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  2. Thank you for this beauty, Mgs 3 anyone? 😅
  3. pierremgi

    Enhanced Movement

    Setting menu lost... and video link broken.
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  5. CaptainDawson


    Currently on US01e the game is being ruined by another hacker, spawning us in the sky and killing all players at once. Most of our players came from another server, which was also ruined. Many players are new and said this was the first game they had played in Arma. They are now discussing in the voice chat what other game they should go play with each other cause we're all sick of this. One says he's sorry he bought the game, and all I could tell him is to try single player or a private server and give the game another chance. It's pretty obvious at this point that Battleye is kind of useless. The hackers even say this in their screen messages. I think I've about had it with the public servers, I'm going to see if I can get my own server set up with an actual ability to kick hackers so at least some of us can play in peace. I'll link on the thread if I can get it up and running.
  6. ottaviodp

    Combat Den

    The role selection UI is comprised of several scripts and config files. Unfortunately, I don't have the time at the moment to refactor these files into a standalone package. However, it should be possible to just copy these files into a mission. Depending on your level of scripting, you could then tailor them to you're liking. If you're still interested, I can post how to do this. Just let me know.
  7. Well if you can live with that's great, I did mess about for a while but results were sketchy.
  8. Hey man, this script is a MUST HAVE...can'y play without it now. AWESOME job mate!
  9. I created a way to spawn chimney smoke on the CUP maps and for many of the buildings on Altis, Stratis, and Tanoa. http://www.azcoder.com/arma3/fsm_chimney.7z Unzip the package into your mission and call it from init.sqf (or wherever) [player,200,0.80] execVM "fsm_chimney\chimney_init.sqf"; First value is the center and must be an object. You can set it to an object in a town if you don't want it spawning wherever the player goes. Second value is the range to search for appropriate buildings. Third value is optional (default 55%) and is the chance any qualified building will have chimney smoke going. If you want just one particular building to have smoke, you could put down an invisible object right on the building and call it like this: [some_object,20,1] execVM "fsm_chimney\chimney_init.sqf"; 20 is roughly the right number to find just the building you want if the object is right on top of it, and 1 for 100% chance of smoke. Adjust the range as necessary. Feel free to modify this with further buildings if you wish. The CUP buildings ported from Arma 2 have chimneys defined in their model objects so those were easy to activate and is based on the old ALICE module. The Arma 3 buildings do not have chimneys defined and I had to go and test chimney positions for different buildings the hard way. I have not tested this on Malden 2035 and most likely will not work until I get around to adding those buildings. Unfortunately the new Global DLC Weferlingen map does not have chimneys defined either, at least not in a way that I expected, so they do not work. If someone wants to add them, feel free to post the values here. How to add buildings? There is a list that I created in the fsm with each building line by line: ["shop_city_05_f",[10.5,11.2,6.5]] That is the model name and the modelspace position of the chimney. I only added what looked like chimneys, not steam vents. Here are some example images:
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  11. AI units will not throw RGNs as flashbangs unless the eventHandler in CRS is added to them manually, which is a pain in the ass in the current released version. I'm actually working on making it easier and fixing the bugs with the script now.
  12. Firebro113

    Waypoint Condition Not Working

    Ok, thank you, I'll try it.
  13. I was using this on LAN (over net with hamachi) MP, hosting, with Incon's undercover, AIS wounds revive, and NRE earplugs scripts as well as CBA and ALIVE ORBAT creator made units. One enemy group armed only with RGN grenades did manage to cause small amounts of damage to us players and continual hits eventually killed us. I wasn't recording but will if we play again.
  14. CaptainDawson


    LOL I was waiting to see how long it would take for this to come up! Yes it is extremely OP, when your sector is being attacked by enemy tanks you can often literally teleport to right next to the enemy tank and immediately shoot him with 5 Titan missiles. If he kills you, all you have to do is just respawn, regain loadout (50 CP) teleport (50 CP) and appear in a different spot near the enemy again! I even have my launcher equipped and player crouched so I can immediately fire as soon as I appear. Assuming the tank is on thermals (which he usually will be) he can hardly even see you on his scope when you wear thermals. Yes I fully admit I use these kinds of spammy tactics, this one and a lot more others. Why? Because the current layout is conducive to this type of fighting if you want to win. The enemy does spam tactics, and it is often not easy to counter him unless I do the same. Have I mentioned that if a BLUFOR knocks down a specific tree near the OPFOR base, you can gain a tiny sliver of line of sight to snipe from 1800 meters every player in the base, with 1% chance of ever being found? (No I don't do this anymore, except as a counter to OPFOR spawn camping BLUFOR.) Finally someone who agrees with me! I agree with this completely! NW side of Altis would be very interesting for combat, especially since armored vehicles would have a much harder time moving about in the forests and mountains. A whole portion of the map (my favorite portion) has only one capture sector, Oreokastro, and you hardly ever get to capture it! A full vehicle Arsenal to customize your tank for an additional CP cost would be awesome. It would add value and interest to using your own special vehicle and would add some variation to the same few baseline vehicles we always see! I think a VAST IMPROVEMENT could be made to Warlords simply by changing the base locations, even if we kept the sectors in the same places! It doesn't need to be perfectly even and balanced; war is never fair, and the current Warlords balance definitely isn't. Most players who have played for awhile will certainly agree this is a needed change.
  15. You mean like this? https://imgur.com/eXqIpiB & https://imgur.com/Gn75Owc (The textures aren't great but it sure was fun to fly down) There's a lot of good reasons for doing that. Having all fences be intact creates a lot of "dead space" that no one uses to move through because there's no way out. AI can't vault fences. It's difficult to match real world places with intact fences because you only have so many piece types. For example, if you only have a 2m fence piece you can't make a fence that is 11m long in real life.
  16. Beagle


    The problem here by is, there is no real strategy. It is near impossible to get randons player follow a plan more then say: till respawn. You are lucky if you find 2 guys to help you in your "plan". And then when you're there, someone hits "reset sector" because it's more important to capture airbase before Lakka military hill. No, most of the time you see lonewolf Rambos that onyl look like a team because they spawn at the same location. I noticed that particularly on NATO side, any cooperation and battle plannig is poor, very much on EU servers. US servers are a bit better on that part. But i also noticed I now rely a lot on teleprt tactics.... teleport with Stealth suit and a Bergen full of Titan AT (5) to AO or a high terrain point, teleport back to rearm, rinse and repeat till tankers leave the game, capture. I think the teleport thingie is too easy andarcade for a battlefield simulation, it should really have a cooldown of a few minutes as long as you're alive and don't have to respawn. Because right now, Teleport itself is a weapon. You litterally wear of an defender witch respawn waves, not with actual combat tactics or conceted actions. What dos he do? He retreats 20 meters out of the border, digs in, waits and recaps when the circus has left the town. Ben there, done that, ad nauseum till the CP counter shows 13500. Oh and by the way... it's really much easier to win on OFOPR side. Better armour, better airpower, better positions on the map from the Start. The mission could really use some randomization!. Why not switch or simply mirror starting positions randomly. Also, the Altis north west hill area rarely sees PvP ground combat depite the fact that those hills make things really different. And last but not least a feature request, would it be possible to use the garage, to customize vehicles the way it is done for the arsenal? Mainly asking for camo nets, slat cages and alternate paint.
  17. Vietnam '69 Take up the role as a Platoon Leader sent on a dangerous and suicidal mission to assault and secure an enemy stronghold hidden deep within the dense Vietnamese jungle. Find the mission here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1745397844 CREDITS: - Big thanks to the UNSUNG MOD Team. - Thank you to the CBA Devs. - Music clips sampled are by Jimi Hendrix. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. - Thank you to everyone who has helped me learn throughout the years. - Big thanks to BI. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
  18. CaptainDawson


    That's the thing. When it comes down to it, there is no different route to try. Ultimately you have to go through Anthrakia, and until you arrive there the only choice is which green sectors you want to cap first. Any strategy you use will only speed up or slow down how quickly you arrive at the stalemate. Only exception is when one team is significantly worse than the other, in which case the better team can push past Anthrakia before the enemy arrives. The strategy of Whack-A-Mole I agree is a bad and ridiculous strategy. But it is inevitably what ends up happening on both teams once the players start leaving. Why would they fight 10 enemies in one sector, when they can simply drive to an undefended sector and cap it uncontested? Most players don't play the entire match, and most players don't want to join a stalemated match when they could join a server that has just restarted. I'd love to play the smaller maps, but as I've browsed the server list lately, it has been very unusual for me to find a non-Altis Warlords server with more than a few players. I'm not calling for the rules themselves to be changed on Altis, I just have the opinion that alternating the base locations could add some variability and more interesting gameplay than in the current meta.
  19. RozekPoland

    OFP videography

  20. Jezuro


    If there's a stalemate, I'd suggest resetting sector vote and trying a different route. If a strategy always leads to a stalemate I'd go as far as calling it a bad strategy. You want to change the rules to mix up tactics and at the same time you're saying these tactics don't work. Why use them at all then? To be honest I'm fine with Altis scenario taking such a long time to finish. The map is huge and it takes time to push through it. If you want shorter scenarios then by all means play some other maps as well.
  21. Alright, I changed it. Here is an update:
  22. CaptainDawson


    I completely agree with what @Beagle and @pr9inichek, and @crs24 are saying. @Beagle your observations on server performance are accurate in my opinion. Whack-A-Mole theory case in point: The other day I personally flipped a Warlords match for Blufor when Opfor was already as far as AAC Airfield. Opfor had the advantage in players numbers. I simply snuck through their air defense in a MH-9 and backcapped Anthrakia without any contact with the enemy (Besides dodging Nephrons). I then proceeded to backcap over 12 sectors from Poliakko to as far as Paros, using a spam of sector scans to determine which sector did not have any enemies in it! After capping each sector, I immediately left before the enemy could find me. Eventually, Opfor's teleport to the West side of Altis was completely cut off. I convinced my teammates to use the same tactic as I had been using, and we split up and played "Whack-a-mole" as Beagle was talking about. The map of Altis is MASSIVE. Even with 64 players AND their AI subordinates, there is NO WAY any team can cover enough ground to realistically attack and defend all those sectors. The scenario is an awesome idea and I love it, but it is just too big and has too many units involved to work smoothly in the current state of things. We need a way to break the inevitable stalemate at Anthrakia. It seems nearly EVERY match I join, it is nighttime and both teams are locked on or near Anthrakia. Honestly when I see that I almost always just disconnect, the same situation and repetitive tactics every game has made it become stale and boring. Most players I have discussed this with in the game voice channel agree that it's becoming very annoying at best. Once again I make my suggestion: RANDOMIZE the base start locations, and make alternative sector locations and sector costs. We need to force players to think about their strategy, instead of one experienced player just having to yell "VOTE ANTHRAKIA" every time. Nerf the overpowered tactics by discouraging the use of the same tactic over and over again. Not by simply increasing the cost every time we decide a vehicle/SAM is overpowered. Consider pr9inichek's recommendations!
  23. crs24


    I’ve suggested this before, and I think that instead of the current situation with sectors controlled by one team and locked to the other that when captured by the enemy team they remain forever unlocked for both teams to play whack a mole over, the captured sectors that are unlocked for both teams when not being a targeted sector should return to locked status for the team not controlling the sector if the other nearby sectors are also captured by this sectors controlling team and there’s no enemy sectors nearby so theres a limit to how many sectors 1 person can just drive a quad bike to or send a single ai to take by themselves. At the very least i think it should always take 2 people or ai squad members or some other minimum being there before your able to start taking an empty sector with no one else there.
  24. BIS use vehicle in a odd way it returns what vehicle the unit is in or the unit if it's on foot. so _deadguy in a chopper named heli would look like this hint str (vehicle _deadguy ) ;// would return heli name you can also use if (vehicle _deadguy == _deadguy) then {hint "deadguy not in vehicle}; or if (vehicle _deadguy != _deadguy) then {hint "deadguy is in a vehicle} or if (Vehicle _deadguy isKindOf "Air" or Vehicle _deadguy isKindOf "LandVehicle" ) exitWith {};  I did miss read you post a little, _deadguy isKindOf "Air" ect are not needed .
  25. subs17

    [MP][CTI-COOP] EvorA

    Thank you.
  26. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    Therion are considered to be the pioneers of symphonic metal... a cover version by Rhantiel. Band Name: Therion cover by Rhantiel Title: Midgard Country: Sweden (Rhantiel from Argentina) Therion goes classic live... Band Name: Therion / czech composer Antonín Dvořák Title: Symphony No. 9 Country: Sweden You definitively want more speed....oh yeah 1:21-1:44 is cool, isnt it Band Name: Therion Title: Voyage of Gurdjieff Country: Sweden
  27. Mhh .. what I forgot to mention is that the helicopter vanished too. So basically I could change this line: if (_deadguy isKindOf "LandVehicle" OR _deadguy isKindOf "Air") exitWith {}; to this: if (vehicle _deadguy isKindOf "Air" OR _deadguy isKindOf "LandVehicle" OR _deadguy isKindOf "Air") exitWith {}; Is '_deadguy isKindOf "Air"' still needed in this case?
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