over hill and I think to pull back a little and see if the caps the first guy as I popped some antibiotics, but he gets beside him and they both fire at me. Then they took turns teabagging me. I don’t mind, I was only after my rifle kills and I got what I needed, but obviously two people who teamed up either intentionally prior to or at joining match.
  4. i was playing around and i noticed few things if the Ai inside vehicles got hit they will disembark to heal and never get in again, which makes me hard to control my mobilized units and the cba healing time slider doesnt seems to work for me, they heals me in few seconds either putting the slider all the way up or down the values dosent seem to apply, also im having difficulty with ordering wounded units
  5. gerhart

    Arma3 Videos

  6. gerhart

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I've been using your mod in the mod Overthrow and notice that the civilian AI "try" to find cover but get stuck running in place. Now Overthrow has a danger.fsm in there so I was wondering if you think that there may be a conflict between the two. It also has vcom scripted into it but there was mention that vcom shouldn't be an issue. I would really appreciate your advice/suggestions on this
  7. Another bug I can only confirm on the F35 currently as it is the only plane I have flown yet. When using the Service Menu, changing to one of the preset loadouts, for example the SDB loadout, the cannon GAU-22/A will dissappear leaving you with only the missiles and bombs.
  8. this addAction["Deactive TRIGGER1", {deleteVehicle TRIGGER1;hint "TRIGGER1 is deactivated"}];
  9. killzone_kid

    SQF Memory Management

    When _a goes out of scope array gets destroyed if there are no more references to it
  10. pierremgi

    Object player destruct detection

    So, first of all, what is on your mind? A wall can be a part of a house or an object by itself, like "Land_WallCity_01_8m_grey_F". Some of them are simple objects (no damage taken, no destruction) ex:"Land_Canal_Wall_10m_F" or very hard to destroy. ex: "Land_Mil_ConcreteWall_F" or very progressive: damaged even by bullets to destroyed by collision or explosion. ex: "Land_WallCity_01_8m_grey_F" Same for whole houses. These objects can be edited (placed by you), or already on map. In this last case, disregard EH handleDamage on them. You need to track some changes in damage by scripts but that can be resource demanding. So damages to objects are various, sometimes weird or even non-existent.
  11. Adam Noble

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Will the mod be on Armacholice? Will I be able to download it from armacholic? I write through a translator, you forgive me for my English
  12. 😊 well your code with the multiple trigger setup is the only one that works. I do have over 200 units in the mission. I don't have an issue with things on the map and per our conversation but still want to learn how to get things working with different methods of setup. Yes I have the mission ending when all units are killed or not present in the AO but with your setup the missions ends abruptly with no fading music just the snowed screen. Just messing around in the editor to see how things work. So yes I am still looking for a one trigger setup or a initServer.sqf setup to end the mission when all opfor ind units are killed or not present that works because the other options provided above do not work to end the mission only your setup with three trigger setup. It was greatly appreciated by the way 😊
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  14. gatordev

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I haven't been able to play Arma for the last two weeks until last night, so I'm guessing I'm at least one, if not two, Dev updates "newer" than what I was playing before. Given that, this is a question to see if it's something new before I make a ticket... I'm finding that the RHS M249 isn't accepting the 200 round box mags EXCEPT for the one initially loaded on the gun at mission start. I've triple-checked the ammo names in the mission and they're all the same (vest and back pack), but they won't show up as "usable" in-game (but they are still loaded in the player's inventory). I switched out ammo the 100 round nut-sacks and they work fine. Anyone else seeing this issue or is it known already? I didn't have time to check "factory" RHS units to see if they had the same issue.
  15. vigorshelter25


    people who defend and misrepresented obvious maybe is in the cheat play. Who knows?. Shiiiiii game. still reported ladies
  16. Was hoping whoevers in charge of AI at Dev studio would open up the vault and help yas out since you are chancing out there in uncharted waters. Good luck!!
  17. Larrow

    Supply drop

    Again what that error is showing is not my code, literally the code in the error is different as i explained in my last post. Check your brackets/braces.
  18. You've had several answers already for one trigger, i dont see what the issue is, unless you have a mission that has 200+ units on it and your not caching them, and its taken you 6 months to build like my ISIL Foothold then 3 triggers isn't going to kill the fps. Just place down what works and go with it, nobody but you will know and or see the triggers. What does your mission have in it that is making you worried about performance, or what exactly are you worried about?
  19. KaidenSmith

    Object player destruct detection

    I might have been a bit unclear, but it is not supposed to determine the damage done to vehicles. It is supposed to determine who did the damage to the object. Objects such as walls.
  20. Hey guys, I have a question about the fire. I do not find a good solution to change the position of the fire. in the memory-lod the action-point is indicated, but unfortunately the fire burns on the ground and is therefore hardly visible. Is there a simple possibility?
  21. Samuel Carvalho - Oficial

    Servidor Brasileiro

    Nós, brasileiros queremos um servidor nosso pra Já !!! Não aguentamos mais queda de servidor, bugs e pernas. Somos amantes do jogo, gastamos no jogo e exigimos respeito por nós BR.
  22. Just create a google drive (or whatever) download link, there is no DMCA here, cause its a pain to download 6Gb on Armaholic.
  23. You mean you didn't read the very first post of this topic?
  24. Hi everybody, Im actually using this script to delete a trigger when addaction done : this addAction["Deactive TRIGGER1", "deleteVehicle TRIGGER1"]; Its working, but i would make hint with "TRIGGER1 is deactivated" in same time i deactive the trigger, how can i do for this ? By advance, thank you guys 😉
  25. Adam Noble

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Where can I download the mod? I do not see the download link.
  26. @gokitty1199 @wogz187 @pierremgi and @Gunter Severloh None of your suggestions or codes worked to end the mission for both OPFOR and IND units when dead/not present in the mission or trigger area. The only one I can get to work is @Gunter Severloh three trigger setup😊 There must be a way to setup this up with only one trigger I am sure of it but lack the knowledge. Open to more suggestions or ideas!
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