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  2. Guys! Thanks a lot for the hard work! The long waiting paid off big time! I have a problem though, if you can help it'll be great: JDAM does not hit the targets (tried the 31, 38 JDAM). I mark a target, click on it so it will turn red as in the tutorial, but JDAM does not hit the target (not even close..just drops to the ground). Any help? Tried with the A10 and F35
  3. dave_beastttt

    Jetpack v1

    There's a bug with the jetpack, an action allows you to get in gunner position, which renders you invisible To fix, in the vehicle spawn init, add _vehicle lockTurret [[0],true];
  4. Pinguim Weed

    Changelog 1.1.46453

    🔥🔥... SERVIDOR BR..
  5. Thank you, exactly what I needed!
  6. Dedmen

    Broken crafting after update XBL

    I just went to devs forum profile and took the first thing 😄 But yeah.. They were active months back, but nowadays its kinda dead. Maybe I'm not looking at the right devs.
  7. Civilian5902

    Changelog 1.1.46453

    Hi Pyrit, what about the possibility to start a weapon craft and leave the game without losing both weapon and materials ? I didnt play since few days so Im not sure, is this still an issue ?
  8. TuRb0235

    Broken crafting after update XBL

    Got me 😉 But it's kinda significant that you had to go back 4 months to find a devs post, isn't it?
  9. lol, missed reading that 😄 Thanks @Dedmen
  10. Today
  11. This should have been easy to find but strangely I could not find anything. What I would like is to make the windows of a building break at a specific time. We are not talking about a vanilla building but for a building located at the Lythium map. Think it is a Jbad building too. And if possible have them break with the needed sound. If the later is not possible I will just play a sound for the players.
  12. So how would the code look like for it to work on a dedicated server?
  13. JohnKalo

    Unit Init Global?

    @pierremgi @killzone_kid Thanks guys! So judging from the above in the init field of the units I place: if (isServer) then {[this,"enemy"] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia}; That way it will run once even if it is in the init field of the units. It is an image located in the mission folder. Enemy is just the name given in the description.txt.
  14. These are all CfgAISkill properties https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_AI_Skill Can be configured in your servers difficulty profile https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.armaprofile See example bottom of the page. Or via scripting, which I guess is what VCOM does after reading the userconfig? If these are not exposed in the CBA settings (I see no reason not to) then I guess you might still need the userconfig.
  15. Don't have to be, but can be. But still you are executing for all playableUnits. And each player is local to the players computer. So if you run the script on your computer, it will work for your player but not for anyone else. The working code is similar yes. No, and you usually don't remoteExec a sqf file. Yes. But you already have that code. A forEach over all players. {_x playAction "PlayerProne"; [_x, 0.8, "leg_r", "bullet"] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit;} forEach playableUnits; That's your code. Both playAction, and the ace function need _x to be local to where the script is executed. You want to execute it for every player, but every player has a different locality, so you need to use remoteExec to send it to each of them specifically. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/remoteExec RemoteExec takes parameters, the command/function name and the targets. So you want to execute playAction, on _x with arguments _x and "PlayerProne" so you now have your arguments, the command name, and the target. Now we put that together into a remoteExec [_x, "PlayerProne"] remoteExec ["playAction", _x] This will execute the playAction on _x's computer, making it be local to him. Same for the ACE function. [_x, 0.8, "leg_r", "bullet"] remoteExec ["ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit", _x] Now you want both: [_x, "PlayerProne"] remoteExec ["playAction", _x]; [_x, 0.8, "leg_r", "bullet"] remoteExec ["ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit", _x]; to be executed for each { [_x, "PlayerProne"] remoteExec ["playAction", _x]; [_x, 0.8, "leg_r", "bullet"] remoteExec ["ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit", _x]; } forEach player { [_x, "PlayerProne"] remoteExec ["playAction", _x]; [_x, 0.8, "leg_r", "bullet"] remoteExec ["ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit", _x]; } forEach allPlayers; Sorry that I'm a bit aggravated over you breaking the forum rules despite having recently gotten a warning which told you to read the rules, which you apparently haven't done or have already forgotten.
  16. JohnKalo

    Mid-Air Collision

    Thank you so much! I placed the code in the initPlayerLocal.sqf and it worked nicely. Only thing I had to change was the placement of the boat. When horizontal to the ground it would not be a big enough target for the missiles. Oh and the last } was not needed, for anyone else who will use the above.
  17. emkill

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    For the next ArmA I sugest this as a trailer refference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzvrpXuHCtw THIS, its epic
  18. How often do you want me to repeat the same answer to the same question. A dedicated server is not a players machine. And the script there contains "player" thus, player is not valid, thus no it doesn't work.
  19. Tarkov97

    Ideias de mudanças

    Good Morning! After playing a lot of vigor, see the most accurate game, to keep the game online, below are my suggestions: 1st Control: literally, there is no function in the game, you only need the creation table, generator and wind turbine; this if the player likes to "create" their weapons. What could be improved could also have a more useful function. 2 ° Why not a skill tree? If no game or player is a gun face, he calls every time he goes down a mountain to get "SUPPLIES" something that doesn't happen, because only the PVP rolls, so each time you go down something you can do for example; Greater stability at aim time (no air interruption), longer breathless time, more power to carry more supplies without tired smp, firing accuracy (as it kills), sharper listening, etc ... 3 ° Equip and disassemble weapons; The game already delivers a ready-to-use weapon, because no new items are added, you can also collect sights, barrels, sight lasers, fists, silencers, longer or faster combs (this can be done as loose ammunition in the backpack, and obligatory or player to carry the loader and if the ammo runs out and he finds more loading options that are not loaded), of course each weapon will be a lower or higher recoil as used. 4 ° Bots in the matches, the game is already very exciting and without challenge, because you enter the lottery and the camper or the safe, antenna or fall, with the bots (difficult, similar to players), besides having their weapons and some serve in the backpack, would set fire or PVP since it would not know who is bot and who is player, making the objectives of the game difficult. 5th Quests: The game must be executed in more detail within the game in addition to the reward for showing off and you will release items for the weapons. 6th a market, in addition to the player would trade for other items, make them feel allotment. 7th backpack with more or less space, all depending on her level of rarity. 8 ° above character level, each level above is upgraded from items cited in (second idea). These are my tips for the game and would attract a lot of players, since nowadays almost nobody wants to get into a match and after that aim and shoot. thankful Att, Tarkov 97
  20. A bug in Chernarus Winter: a floating building in Khelm
  21. @Devastator_cm While not a priority, we will look into ZEUS support in the future. Specifically via theeasily expanded ZEN mod interface. @Sammael While much of this is governed by cfgWeapons which remains untouched by the mod, there are elements of this in the new leadership manoevure parameters. I am not entirely happy with how suppression works at the moment. Generally it is a good idea, but difficult to automate in a way which is universally applicable-- ie, read by AI. Scripts and modules like the ACE suppression module are very good alternatives. @Antagon Wystrel Ehh. The mod is fully ACRE compatible at the moment, given that AI do not use radios. ;) -k
  22. Air to air refueling tutorial is up:
  23. The Real Bunc

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    I am just using it in SP just now. I have it working using the @TCL entry in the mod line on the parameters page. I've run the examples and they worked fine. I was puzzled initially why it wasn't showing up in the mod list though. Its not a great problem though as I've now got it running and I'm seeing impressive differences in the ways the AI react.
  24. fn_Quiksilver

    Apex Framework

    Is this related to side mission reward vehicles, or all vehicles? If just the reward vehicles, then its a known issue
  25. killzone_kid

    Spawn units when player near markers

    No, player is null on dedi
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