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  2. stanhope

    UAV won't fly above ~100m on dedicated server

    Have you tried hosting a different MP mission? Because I play a gamemode where UAVs will happily fly above 100 meters that's running on a dedicated server.
  3. You're in the wrong place. This forum is for players to help other players. If you want the devs to help you you've got to make a topic on the feedback tracker. Link is in one of the pins in this subforum.
  4. I didn't move as such. I just finished building my new gaming PC and when it came to reinstalling everything, I had to decide to go with Poseidon again or make a fresh start somewhere else. All the commands since 1.73 are missing. It's not so much the missing commands that inconvenience me as the fact that he's getting notifications that he's being tagged in his own thread and he's just ignoring them. That's pretty rude IMO. I have made suggestions, given feedback and found bugs in Poseidon so there's a little bit of me (and indeed everyone who has done the same) and my time and effort in the application and now it's been tossed aside. I don't like that. If it's no longer in development, he should come and say so. @HazJ has been very helpful setting up Visual Studio for me and the F1 functionality is available from a right click on a command in the editor. There's nothing it can't do that Poseidon can.
  5. fn_Quiksilver

    what do you want hosted?

    Something fun 🙂 For 4-8 players
  6. Sadly, can't help with server config, do not know nothing about it, also not sure, what's the purpose of autoinit, from what I searched through this forums, this parameter can be indeed a source of various headaches though. Looks like nothing, I could fix my end anyway. No idea, if that makes sense, but what if one would start his mission with HAS scripts, but without HAS stuff initialized, then only after some delay spawn in RYD_HAS_Base logic object, crewed helis (perhaps on the preplaced helipads), synchronize them via script with said object, and only after that initialize HAS?
  7. Today
  8. .kju

    what do you want hosted?

    see: https://arma3.com/news/arma-3-creator-dlc will become available in two weeks
  9. Oh I understand but well it s already an overhaul compared to the basic one imo. When you command there is an order to make a unit watch a location is this what you are talking about?
  10. General Yudenich

    WW1- Over the Top 1914-1918 for ARMA 3

    Ohhh i see Fiat-Omsky using by Russian Empire, so we see other vehicles of Russian Empire like Austin or Garford?
  11. Navalny for president

    WW1- Over the Top 1914-1918 for ARMA 3

    We will see Russian Empire soldiers in this mod? I would like to see the Russian Imperial army with the Adrian casque. They using it for the end of WW 1.
  12. ronin1979ca

    what do you want hosted?

    I'm unfamiliar with gm dlc. My code is locked up minus what i put client side.
  13. Donnie_Plays


    I'm not sure. I had no idea that vehicles were included in that module. I'm not sure if that's true or not. If I want specific custom weapon loot lists, I turn everything to "No" and then proceed to list out what I want to use. That's how I do it. I'm not big on RHS or CUP though, so you might be talking to the wrong person.
  14. .kju

    what do you want hosted?

    my advice would be: port your work to GM DLC ASAP when its possible to have more content available for the new players should be playable alone and with few friends - upscale with higher player numbers
  15. Hello everyone, I am trying to create a module addon. However, after having correctly followed the subject of arma 3, it is well detected in game but the module does not appear in the editor menu. need you help me understand please? config.cpp class CfgPatches { class myTag_addonName { units[] = {"hds_systemes_operations"}; requiredVersion = 1.0; requiredAddons[] = { "A3_Modules_F", //"CBA_main" }; }; }; class CfgFactionClasses { class NO_CATEGORY; class hds_systemes_operations: NO_CATEGORY { displayName = "Hiddens systèmes opérations"; }; }; class CfgVehicules { class Logic; class Module_F:Logic { class AttributesBase { class Default; class Edit; // Default edit box (i.e., text input field) class Combo; // Default combo box (i.e., drop-down menu) class Checkbox; // Default checkbox (returned value is Bool) class CheckboxNumber; // Default checkbox (returned value is Number) class ModuleDescription; // Module description class Units; // Selection of units on which the module is applied }; class ModuleDescription { class EmptyDetector; }; }; class hds_systemes_occupations: Module_F { scope = 2; // Editor visibility; 2 will show it in the menu, 1 will hide it. displayName = "Secteur occupé"; // Name displayed in the menu icon = ""; // Map icon. Delete this entry to use the default icon is3DEN = 0; function = "hds_generations_occupations"; functionPriority = 1; isGlobal = 0; isTriggerActivated = 1; isDisposable = 1; class Attributes: AttributesBase { class Yield: Combo { // Unique property, use "<moduleClass>_<attributeClass>" format to make sure the name is unique in the world property = "hds_generations_occupations_factions_Yield"; displayName = "Faction"; // Argument label tooltip = "Veuillez sélectionner la faction qui sera généré dans le secteur"; // Tooltip description typeName = "NUMBER"; // Value type, can be "NUMBER", "STRING" or "BOOL" defaultValue = "0"; // Default attribute value. WARNING: This is an expression, and its returned value will be used (50 in this case) class Values { class le_csat {name = "csat"; value = 0;}; class le_fia {name = "fia"; value = 1;}; }; }; }; class ModuleDescription: ModuleDescription { description = "Généré une occupations dans le secteur"; // Short description, will be formatted as structured text }; }; }; class CfgFunctions { class hds { class hds_functions { file = "\hds_occupations_ops\fonctions"; class hds_generations_occupations{}; }; }; };
  16. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    you will have to disable the arsenal whitelisting/blacklisting in parameters, in order to use modded gear without further effort/editing. https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/%40Apex_cfg/parameters.sqf#L62 change that value to 0. Making use of the whitelisting/blacklisting feature in addition to using modded gear will take extra effort to add those desired items to the respective whitelist/blacklist
  17. fn_Quiksilver

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    imagine if even a couple weeks of effort were put into AI/Driving by the devs in the past few years. would have made huge difference. instead we get politician-like stalling/delaying/deflections/etc until its too late
  18. You'd have to look into how GAIA spawns the groups in and just add a VCM_DISABLE (Or whatever it exactly is) to them, and just enable it for the groups you want. By default Vcom runs on every group Currently if you put the AI on a HOLD waypoint they will garrison the nearest structure AI will randomly garrison structures during combat for a short time A "watch" waypoint would be ideal, although it doesn't exist. Currently the AI will sometimes look for the highest ground in combat when trying to get vision on a position, but that's about it. A few of the requests (fall back waypoints/garrison multiple buildings) are more mission specific items that fall to the mission designer to create. Vcom AI will aim to modify/compliment vanilla AI behavior and not 'completely' overhaul it.
  19. Do you have the support waypoint working for logistical use? Its totally broken for me. Anyway ,why not add event handlers to the vehicles as well to handle their damage,and half taken damage.I do this for friendly AI vehicles to increase their "staying time" and because as said,support waypoint is totally not working for me.
  20. Do you have the support waypoint working for logistical use? Its totally broken for me. Anyway ,why not add event handlers to the vehicles as well to handle their damage.I do this for friendly AI vehicles to increase their "staying time" and because as said,support waypoint is totally not working for me.
  21. confirmed and fixed AV-8B updated 0.51a - Harrier 2 GR7/9A forever taxing fixed - Blank skins landing gear texture fixed
  22. Some Questions: •does it includes unedited Arma 2 vehicles/helis/planes? •are you working on other projects for the creator DLC, wich includes american, british, france, soviet forces? •will it includes helis & planes (map size is over 400 km)? By the way, really nice looking mod!
  23. Thank you! I'll be testing it and then I'll tell you!
  24. Understood! in initPlayerLocal.sqf Player addEventHandler ["FiredMan", { params ["_badass"]; {[_x,false] remoteExec ["setCaptive",_x]} forEach units _badass; }];
  25. Well, look, I'm doing a mission where there will be two groups of players, Put it this way, one team of players will be group A1 and another team of players will be group A2, one of the two groups (who do not know which group they want to be) will go undercover to one base, while the other group will also go to another. What I do not want is that if the group of players A1 open fire against some enemy, that the group A2 does not receive fire from the enemy for that, if it did not open fire. Thanks man, I'll be testing and then I'll tell you!
  26. vDog Patrol Multiplayer Script is with this change now ACE compatible!
  27. In initPlayerLocal.sqf (add it in your mission folder if not yet present) if (group player == whateverGroup) then { Player addEventHandler ["FiredMan", { params ["_unit"]; _unit setCaptive false; }]; }; I'm not sure to understand the difficulty or.. what you want exactly.
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