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  2. goombz

    Stamina Draining

    Upon starting the encounter, my stamina cap begins to lower until halfway; similar to radiation damage with the zig-zag pattern.
  3. I think ACE3 has one, configurable via a nifty CBA interface . https://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/viewdistance.html
  4. Robby Lee

    Update 1.1 Bridges - Changelog

    Pyrit when can we expect the next round of changes to appear? Will they come on a monthly basis as they have in the past? So -- November maybe will be our next change?
  5. killzone_kid

    Spawn units when player near markers

    if (allPlayers findIf {_x distance2D _markerPos < 350} > -1) exitWith {
  6. Livonia buildings incoming?
  7. LSValmont


    Thank you Haleks! Neat fixes and features. May I ask for the possibility in the future for a module option to choose between: - Any dead Ai has a chance to resurrects as zombies. - Only dead Ai killed by zombies are eligible to resurrect as zombies. Right now I believe if you have the setting on then any dead Ai can raise as zombie and that is the only option.
  8. // just the player ~ behind wherever he is facing. _pos = _player getpos [_distance, (getDir player) + 180]; // just the player ~ in the direction away from the center _pos = _player getpos [_distance,_pos getDir _player]; In either case you will also need to update the follow line to remove the getPos. // notice the removed 'getpos' private _group = [_pos,EAST,6] call bis_fnc_spawnGroup;
  9. Thank you! I tried taking code from there but couldn't replicate the effect using the debug console ­čś×
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  11. Robustcolor

    Spawn ai behind selected player

    Thank you @MechSlayer
  12. Awesome work @nkenny One question, How would this code look like if i don't want to spawn them in buildings but just behind the selected player? _pos = nearestBuilding (_player getpos [_distance, (getDir player) + 180] );
  13. Hey ITC team, thank you so much for the awesome thrilling content you've added to the game! Just a small issue, do you think you could update / correct the little descriptions in the 3den editor pylon menu? Would save us (/me) alot of wikipedia and handbook browsing to find out what kind of weapon I'm looking at. picure of what I'm on about: https://imgur.com/a/AYCImiA Thanks alot guys! Keep it up!
  14. Airfields of the US Army in the Pacific Ocean theatre of World War II Mod: Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack, Faces of war, POLPOX's Artwork Supporter
  15. MechSlayer

    Spawn ai behind selected player

    To get the players you can use _playercount = playableUnits select {_x distance getMarkerPos "Marker1" < 200 && isPlayer _x} For a random unit just use _unit = selectRandom _playercount To spawn the unit behind just change _unit getpos [250,random 50] to _unit getpos [-250,random 50] Or if you want a random distance: _unit getPos [random[-40, -100, -250], random 50] (-40 is the minimum distance, -100 the mid distance and -250 the maximum distance) If you ONLY need to wait, remove the sleep from waitUntil.
  16. Could i get an example how the findif should be done in this? if´╗┐ ({(_x dista´╗┐nce2d getMarkerpos _mark´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐er < 350)} count allP´╗┐layers > 0) exitWith {
  17. So basically almost like debug console?
  18. Yonif

    About ARMA 3 'win' ending

    The answer is Apex Protocol.
  19. chernaruski

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    Using JSRS myself here, haven't heard any problems with the sounds. You can always load it up yourself and test & if you happen to find any let me know.
  20. Any idea if those amazing new sounds are going to conflict with players running JSRS?
  21. chernaruski

    infiSTAR_defines.hpp error

    Check if the file in your mission pbo, along with mission.sqm and rest of potatoes. You can always ask for infistar related help at their discord https://discord.gg/jg8zVFF
  22. @Robustcolor Code example Function use The nk_fnc_unitSpawn function accepts three arguments 0 : Position of unit spawn 1: Range within which players will trigger script, default is 250 meters (optional) 2: Distance which the enemy group will be spawned, default is 600 meters (optional) On running the function will consider one position. The position may be an ARRAY, a MARKER or OBJECT. It will then check among all players to see if any one of these is within RANGE meters (default 250). If present, it will pick a random one of the players. Behind one randomly selected player, the script will pick one position DISTANCE meters (default 600) away. It will then pick the nearest building and use that as a spawning point. The spawned unit will be given the taskRush mission. example use: ["marker1"] call nk_fnc_unitSpawn ; [ObjectiveTank, 500, 1000] call nk_fnc_unitSpawn; Homework: Firstly, these scripts are written offhand while at work. There is probably an error somewhere. Secondly, why not try to convert the in-file function to one that is preprocessed like fn_taskRush.sqf. :)
  23. Art is a way to express yourself, show your tastes and demonstrate a magnificent vision of the world! But what if the end of inspiration for new ideas? I also asked this question until I found a wonderful site Texelprintstore. I ordered a multi panel wall art and it brought me back to life! Now every day a bright head and pure thoughts. This is a special place, a storehouse for new ideas. Everyone needs something special)
  24. its just a quick example , to understand the point
  25. Agree with you @chernaruski. But don't forget: your script is just made for one marker
  26. Ok. Sounds probable. LetÔÇÖs hope it is an easy fix.
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