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  2. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Just had a thought: EpeContact eventhandler. Supposedly, this event detects collisions between 2 objects. If this idea works, then we can add an event handler to all AI units and zeds. When this event fires, we check if 2nd object is an enemy, and if so call my script. That would eliminate the need to monitor AI closeness via a script. Hope to try this out tonight or tomorrow. It might not work if units refuse to fire on each other when not close enough to fire a collision event. We can hope though...
  3. I would like to create a Startscreen with black background like this: Mission Name //text given by first variable Made by Me //text given by second variable But I am not able to create two titletexts at the same time. So i tried to use titletext with structured text: titleText [_var1 <br/>_var2,"PLAIN",-1,false,true]; //not working Any Ideas?
  4. Yeah and that is good for optimization but in my scenario there are several groups of players all over the map so I cannot have just a bunch of them spawn enemy patrols while the rest of players elsewhere waits for them to step out of their markers so other markers can spawn enemies. Your loop is great when you are forcing players to stay together rather than the open world scenario I am doing. Also I've set up a very strong cache/dynamic simulation for ai units so as soon as players get far from a spawned enemy patrol that AI just goes offline until the players return, so I still get a quite good performance even with lots of makers activated. Also I don't want to go the trigger way... that some other scripters use... I find that kinda unnecessary given how optimal some new commands and loops can be... controlling all the markers from one single loop instead of 120 triggers + markers is so much easier and clean.
  5. Only tested my script local and alone and player command works there, but as LSValmont said, does _distanceMarkers = _markers apply {[player distance getmarkerpos _x, _x]}; work in MP if script is spawned from initserver? @LSValmont The main loop stops when a player is near one the markers from the array because of the waituntil in the if then. It starts the loop again when player is outside of the radius.
  6. I want to select any markers with players inside their radius and if true they (the markers positions) are used to spawn an enemy patrol on those "activated" marker/s and then the marker/s must be deleted and also taken out of the main markers array so the main loop stops checking for that/those markers that had already been activated by nearby players.... By the way I am following the ACE 3 guidelines for most of my scripts so: https://ace3mod.com/wiki/development/coding-guidelines.html#72-scheduled-vs-unscheduled and https://ace3mod.com/wiki/development/coding-guidelines.html#84-unscheduled-vs-scheduled
  7. Player is only valid when the script runs on a players machine. You can also run scripts on the players machine in MP. You could let each player run their own loop. Or you do that for every player in allPlayers, but what do you wanna select then? the marker with the closest player, the marker with the most close players?
  8. I believe this only works in Single Player right: _distanceMarkers = _markers apply {[player distance getmarkerpos _x, _x]}; How could we do the same but with any player in MP?
  9. Today
  10. Hello, I'm using BIS_fnc_ambientFlyBy to spawn aircraft that fly a set route. I am trying to find out how to get the unit name of the aircraft so that I can then do things to the spawned unit, such as limit its speed, set velocity and teleport AI into the aircraft. Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. Matt Hejl

    3rd person / ADS

    What is the method? I know if you go 3rd and then click the stick it will ADS, but then after that...it sticks to where I am always aiming down sights, but then sometimes reverts back to 3rd person. This screws me up on encounters, especially when its a surprise type attack. Is it me doing something wrong or what?
  12. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Haha, I'd take you up on that but you dress to frithified for me. I do like the TWERP double/triple/quadruple taps as well (Terminate With ExtReme Prejudice). Makes for a nice brutal ending to a close encounter. If any Ravage AI guys want this they are welcome to it. They just have to write some code to sense when 2 AI are within 2 meters of each other.
  13. Argh.. Must've had a total brainlag. true sorts in ascending order, false in descending order. Meaning false gets the biggest number, I thought biggest is good. But actually you wanted smallest 😄
  14. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Hey VD. The sample code in op should be called when 2 enemy AI are near each other. This means whoever wants to use it has to have a loop monitoring for that situation. I have not written that loop. So if someone wants to build that into Ravage AI, or LAMBS AI, or you run a loop on camp bandits, its there to be used. It shouldn't be too hard though. For my simple case, I am running on AI running my CQB movement scripts, so when they are clearing a building, this may occur.
  15. Jaden Vance

    HandleDamage Event Handler Explained

    Hello, just a question. Can this script be changed differently to affect only AI units, so I can for instance have different damage for players (in MP) and different for AI units?
  16. I don't know why but switching this to true from false makes the script work as intended. Looks like this now. _markers = ["A1","A2","A3","A4","A5","A6","A7","A8","A9"]; _markerdist = 400; while {true} do { _distanceMarkers = _markers apply {[player distance getmarkerpos _x, _x]}; _distanceMarkers sort true; _marker = (_distanceMarkers select 0) select 1; _markerPosition = (_distanceMarkers select 0) select 0; if (_markerPosition < _markerdist) then { [getmarkerpos _marker] call Wise_fnc_Ambushai; waitUntil {sleep 5; allPlayers findIf {(_x distance2d getmarkerpos _marker) < 500} ==-1}; }; sleep 5; };
  17. Jigsor

    BMR Insurgency

    And another. 10/22/2019 Hot fix for v1_50 Fixed: Recruited AI would get stuck in Base Respawn fortification on Livonia and Rosche Germany. Fixed: Broke Capture and hold Objective in last hotfix (undefined variable). Change: Internal version number to 1.503
  18. That did the trick! Thank you very much!
  19. You can use hint/systemChat/diag_log to debug your script and check exactly what's running and what values the variables have while its running
  20. I get it now! Thank you both @Larrow and @Dedmen!
  21. Its not. But it was: You first set _weapon, then you call params to set _weapon again. making your first _weapon= useless.
  22. Its not _x is, which _x is the current player weapon being checked from the array. This... { _x params[ "_weapon" ]; }forEach [ primaryWeapon _dropingUnit, handgunWeapon _dropingUnit, secondaryWeapon _dropingUnit ]; ...is the same as... { _weapon = _x; }forEach [ primaryWeapon _dropingUnit, handgunWeapon _dropingUnit, secondaryWeapon _dropingUnit ]; ...other than params privates the variable making sure nothing called _weapon in a higher scope is being overwritten. _x is the magic variable representing the current value being iterated from the array. _weapon is just assigned the value of _x.
  23. Thank you Larrow, I didn't know that _weapon was like a magic variable? Since it is not here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Magic_Variables and _weapon was not defined previously on the fnc I was running I thought I had to do it somewhere. That is good to know! Yes it was slightly modified because I was not using a weapon white listing but it was your fnc's soul... =p So I had a soldier equipped with a primary, a secondary (launcher) and a pistol, all on their respective slots (not on backpack/vest etc) and still only dropped currentWeapon but probably because of the modification I made to your fnc. I will try again a little bit later when I am home.
  24. Did that, but now the issue where the game messes up my desktop is back. Can't tell if it helped the other issues since I couldn't access the game.
  25. The script does not give any error, i think it's not activating fnc in the IF THEN. My guess is, is that it does not notice if a player is near one of the markers from the array.
  26. killzone_kid

    Sleep not working after JIP

    Sleep works for me just fine on jip. Make sure you waitUntil {time > 1} not time > 0, it is possible that the mission is still in preloading state this early and sleep is ignored. EDIT: Even better, it seems relying on detection of mission display is the way to go: // init.sqf if (!hasInterface) exitWith {}; waitUntil {!isNull findDisplay 46}; .....
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