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  2. Oldninja

    Kill bonus...

    I do like the idea of a 'bounty' for taking out team killers and threats. . Would certainly make outlanders consider their priorities during the encounter. . I would say the larger the bounty, the more likely outlanders are to divert from the drop/safe/stash etc to collect the bounty. . Devs, this a feature well worth considering. Also, consider rewarding the threat for a safe exit.
  3. Blackheart_Six

    CH Mobile Headquarters

    I updated this script by swapping out the BIS_fnc_MP with RemoteExec lines. I tested on my dedicated server. No issues noted. I needed the exercise with remoteExec command. All the original lines are still present, just rem'd out.
  4. z80cpu

    'Code 13' And CUP

    Hello Chernaruski, Thank you for your assistance. I do have a gas station script, but I have never had an issue with anything till the last CUP update. And no, I can not spawn CUP vehicles from IS. My 'setup' has been working (minus Exile/ARMA updates) for almost 3 years now - no issues...till now... And if you're referring to overwrites on that function, I have none. Just the 'waste dump' and 'sell crates' and both of those have been in use since 2016! 😉 And the file you mention is the original one that comes with the latest version of Exile. /** * ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest * * Exile Mod * www.exilemod.com * © 2015 Exile Mod Team * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. * To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/. */ private["_sessionID", "_parameters", "_vehicleClass", "_pinCode", "_playerObject", "_salesPrice", "_playerMoney", "_position", "_vehicleObject", "_logging", "_traderLog", "_responseCode"]; _sessionID = _this select 0; _parameters = _this select 1; _vehicleClass = _parameters select 0; _pinCode = _parameters select 1; try { _playerObject = _sessionID call ExileServer_system_session_getPlayerObject; if (isNull _playerObject) then { throw 1; }; if !(alive _playerObject) then { throw 2; }; if (_playerObject getVariable ["ExileMutex",false]) then { throw 12; }; _playerObject setVariable ["ExileMutex", true]; if !(isClass (missionConfigFile >> "CfgExileArsenal" >> _vehicleClass) ) then { throw 3; }; _salesPrice = getNumber (missionConfigFile >> "CfgExileArsenal" >> _vehicleClass >> "price"); if (_salesPrice <= 0) then { throw 4; }; _playerMoney = _playerObject getVariable ["ExileMoney", 0]; if (_playerMoney < _salesPrice) then { throw 5; }; if !((count _pinCode) isEqualTo 4) then { throw 11; }; if (_vehicleClass isKindOf "Ship") then { _position = [(getPosATL _playerObject), 100, 20] call ExileClient_util_world_findWaterPosition; _vehicleObject = [_vehicleClass, _position, (random 360), false, _pinCode] call ExileServer_object_vehicle_createPersistentVehicle; } else { _position = (getPos _playerObject) findEmptyPosition [10, 250, _vehicleClass]; if (_position isEqualTo []) then { throw 13; }; _vehicleObject = [_vehicleClass, _position, (random 360), true, _pinCode] call ExileServer_object_vehicle_createPersistentVehicle; }; _vehicleObject setVariable ["ExileOwnerUID", (getPlayerUID _playerObject)]; _vehicleObject setVariable ["ExileIsLocked",0]; _vehicleObject lock 0; _vehicleObject call ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_insert; _vehicleObject call ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_update; _playerMoney = _playerMoney - _salesPrice; _playerObject setVariable ["ExileMoney", _playerMoney, true]; format["setPlayerMoney:%1:%2", _playerMoney, _playerObject getVariable ["ExileDatabaseID", 0]] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; [_sessionID, "purchaseVehicleResponse", [0, netId _vehicleObject, _salesPrice]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_to; _logging = getNumber(configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "Logging" >> "traderLogging"); if (_logging isEqualTo 1) then { _traderLog = format ["PLAYER: ( %1 ) %2 PURCHASED VEHICLE %3 FOR %4 POPTABS | PLAYER TOTAL MONEY: %5",getPlayerUID _playerObject,_playerObject,_vehicleClass,_salesPrice,_playerMoney]; "extDB2" callExtension format["1:TRADING:%1",_traderLog]; }; } catch { _responseCode = _exception; [_sessionID, "purchaseVehicleResponse", [_responseCode, "", 0]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_to; }; if !(isNull _playerObject) then { _playerObject setVariable ["ExileMutex", false]; }; true So this is something that has changed in the CUP. 6 months ago? Zero issues and the server has not been touched EXCEPT for ARMA updates and the CUP/CBA updates. And yes, CBA is 'on' in the config file. It is as if it is reading the config file 'wrong'. For example: Old CUP: a, b, c, d New CUP: b, c, d, a That is about all I can make out of it. And looking at the above code, it would 'throw' an error 13 if not enough room, thus why I think the config for CUP may be 'off' now, as it used to work with no issues. ??? Thanks for pointing (sorta) what threw this code...always wondered...but not enough to look... 😉 And standing in an empty field IS will not spawn a thing...CUP 'thing' that is... 😉 I do appreciate your help in this though! 🙂
  5. Oldninja

    Stamina Draining

    All down to the latest update. The more you carry, the less distance you can sprint. Be selective and have fun.
  6. Adding to this old thread, my previous video seen above was from 2016, my mic at the time was crap, the recording turned out meh even my recording software i used was not that great, even my computer too 😄 Well alot has changed since then and last weekend i had rerecorded a new video tutorial on the same subject, its an old subject i know, and we've had this capacity to make multiple units playable at once for some time now so nothing new. My video here is mainly geared towards beginners of the game that are new to the editor, and creating their own missions hope to whom watches it may learn and find the information useful. Cheers!
  7. Tdc.DarKness

    [Terrain] Uzbin Valley

    Uzbin military base
  8. black_hawk_mw2_87

    GF ALIAS Anomaly Spawner Script

    After a lot of attempts I made it work! 🙂 I even used 200 anomalies instead of 20! I have placed all the AL... folders and sounds in the main folder and also merged all other files. But I still have some errors on the screen. You can see them here: https://easyupload.io/n9dz4a and here: https://easyupload.io/82nykl What can be wrong? And by the way, is there a way to hide all the notification markers showing where the scripts have spawned in order to make the mission even harder and more realistic? Thank you in advance! 🙂 Edited: The problem can be somewhere in the file: Main_init.sqf with "waitUntil" - expected to be true or false...
  9. killzone_kid

    Spawn units when player near markers

    You probably want to use trigger tbh
  10. Thanks @killzone_kid Should i be using findif in the waituntil too? waitUntil {sleep 5; ({(_x distance2d _markerpos) < 1000} count allPlayers > 0)}; I tried make something like this waitUntil {sleep 10; (allPlayers findif {_x distance2D _markerpos <350}>-1)}; but did not work.
  11. Today
  12. goombz

    Stamina Draining

    Upon starting the encounter, my stamina cap begins to lower until halfway; similar to radiation damage with the zig-zag pattern.
  13. I think ACE3 has one, configurable via a nifty CBA interface . https://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/viewdistance.html
  14. Robby Lee

    Update 1.1 Bridges - Changelog

    Pyrit when can we expect the next round of changes to appear? Will they come on a monthly basis as they have in the past? So -- November maybe will be our next change?
  15. killzone_kid

    Spawn units when player near markers

    if (allPlayers findIf {_x distance2D _markerPos < 350} > -1) exitWith {
  16. Livonia buildings incoming?
  17. LSValmont


    Thank you Haleks! Neat fixes and features. May I ask for the possibility in the future for a module option to choose between: - Any dead Ai has a chance to resurrects as zombies. - Only dead Ai killed by zombies are eligible to resurrect as zombies. Right now I believe if you have the setting on then any dead Ai can raise as zombie and that is the only option.
  18. // just the player ~ behind wherever he is facing. _pos = _player getpos [_distance, (getDir player) + 180]; // just the player ~ in the direction away from the center _pos = _player getpos [_distance,_pos getDir _player]; In either case you will also need to update the follow line to remove the getPos. // notice the removed 'getpos' private _group = [_pos,EAST,6] call bis_fnc_spawnGroup;
  19. Thank you! I tried taking code from there but couldn't replicate the effect using the debug console 😞
  20. Robustcolor

    Spawn ai behind selected player

    Thank you @MechSlayer
  21. Awesome work @nkenny One question, How would this code look like if i don't want to spawn them in buildings but just behind the selected player? _pos = nearestBuilding (_player getpos [_distance, (getDir player) + 180] );
  22. Hey ITC team, thank you so much for the awesome thrilling content you've added to the game! Just a small issue, do you think you could update / correct the little descriptions in the 3den editor pylon menu? Would save us (/me) alot of wikipedia and handbook browsing to find out what kind of weapon I'm looking at. picure of what I'm on about: https://imgur.com/a/AYCImiA Thanks alot guys! Keep it up!
  23. Airfields of the US Army in the Pacific Ocean theatre of World War II Mod: Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack, Faces of war, POLPOX's Artwork Supporter
  24. MechSlayer

    Spawn ai behind selected player

    To get the players you can use _playercount = playableUnits select {_x distance getMarkerPos "Marker1" < 200 && isPlayer _x} For a random unit just use _unit = selectRandom _playercount To spawn the unit behind just change _unit getpos [250,random 50] to _unit getpos [-250,random 50] Or if you want a random distance: _unit getPos [random[-40, -100, -250], random 50] (-40 is the minimum distance, -100 the mid distance and -250 the maximum distance) If you ONLY need to wait, remove the sleep from waitUntil.
  25. Could i get an example how the findif should be done in this? if ({(_x distance2d getMarkerpos _marker < 350)} count allPlayers > 0) exitWith {
  26. So basically almost like debug console?
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