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  2. I'm trying to get the variable names so I can attach the freedom parts to another object.
  3. The NVA never used T-62s, only T-34s, T-54/55s and T72s. The Leopard 1A5 was introduced in 1986 AFAIK.
  4. Hi, first im sorry, i know that this question was answered to Zagor but for using Feral Dog Packs only (i dont want to start my mission with a dog ) , how exactly the .init file must be edit. I have to put only this code bellow and delete all the codes of the .init or i have to add this at some parts of the .init (what parts should i kept) // ************************** // Create game logic used by JBOY_AIFightsDogs.sqf to force AI to fire weapon ************************************************************************** JBOYDogLogicCenter = createCenter sideLogic; JBOYDogLogicGroup = createGroup JBOYDogLogicCenter; JBOYDogGameLogic = JBOYDogLogicGroup createUnit ["Logic", [0,0,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; Thanks.
  5. MuRaZorWitchKING


    Did you put a magazine classname inside one of the arrays? I believe the equipment module only asks for weapon types and not magazines, though I’m unsure... Could be wrong, just my guess?
  6. Dedmen

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    WIP pictures? BI is in close contact during the development anyway.
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  8. MuRaZorWitchKING


    This is why when I play Ravage I use the “Save and exit” saving feature only, that way if I die I die, better luck next round, It’s loads more immersive if you push yourself knowing you only have 1 life. What’s the fun continuously reloading a save before a bandit confrontation because you keep dying? It also promotes better situational awareness. And you almost start to sweat when bandits enter the building they last saw you in (that you’re still hiding in ).
  9. ballistic09

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    As if they don't already? No, absolutely not. The lead functionality on the vanilla FCS is not only entirely fictional, it's also fucking awful to use... For most moving targets, you have to spam the lase key because it takes a not so insignificant amount of time for the vanilla FCS to lay the elevation and lead, and any minute change in target speed or direction during that time causes the lead calculation to become inaccurate. In real life (and in RHS tanks), tanks have inertial lead where the turret/cannon direction moves independently of the sight direction, and lead is calculated continuously based on the lased range and speed at which the sight is turning as it tracks a target. No need to constantly spam the lase to get updated lead calculations, it all happens automatically as you keep the reticle on target. It takes some getting used to, but once you understand how it works, it's vastly superior to the flaming pile of poo that is the vanilla FCS lead...
  10. ArteyFlow


    Am I the only one experiencing this error: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1720568856? I've been getting this error nonstop at the start of my missions, and I think it's related to the "Equipment Pool" module. Thing is, I'm almost 100% sure that I typed all the weapon class-names correctly, etc. Very weird.
  11. the_one_and_only_Venator

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany

    I'm not sure wether the NVA ever used T-62s. I am however pretty sure that the Leo 1A5 came in the 90s.
  12. haleks


    The first proposition could lead to exploits, so I'll probably stick to "one life, one character" like it's done in Dayz. I've been thinking about potential cheats with the manual save method, and there's a lot of stuff we need to prevent, like people reloading after a gunfight to retrieve their ammo or to cancel recently taken damage. I feel like saving after the following actions would solve most of them : fired, take, put, InventoryClosed, GetOutMan. Those are event handlers, and are pretty easy to work with if we want to save when important player-related changes happen. I'm not sure yet how I'm going to handle health-related events, and there's a lot of other exploits I haven't thought about yet... So far I'm thinking it would be best to overhaul the "auto" save option before adding a manual save option : the work needed for the manual route could benefit the auto save a lot anyway. I reckon Arma 3 provides enough event handlers to ditch the constant save & write process; I might even be able to do that without breaking previously saved characters.
  13. General Kong

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    This looks very interesting, I hope you will consider a Steam Workshop release soon, although I will understand if you wish to wait
  14. tortuosit


    But how do you mean that... You want to live in my small house I worked hard for? Did you deserve it? Or did I? Germans completely forgot about the concept of Eigenverantwortung (being respsonsible for yourself). It's state of the art technique here to search for someone else to be responsibly for your own misery. Täter/Opfer, there is no middle ground. #end/rant. It's what sucks for me in Germany. Didn't want to attack you. Your offer is generous and honorable.
  15. i guess op wants to get the class names but not the variable names...
  16. If you're concerned about getting too modern, you don't necessarily have to go straight to Leo 2. You could bring in some Soviet intermediate tanks like the T-62, or improved models like the T-55AM and Leopard 1A4/1A5.
  17. Seems like the best place to post this... Place any unit equipped with any handgun. With handgun lowered, crouched and walking at limited speed there is no movement sounds, raise weapon and movement sounds return. Happens on all vanilla terrains, even the VR map. Not sure if this is intended or a bug, just seems weird to me.
  18. Tobur

    [MP CO15 Campaign] Wolfpack Vol. 1

    Hi, how can I enable the optional mods? Thought I can switch them on in one of the setup files but I can't find a description in the read me
  19. Emanuele Lazzaro

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    Hunted mission I know is not the same UH60 but Arma give me that =D
  20. Yes, detection is for side, not for having weapons or not. There are also commands for that: hasWeapon, primaryWeapon... You can play also with knowsAbout and reveal. Mind for all syntax! Good search.
  21. Emanuele Lazzaro

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    The mission Charlie Don't Surf TV station I also added IAs, when going by helicopter, which have RP7s that they will use to pull down USMC helicopters In the area where you can play you will always hear the Al-Asad record from citizens' radios placed
  22. zagor64bz

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    Yeah man, It's gonna be lots of work but I see you're already on the right mind.set to succeed. As far as the ship..I'm already impress.Cant wait to see where your're going with it. Great job fratello.
  23. Emanuele Lazzaro

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    Other Screen of WAR PIG mission
  24. Is it possible to add an action from an equipable item, (In my case, a certain backpack) to appear when the item is eqquiped?
  25. Emanuele Lazzaro

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    Hi @zagor64bz Thanks for your feedback For now, the players who have been able to watch my zeus play have praised me for this project I am not proud of it but rather I am proud to have brought back a little bit of this beautiful campaign on Arma 3 However using Ts3 I use the SoundBoard and start the official tracks of the game. For example sentences / music etc. As I wrote above I'm working on the ship's interiors but obviously there won't be all the effects of the original game (ship wreck)
  26. The buildings are fully enterable but without furniture. This is due to concern for performance within settlements and to not lock mission designers in. However, we do have a fairly neat selection of furniture included should you want to design a neat base, hideout or target objective.
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