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  2. Ah... this reminds me of the period when Take on Helicopters was being teased and people started speculating about it being a North Korea expansion 🙂 Anyway... 👨‍✈️
  3. While I have bought all the previous DLCs I will be hesitant to buy this one if its something sci-fi related. All the previous DLCs expanded the already poorly chosen setting of A3 and made it at least a little more interesting and complete. Each of the DLCs also came with a significant engine update so I was glad to pay for the continuous improvements to the game if not for the 2-3 planes or helicopters added that I have never ever used since then. All of the recent DLCs also came with a very decent SP content and that was the major draw for me. However the main reason for me being hesitant at this point is the CDLC. GM is exactly what I wanted from the official A3 for so long and after finally getting my hands on that it will be hard to get excited about anything BI produces if it involves their silly futuristic lore or even worse - sci-fi. So lets see how my opinion will be later tonight.
  4. Unironically - yes PS: i'll make it 50+ if it's '86-'88 Soviet Army VS US Marines
  5. I think the create commands adjust the position so you could try what sarogahtyp said or if that doesn't help try using setPosATL after creating the module. Like this: _pos = [1390.102, 6325.516, 10.8]; _mod = _fireGroup createUnit ["ModuleEffectsFire_F", _pos, [], 0, "NONE"] _mod setposATL _pos;
  6. 1. Personally I won't if thats the case, I dont own Karts for that very reason. 2. Make it 50, will have no complaints for me 😉
  7. not tested but you could try to not use the alternative syntax of createUnit and set option "special" to "CAN_COLLIDE".
  8. FallujahMedic -FM-


    Thread is Locked! In future, use the REPORT button @Foxone @Reid236
  9. sarogahtyp

    getobjecttextures Action Boolean

    this . . . _fullpath = toLower(getObjectTextures _obj select _n); _return = if(_fullpath == _checkpath) then {true} else {false}; _return }; is the same as this: . . . _fullpath = toLower(getObjectTextures _obj select _n); (_fullpath == _checkpath) };
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  11. If the UFO's don't have interiors I'm gonna be super pissed! 😉
  12. objNull (in the param array) is the default value that overrides in case an empty argument array is passed in, it’s a robustness thing, and yes can be a placeholder for an absent object, gives us something to check against. The 1.5 is the priority of the action. The higher that value, the higher in the list of actions it will be when you scroll wheel. See addAction for all the details on what’s what.
  13. Loving These units, the addon has a nice universal touch to it (as you would expect from black ops guys :D ) I often find myself using them as AAF spec ops, which leads me to my Question: Massi, do you think a true unmarked generic units pack covering military and law enforcement elements is possible? What I mean is something along the lines of: solid colored plate carriers (maybe tan and black) one with a police focused theme "police/swat" etc. It could then also be used as a PMC addon. I just wanted to get this question of my chest, I am happy with whatever you decide, as long as you continue giving us these great toys to play with :)
  14. ArmaFiend

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    The hot fix has been out. Engine parts and tanks are now spawnable objects and do not spawn with the ship anymore. Ladder scripts have been updated to work better on dedicated server. I have been working on a PVP dedicated server mission to ensure everything works server-side with the mod.
  15. I gotta say this: I wouldn't like it being an Alien-esque Scenario in Vanilla or such. CBRN sounds cooler and more fitting too atleast in my personal opinion. Also, interesting... All hints to a 13:37 release time.
  16. Shame there is no way to get the roadway lod of a model. Theres your navmesh right there. Interesting project though.
  17. Oh wow! Look's like we are messing around with exactly the same problem! Well A.I. movement in general is kind of strange sometimes... I created a test mission with multiple radio triggers which allowed me to on the fly switch / toggle between diffrent move commands and positions with and without enemy(s) diffrent behaviours and formations all this kind of stuff... But still i'm not sure what exactly leads to A.I. not moving sometimes... Looks like environment is a big point! Mountain / Rocky areas are a mess... A.I. really is not able to properly move through those areas... Somehow they always manage to mess up their formation... Most of the time you can get them back to continue moving by using: {_x doMove (getPos _x) } count (units _group); or (units _group) doFollow (leader _group); which i think will make them kind of clean up their formation and continue moving again. But just as you already noticed sometimes they stop moving in the middle of nowhere in flat empty areas... Yes that's really true! Disable A.I. unit(s) "FSM" makes them skip all B.I.S. hardcoded micro A.I. cover search behaviour which leads to much faster A.I. movement in general. About the A.I. not moving problem: Guess if you use _unit disableAI "FSM" somehow makes given A.I. unit(s) stuck at some point of the FSM file which leads to A.I. not moving. You can disable all A.I. unit(s) "FSM" once at start and keep them disabled all the time to prevent A.I. stop moving. Switching it on and off will mess things up! A.I. AWARE vs COMBAT behaviour: A.I. group(s) which use AWARE behaviour will move almost exactly the same as A.I. group(s) with disabled "FSM". Guess you already found a way of how to get them to AWARE even if in combat. {_x disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"} count (units _group); _group setBehaviour "AWARE"; "AUTOCOMBAT" has to be disabled to change A.I. group(s) behaviour to AWARE during combat!
  18. pr9inichek


    May be request help(votes, opinions) through reddit and official discord? Agree with you. Another idea: some sectors randomly empty, without AAF
  19. Larrow

    Repeatable Objectives

    Why? That should not work. The array version of inArea expects the first parameter as a position or object, not a string. Is the marker an area marker? or just an empty? If its not an area marker change the waitUntil condition in the code in the spoiler below to... waitUntil{ //If the task has been set as failed [ "t1" ] call BIS_fnc_taskState == "FAILED" || //Or all units of group _HVT are in marker_63 { units _HVT findIf{ !( _x inArea [ getMarkerPos "marker_63", 8, 8, 0, false, 8 ] ) } isEqualTo -1 } }; Uses inArea ARRAY but passing markers position rather than string name. Sorry my mistake for not spotting that _HVT is a group not a unit
  20. If you do not like the content of a DLC...simply don't buy it. We all love our Arma 3 WWII, Halo and Zombie mods but if the devs try something different it is all evil.....It sometimes seems that Arma community would be happy with only playing cold war crisis and middle east scenarios for the next 25 years....
  21. Cockheaven

    Repeatable Objectives

    @Larrow Your code is incredibly plug and play, thanks for that. I added both of those check to the Capture.SQF and changed the line _HVT inArea "marker_63" to _HVT inArea ["marker_63", 8, 8, 0, false, 8] When I use the code as is (as you prescribed it) it works but it wont detect weather or not _HVT has been brought to the marker, so I considered it needed a search distance (didn't seem to be baked into inArea) so I changed it to the array posted. however when I use this new line I get the error '...] spawn { params[ "_hvt" ]; waitUntil{ |#|_HVT inArea ["marker_63", 8, 8, 0, fals...' Error undefined variable in expression: _hvt I don't get it, do I have to redefine _HVT , if so how do I do that? I don't really know how to reference objects spawned preciously are they stored in the script they are spawned from? do I need to pass them as a variable to other scripts that utilize them? how do I do this? What I don't get is the EH to check if _hvt is alive works, when I shoot _hvt the task fails.... Thanks!
  22. wansec_6


    G'day @Meatball0311 Welcome Back. Looking forward to seeing what you produce.
  23. Let's hope it won't bring aliens or lasers into the game. I'm not against these assets, but this would break Arma series. Chemical or nuclear warfare is better option.
  24. //initServer.sqf TAG_basePos = #;//Your base position TAG_enemySide = east; //? TAG_marker = "someMarkerToMove"; TAG_fnc_findNearestSector = { params[ [ "_current", [] ] ]; //Get a list of all sectors _sectors = BIS_fnc_moduleSector_sectors - [ _current ]; //Get all the sectors that are either uncaptured or belong to the enemy _sectors = _sectors select{ _x getVariable[ "owner", sideUnknown ] in [ sideUnknown, TAG_enemySide ] }; //Set all sectors in the list to [ distance from base, sector ] _sectors = _sectors apply{ [ _x distanceSqr TAG_basePos, _x ] }; //Sort sectors to nearest first _sectors sort true; //Get nearest sector _nearestSector = _sectors select 0 select 1; //Get the nearest sectors trigger( capture area ) _trigger = _nearestSector getVariable "areas" select 0; //Move marker to trigger TAG_marker setMarkerPos getPosATL _trigger; //Store on the sector a reference to... _nearestSector setVariable[ "SEH_ID", //Add a "ownerChanged" SEH( scriptedEventHandler ) to the sector //This is the same as the expression field in the editor [ _nearestSector, "ownerChanged", { params[ "_sector", "_owner" ]; //If the sector is no longer uncaptured or belonging to the enemy if !( _owner in [ sideUnknown, ENEMYSIDE ] ) then { //Remove this SEH [ _sector, "ownerChanged", _sector getVariable "SEH_ID" ] call BIS_fnc_removeScriptedEventHandler; //Find a new sector [ _sector ] call TAG_fnc_findNearestSector; }; }] call BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler ]; }; //Find starting nearest sector [] call TAG_fnc_findNearestSector; Untested. Rewritten it as initServer.sqf I wrote to find the sector module not its capture trigger. Fixed in above code. Done in above code. The expression field is the same as a scripitedEventHandler of "ownerChanged" placed on the sector.
  25. If its aliens, I'll be disappointed... If its not Naval related, I'll be disappointed... If its not ArmA 4 related, I'll be disappointed... The ArmA series is unique in the business of gaming. Its the ONLY one of its kind. If BIS squanders time, money, and resources for anything other than what is missing, or doesn't expand and improve upon the core focus of what has become an epic gift to the mil-sim community, game-dev hobbyist, or passionate simmer...... Well... I'll have some serious doubts about the vision, commitment, and management decisions over at the Bohemia studios.
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