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  2. Heya, I have a small problem while trying to port models from half life 2 into arma 3. So far so good, I was able to import the model into blender and apply texture to it. So, now I have a model in blender, and I am able to export it into .p3d format. Then when I load it into the O2 editor, the model is HUGE, no matter what I do with model's scale in blender. Honestly, my modelling knowledge is zero to none, I have never modelled a simple thing. I just watched some youtube guides on how to do it and trying to do it myself for the first time. So, honestly, I'm not even sure if I do everything right in blender and then in O2. Shortly, when I load the model into game, it works ... partly. It is hude, incorrectly aligned and untextured - just some weird grey texture applied to it. So, I can export the model into game, but it is broken. All I have is the extracted models compiled into the .smd format, that could be loaded into blender with the whole skeleton and LODs. This all 'works' in blender. I can texture it, I can export it. What is little bit strange to me, that when I export the whole model (by whole I mean the whole model structure with skeleton&LODs), only one 'layer' of the model is present when I load the .p3d file into O2 editor. So I'm not even sure, if I export the model correctly from blender. I watched the guide posted here (from blender to arma 3), but most of the steps are just beyond my skill. So, what I'm asking for, I'm looking for some guide how to port half life 2 models into arma 3. Or somebody who knows how to port half life 2 models into arma 3 engine and who would be willing to help me with this. Or, if it's not too much, ask anybody co convert the models for me (21 relatively small static models-props with no animation), because due to my skills it's just too hard for me to do. And most of all, sorry for asking such a licensed stuff. It's meant for personal use only.
  3. Nicholas Lendall

    Markers Show/Hide

    Hey guys im trying make it so when i capture a sector it puts my flag up on the map and stays there even if i decide to leave. Then when the enemy moves into the town the flag changes to the enemy flag and hides mine. When i come back and take the town it hides the enemy's flag and my shows up again. My map starts out with 10 control points with the Slovenian flags showing i want to be able to move there and after a 100s the flag is changed to the US flag and stays there until the enemy moves back into the town and same for the enemy flag. Im using the Sector Control module to show if the town in cleared /captured. i used the setMarkerAlpha code to a trigger and did 2 triggers "UnitedStates_3" setMarkerAlpha 0; "SOL_3" setMarkerAlpha 1; and the other "UnitedStates_3" setMarkerAlpha 1; "SOL_3" setMarkerAlpha 0; but only the US flag changed and stayed forever. Its pretty much capture the area and show your flag until the enemy enters for X amount of time and there flag shows up and gives you a reason to go back and recapture with your flag.
  4. SchwererKonigstiger

    JSHK Contamination Area Mod

    Hey, wonderful release! I'll be pushing it to my community tonight. Have you checked out Assaultboy's ChemicalWarfare mod? It does handle the ACE3 damage interestingly well, however, since it hasn't been updated in quite a long time, it does not seem to work well on dedicated servers (XEH loop doesn't re-attach after respawn, it spawns hundreds of particle effects invisibly, etc) https://github.com/assaultboy/ChemicalWarfare Also - would you ever consider pushing your work to Git in order to get contributors?
  5. soul_assassin

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    agreed, and we have tried to make that as clear as possible.
  6. NAS_Juno

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That honestly was my biggest fear. I'm donating out of a sense of just "you've already provided us with x-amount of free material, lemme buy you a beer" whereas some are going to think it is a pipeline for requests. I hope folks understand exactly what this is for, instead of what they want it to be.
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  8. haleks


    Hello everyone! I wanted to update you on the latest events : I talked with @MuRaZorWitchKING over the week-end, and he is going to send me his spare GC. It's the best solution for now, as my current financial situation makes it difficult for me to buy what is basically the most expensive piece of hardware in a computer. Regarding the donations I've received so far, I intend to use them to upgrade other bits and pieces on my rig : improving my "working" environment should allow me to work a bit faster and more comfortably. (That includes buying a headset with a microphone so I can - finally - play a bit online with you guys.) A huge "thank you" to @MuRaZorWitchKING, @whiteface73, @Zakuaz and @tourist for their contributions - and of course to everyone supporting me on Patreon! You guys have been helping me more than you can imagine. Speaking of Patreon, I'm probably going to make some changes : I will drop the tiers, and let anyone pledge the amount they choose. All early-access and conceptual items will be available to everybody, no matter how much they pledged. I'll most likely do that before next month. I also would like to remind everyone that items uploaded on Patreon aren't in any way exclusive : those are merely previews of WIP stuff and will always be released publicly later on (unless a project is deemed too ambitious or not feasable), so keep that in mind before subscribing. Thanks again Ravagers, it is trully an honor to have seen such a community forming around what began as an obscure singleplayer mod!
  9. the_one_and_only_Venator

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    General CDLC/ Global Mobilization Suggestion Currently the community seems to be very divided about the new CDLC concept of BI. This has appearently to do with the fact that the CDLCs are dividing the community more than any other regular DLC ever did into those who bought it and those who didn't. Players who did not buy the CDLC can not join servers or missions where any asset is used. Be it a vehicle, weapon or a simple piece of headgear. This is unlike the former BI DLC model where only restrictions applied. I can understand the argument that it would be simply a lot to download if everyone had to download every CDLC without actually being able to use the stuff. But I believe that there is a pretty simple workaround: This would include Players who did not buy the CDLC still not to be able to join any mission that uses the CDLC maps or map assets (the asset point is debatable as APEX has shown). The - what I believe is the best sollution - would be to seperate the CDLC into two parts, that would still be bought together (or not?!). The first and larger part would be the map and the map assets. This would be only available to those who bought the CDLC. The second part would be the units, vehicles, weapons and equipment stuff. This would be available for download for everyone owning the game (while still be optional to download). For those who bought the CDLC it would include every asset with no restrictions. For those players who did not buy the CDLC the same restrictions of BIs DLCs would apply. This would solve the issue of Players not being able to join missions that use CDLC vehicles, weapons, etc. but still keep it completely optional to download any content that may apply restrictions to the player. As a positive side effect it would also provide players who bought the CDLC with the flexibility to only download the map or the other assets (which some may find usefull but it definitely doesn't do any harm). I would be very happy if this or any other sollution would be thought about. Have a nice day everyone, Venator
  10. Thanks man it was a little confusing and as i was testing i got mixed results. All gravy now. Is the ability to halt OPCOM not working do you know? taken from wiki: I synced triggers to both Mil commanders with a radio Alpha activation but both commander still issued capture orders...Im basically just trying to delay both commanders from issuing orders before i can gear up.Wana join the first wave of attacks for my mission, so to speak.­čśë
  11. I'd love to see a detailed map set in the Canadian Arctic where two forces fight for control of strategic positions. In particular a facility akin to the Nanisivik Naval Facility
  12. I find with vehicles you usually have to have a back up plan as you can't rely an AI doing what they should. What I tried to do with FindBody.sqf was run it once just for one member of the crew, that works. It needs a delay to allow it to hit the ground, that bit's not so simple they get stuck on things. Then as I think you said it spawns crows (only once now) but they don't end. That's because units are in the vehicle and can't be deleted (not strictly true) you can setpos them out then delete but not always. That's the sketchy bit. Even if the game removes them such as in some heli crashes they don't seem to be deleted and you can't force them to become deleted that's why crows keeps running. What I found was after a set period of time they stop being objects and become something else. I struggled to find an answer but eventually I found a work around, if you use hint str (name _deadguy);// to get the default name of the unit that still works as it should but after 20-30 seconds it changes to error:no unit (at least in the Grad with 2 crew) I found I could trap the error and use that to end crows and the main while loop, name _deadguy == "error:no unit";// add that to while loop check line and crows waituntil it seemes to work and they get deleted After all that a Finder is rarely sent to the chopper the Grad is a little better, which makes sense they are harder to see and may not even exist although you can see them still there in the case of the Grad (one of them) So like I said probably not worth the trouble.
  13. PuFu

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm not saying that cannot happen but it is very unlikely all things considered (the mentality that modding is free and it doesn't cost a penny to produce / time excluded). but as we said, we are thankful to everyone able and willing to contribute no matter how little or generous that contribution is. if that ever happens we'll most likely use that overhead to acquire more scanned data (example - https://gumroad.com/digitalforms), or directly commission 3D scans for specific gear. I know, i was just pointing out some key differences between how we do things (and that is not going to change) and how other (groups of) people who have patreon pages do it. cheers. i think it makes more sense for everyone considering the further explanations about it. we have already got - i would donate for *insert content* - type of messages on various platforms, which sort of means that the purpose of patreon was, at least in part, misunderstood.
  14. sarogahtyp

    Linear execution, how?

    mainly it preprocesses and precompiles your scripts into functions for faster execution on runtime. Also it enables the ability to call or spawn those functions to fit your needs. execVM e.g. preprocesses and compiles the script everytime you run it. functions are preprocessed/compiled (mostly) one time only.
  15. I haven't been able to get the AI in same group to treat one another or me, using allplayables or allunits[side] and medical_education 1. I've also not been able to get grimes revive working at all recently. Any idea on possible problem causes?
  16. ferpo_the_great

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Seriously thanks for the response guys. I wasn't in any way trying to shit on you guys or anything. You have all been outstanding since the beginning. I was just relaying some minor concerns that pop up when Patreon and modding are mixed. I honestly love the mod and how you guys approach working on the mod. And just clarification I meant "blow up" on Patreon in terms of you guys bringing in a lot of money very fast. It's very easy to say that it will only cover costs associated with development but what happens if the money coming in exceeds that several times over?
  17. tortuosit

    Linear execution, how?

    I never did. So basically, is it about registering my own functions into ArmA for... easier... use?
  18. HorribleGoat

    Terrain Builder - MapLegend does not exists

    Start with PMC wiki ultimate terrain tutorial to learn how the basic tools work. Starting to work with broken and very badly made source files (Kelleys, Jackson, etc life map) will not get you anywhere.
  19. NinjaRider600

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

    Unfortunately that's stock behavior from the dispatcher and I haven't touched it yet. My suggestion is to try playing around with the RydxHQ_MARatio to lower the amount of squads that are sent at once for each type of squad. This should let other squads idle where they are until additional threats are found (depending on the type of commander you have too).
  20. NinjaRider600

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader [NR6 Edition]

    Trying to push out soon as well as the NR6 Pack with that version. Been struggling to find any free time for Arma recently because of work. Sorry for the delays.
  21. I found the problem I had with the disappearing chopper/crew. I have a debug trigger because UPSMON sometimes bugged out and just sent the chopper in a random direction getting stuck(pretty rare after my fixes) to delete the chopper and his crew: !(chopper in thislist) -> whole AO { deleteVehicle _x } forEach (crew chopper ); deleteVehicle chopper; So this triggers if the choppers damage is 1. Gonna try to find a workaround or just delete the debug triggers. I added && alive chopper and it stopped doing it now.
  22. As a fan of Doom, you should figure out that much: back ColdWarAssault.exe and rename ArmAResistance.exe. Same trick you use to fool steam into thinking it launches dosbox, not a source port
  23. sarogahtyp

    Linear execution, how?

    Functions Library
  24. DayZ uses the Enfusion engine, arma 3 uses RV4 engine.
  25. mrcurry

    Linear execution, how?

    Work with CfgFunctions instead, the extra overhead is worth the structure and ease of recompile.
  26. steam-76561198094935797

    DETROIT 2077

    One day, hope to see this on the workshop for dank Ghost In The Shell style scenarios. Already imagining using the AWGs as a "Tobi" replacement.
  27. Swoooooosh! Flying in with the newest episode of News, Updates & Roadmap for the week. Stay crunchy and caw caw.
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