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  2. The difference in steering behaviour in different control commands has been the case since the alpha, up to at least 1.90. It's a game principle - that has been become a problem with the commander control.
  3. Here are alternatives you can use, these are programs that you and your friend download, setup and basically it will allow either of you to connect to each other's game through lan, it basically creates a network that you can join, you dont need to worry about ports, program does it for you. I would have added Tunngle to the list but it cant be found anymore something i used myself for a little bit before i rented a gameserver. Hamachi - https://www.vpn.net/ Gameranger - https://www.gameranger.com/download/ Evolve - https://www.evolvehq.com/ Netovernet - https://www.netovernet.com/ Freelan - http://www.freelan.org/ Wippien - http://www.wippien.com/ Zerotier - https://www.zerotier.com As for port forwarding if you prefer to do that then heres a video tutorial on how to do it: Written Port Forwarding Guides: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server#Port_Forwarding https://portforward.com/arma-3/ https://armaguides.com/2018/05/31/how-to-port-forward-an-arma-3-server/ http://damteam.proboards.com/thread/974/host-dedicated-personal-arma-server https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/35220315821643648/ Hope that helps.
  4. Yeah, the RSO building pack is almost 90% done, only tiny glitches regarding doors animation, but other tasks could make the project duration even longer. For BOF, I have not touched it for a while though, there's a big possibility it could become another dead project, hopefully not in this life :) below is the latest image was taken several days ago, comparing it with the real-life location. the map is ready as terrain, the only problem is now placing objects (the other houses, street, light, etc.), which is really would take a lot from my time. Hope I can just release the early alpha this year (possible, but unlikely)
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  6. Askeland Infantry hold a small checkpoint, while an IDAP convoy approaches. Addons: Project True Viking, Direones Animations, Polpox's Artwork Supporter, Vidda
  7. Thank you @phronk. I was inspired by the Line of Sight tool in Steel Division. It's very cool. I'll keep tweaking it to see it I can come up with a faster method or visually more appealing. I would like to be able to create 'blobs' with smooth filled curves but I notice you can't fill a drawPolygon so it's triangles or similar it seems. Unless anyone has any ideas how to do that, I would be interested.
  8. I tried different options. I tried to assign other control keys. The result is one, in the chat and the sound of the command of the commander are reproduced correctly, there is no driver action on the commands of the commander. If you sit down as a tank driver and return to the commander’s position, the driver will carry out the commands of the commander. If you press any key to control the vehicle from the commander, the driver will stop executing the commands of the commander.
  9. Tankbuster

    SQFLint for Visual Studio Code

    I've recently moved to VSC and this has already saved my arse more than once 🙂 A question, perhaps more to follow It's highlighting global and public variables with a green underline. I assume this means the extension giving a warning?
  10. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Updated to 1.1.4 (Release Candidate 1) Applying bug fixes and tweaks to the 1.1.4 build. When it is polished we will release as 1.1.5. - [TWEAKED] Role selection pause menu button now hidden when disabled in parameters. - [TWEAKED] OPFOR slots hidden when not available, by default. - [TWEAKED] Role menu player list shows all players now, instead of only those in the selected faction. - [TWEAKED] Added a "Close" button to Role menu. - [TWEAKED] OPFOR players have Role menu access when respawning. - [FIXED] 1.1.4 patch broke the ability to respawn at FOB instead of base. - [FIXED] Script error related to vehicle access and use of the new # command.
  11. I tried everything... they are independants units spawning onto independant sector. I syncronized them with sector, i used "Move to" but they dont move. I activated AIs on global map, nothing changed. I syncronized them with intervention points but dont spawn at all. The only working enemies, is spawned enemies by zone ... The only thing is working is that they are spawning lel...
  12. Feedback for the previews should be posted on GitHub as comment in the dev blogs.
  13. All this time I thought I was doing something wrong... 🙄 I did some testing and found a temporary fix: replace every classname you want to omit with one of an attachment that doesn't fit in that slot. Don't want a suppressor? --> "optic_Aco" Don't want a side attachment? --> "optic_Aco" Don't want an optic? --> "acc_pointer_IR" etc. For magazines, it's a little harder, especially if you only want a secondary magazine (e.g. HE rounds for a UGL), as leaving the classname empty yields this familiar error: Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMagazines.'. For now, my workaround is to default the classname to "CA_Magazine", which still adds a magazine to your weapon (the command seems to bypass the weapon/muzzle's "magazines[]" property), but at least it doesn't switch you to the launcher animation when you select it (plus it has no icon, text or even ammo, making for an ideal dummy magazine).
  14. FallujahMedic -FM-

    SEAL Team 10 [ST10]

    Posts to this thread are not being approved for the following reasons. Previous replies had been approved due to an oversight.
  15. whiteface73


    If using a tents-as-saving-points system,... - a player should have an option to load his personal data (addAction, removed after use) manually. So he could continue his game or (without loading) start over again. - a player should have an option to save his game at fixed ingame locations, so he could at least save his loadout, even if he has no tent. - a player‘s personal data should (at respawn location with respawn loadout) be automatically saved when being killed to avoid cheating. - a tent should save (manually) its own inventory and location and the specific player‘s personal data to avoid cheating (doubling items.) These were the points I was thinking about, when pondering about a player + vehicle saving system.
  16. Was just looking for a carrier lite template for retexturing .psd preferred.
  17. Congratulations on the upcoming release, and thanks for all the hard work you've obviously put into this project. As someone who's been playing since the OFP demo first appeared on the PC Gamer Mag demo disc, this is the kind of content I've been dying to see in ArmA 3. We've all enjoyed the mods and OFP remakes over the years but ArmA 3 really hasn't had a dedicated Cold War Era mod associated with it until now. Let's hope people get behind it and you can continue to produce more vehicles, scenarios and content in the future.
  18. In my opinion hints should be a last resort as so many scripts use them. Is it a viable option to have a fake LED on the radio interface that acts as the "Transmitting" light (long-range radio could have something on the LCD screen)? Or possibly a fake switch/button that gets pushed in whenever you're transmitting? Possibly not viable but I'm just trying to think of options. Also, does this mean you plan to readd the Support Channel becoming available for gunners, commanders etc.? If I may, could I request this feature be optional? Kind of removes the point of my 'Artillery & Pilots only' script. The way our missions play out I'd rather not have every tank able to have access to the Support channel. I think the only use our group has for the Global Channel is communicating with Zeus when he's changed sides. We usually do it over Discord, but sometimes its nicer to do it in-game (I know AFAR doesn't support Zeus yet). As such I'm content with losing access to that. I think the only other thing I can think of to mention is that it would be useful if we had a classname array we could add radios from mods to (like Radio Backpacks = long-range radio access; ACE radio; etc.). Probably not important at this point but something to think about. Anyway, don't rush the release!
  19. Description This was developed for one of my ARMA2 missions SEA, AIR, and LAND. I made a template with minimal mods for mission makers to be able to drop this in quickly. Features: Boat launch - Ability to launch a zodiac out before you jump. To disable just delete the boat from the mission. Recommended use is when all players are ready to jump, release and jump after it. I attached an IR strobe for night ops to make it easier to find and put a line in the script to switch out for a smoke on day time ops. IR strobe will delete once players enter the vehicle. Red light/Green light to simulate signal to jump - The template is set to 10 seconds when doors will open and green light to jump goes off. This can be changed via the trigger. To start with the doors open, copy the relevant code from the trigger into the init of the plane. ACE Arsenal Box in back for players to load gear - this is optional, completely up to mission makers to decide loadouts. Mods: ACE and CUP (there is an ace only version), working on a no mods version Credits Sarge660 for his youtube video/tutorial to refresh my memory. Known Issues Players/AI will sometimes start prone. This tends to have no negative effect. Players/AI will sometimes go into HALO animation in plane. Usually you recover and can run out again in a few seconds. Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/noukbxuzm2xr0fp/Halo_Template.7z?dl=0
  20. Hi there, I am Captain Diaz with the 82nd Airborne Milsim - We are looking for a MAP Developer to assist us in making a rifle qualification range using something like Moss Targets (or something of that nature) for our Rifle Qualifications. If you are knowledgeable in this area, Please reply below with some guidance or find me on Discord. Wyatt#6134 https://discord.gg/nRHPQ3n
  21. The problem is I don’t know how to do any of that lol I’ll try my best
  22. I'm pretty sure scripted chat commands will still go through, despite the channel they're being sent through is disabled. As far as I understand, it just disables your player unit from being able to type or use pushToTalk / VoiceOverNet. If I'm wrong, I'll look into it. One of the reasons why I made AFAR was because every public server I have ever played on has a bunch of morons flooding comms on either Global or Side chat. This will help filter the banter or at least that's the goal, while "enhancing" immersion. Enabling Side or Global on any server always inevitably results in everyone creating their own solo Rambo group and then talking on Side. I'm not interested in appeasing that crowd. As far as being able to communicate with your side members outside of your group, that's what Command and Support channels are for. And to clarify about my above post, Vehicle channel is enabled by default, I was just showing how you could dynamically change the variable/setting (must be done globally via debug window or remoteExec). To recap the channels: Direct Channel: The only channel, aside from Spectator, which doesn't require a radio to talk in. Projects voice in 3D proximity of your character, unless you are dead, isObjectHidden, or isNull (Hasn't spawned yet), or if you're underwater without a rebreather. Command Channel: If you're the leader of your group, you get access to Command channel to speak with other leaders. May make it so that at least 1 other player has to be in your group to get access to Command net, since you can technically just form your own group and magically get access to Command channel. Group Channel: Allows you to communicate with everyone in your group. Vehicle Channel: Allows you speak with everyone in your vehicle. Support Channel: Allows any player with Bob setUnitTrait ["RTO" , TRUE , TRUE ]; to communicate with others who have access to the Support channel, including pilots, copilots, gunners, commanders, and sometimes drivers, as long as they are in the right seat of the vehicle and vehicle type. Spectator Channel: If the Arma 3 Spectator revive respawn template is set in the mission, dead players can only talk in the Spectator channel until they respawn. [EDIT] Someone brought it to my attention that they feel the "Transmitting...", "----------------", and "^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^" hints when transmitting could interfere with certain missions which display critical objective info via hints, such as side missions. Should this become an optional feature or removed entirely?
  23. pierremgi

    Static drop on map click

    Did you search for HALO jump? It seems to me this topic is often discussed.
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  25. I would second Steam and a mirror download. Mirror downloads are useful for people running dedicated servers.
  26. I'm having difficulty finding the variable names of the USS Liberty parts. I'm trying to attach all the parts to another object, but I cannot find the names of the components of the liberty. How could I find the variable names? I found the class names though: Land_Destroyer_01_Boat_Rack_01_Base_F Land_Destroyer_01_Boat_Rack_01_F Land_Destroyer_01_hull_01_F Land_Destroyer_01_hull_02_F Land_Destroyer_01_hull_03_F Land_Destroyer_01_hull_04_F Land_Destroyer_01_hull_05_F Land_Destroyer_01_hull_base_F Land_Destroyer_01_interior_02_F Land_Destroyer_01_interior_03_F Land_Destroyer_01_interior_04_F
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