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    Preliminary changelog for 1.94: Added: Sector Scan cooldown parameter Fixed: Consecutive friendly fire is no longer ignored Added: Filter for GM assets in Arsenal Added: Mass dismissal of subordinates Tweaked: Garbage collector Changed: Player icon is now shown on map, as well as other AI-controlled Warlords Fixed: Various script errors Added: More detailed logs of friendly fire Changed: Spawn protection icreased to 3 minutes Fixed: Garrison vehicles should no longer spawn repeatedly Fixed: Altis scenario - some preset vehicles were not handled properly by the system Tweaked: Some asset costs Added: Altis scenario - Ammolofi airstrip sector
  3. extraordinary got me again into armaverse with this discharge
  4. Sammy74

    Music Recommendations

  5. Polish Airforce irl has M-346 for training purpose which is Western variant of Yak-130 which is real-life counterpart of in-game To-199 Neophron. How about to add variant of To-199 (with Westernized name, LDF-nized livery and cockpit textures) for LDF? ...And this topic is feedback for Livonia itself, may be offtopic.
  6. Sammy74

    Funny & interesting videos

  7. Maybe too late to discuss about this, but that's what I've, and probably we all've been annoyed glitchy-visual problem (I know this isn't even a glitch, but an intended behavior), so I just made a video. Note this is a highly scripted and private MOD footage, and the suggestion is: how about to make handAnim config per muzzle (or something similar way), and some config like pullRightFinger = 0; pullLeftFinger = 1; to define what finger to pull trigger? No idea how complicated to modify this trigger finger and handAnim system though, is this possible to make this as engine-based solution? Also I'd say if there's hand transit movement animation just like any gestures when switch between rifle and grenade launcher or any underslung weapon like the video below (third-party game PAYDAY 2 footage), I'll be happy. I couldn't implement into the video mentioned earlier. And animation for change firemode. (Also third-party game Insurgency footage)
  8. Plot-twist: LDF will have interstellar spacecraft (that are in the game..)
  9. Today
  10. I do prefer an PZL-Mielec An-3 or a PZL-130 Orlik
  11. JohnKalo

    GF Police and Siren Script

    ^^^And the sound has to be in an .ogg format ^^^
  12. easyeb


    What helo are you using in the clip?

    Fallujah 1.2

    Hello there alex507025 ! Just to know , maps and extra map objects , are causing problems with each other and you might notice issues with fps drops , etc. So the best solution , is whenever you are playing , activate only the addons that you need for the certain mission and map.
  14. Tetixx

    GF Ravage Heros Money Reward

    Thank you so much man! Thanks for the time. Glad you helped me out.

    GF Ravage Heros Money Reward

    here it is :
  16. Apparently instead of MiGs they will rather have F-35s, that we don't get ingame.
  17. you can deduce from that information of AI movement paths, and maybe even built a something like costmap (terrain elevation per cell)
  18. Hello, No, the game is stable and there is no CTD, no rpt files are created when I have that behavior...
  19. ...Antonov An-2 more likely.
  20. Tetixx

    GF Ravage Heros Money Reward

    Thanks for the solution! Although I know you put this somewhere in the sqf file, I dont know which line to put this in specifically. I apologize, I'm a bit of a bum when it comes to scripts.
  21. Tetixx

    GF Ravage Heros Money Reward

    Oh I didn't notice it was made for SP. But thank you! Hoping you could come up with a solution.
  22. Rydygier

    Pilgrimage, Silent---Unseen

    Debug version updated. Fixed something reported to me, that possibly caused "nothing new appears anymore" issue (logic error after changes in the Ambient Combat code), also disabled decoy action - out of context, makes no sense here IMO.
  23. Doesn't it?
  24. Yummy ma man....this script rock!!!

    GF Auto Population Zombie Script - Mod

    I noticed this as well and i think it's because of the added movement. Maybe this is what is messing with , because so else i don't think that there is any problem with the Mod separate. I have also sometime ago tried also to help a little bit Max about the zombies , so i know generally what is written in. I'm not that sure , but there is this possibility. Maybe if i remove the movement and use only the spawn will be fine. I need to check it once i can ! Thank you very much aussie battler for the feedback ! Feel free to ask me about anything , in the meantime have fun !
  26. Do the markers still disappear in the JEBUS demo mission? I forgot to check when I did the update....
  27. Issues being seen in your sites -AI have a hard time seeing me or don't shoot back when i shoot at them -They also ignore zombies
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