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  2. Alright, so I took it a step further and I added an intro cinematic that recreates the original, I added getting into the heli and flying off, the heli will come in guns blazing if there are any enemy left alive because once you blow the weapons caches all enemies will run to the explosions. I also did some general polishing thanks to someone who posted a video of his playthrough. Oh and I also added music from SOCOM, only 3 tracks, two for each objective completion and one on mission completion.
  3. switch works by comparing the condition to the different cases. So doing something like switch (true) do { case (a > 5): {...}; case (a == 2): {...}; default {}; }; is fine - see Example 3 But when only comparing a variable to strings there's no reason to abuse switch in such a way - i.e. just use its standard syntax. Additionally switch (_projectile != "") do { will resolve to false when _projectile is an empty string and therefore the first case which also resolves to false will be executed - i.e. move the check into a separate if-block. But the reason for the code not working is that _finalDamage´╗┐ isn't declared in the main scope before the switch, i.e. the value assigned to it within the switch-cases will be lost afterwards e.g. define/declare it at the beginning of the script.
  4. Hi I have a script called from init.sqf that starts with: if (isServer) then { I'd also like to add something along of the lines of if (player/arma id is [123456789, 987654321]) then { I'm vainly hoping I can restrict the script's use to certain players rather than everybody. May I request syntax for what I am attempting to achieve?
  5. Devastator_cm

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    maybe you can consider to add some Zeus modules to adjust the AI behavior during the mission so in case they start to act too independent considering what Zeus guy wants, he can turn off their new smart brain and let vanilla brain kick in to give more chance to Zeus for control?
  6. Any news on adding back the move in back feature for aircraft like the C-130?!
  7. In this Operator Drewski video at 14 seconds you can see people boarding a C-130 and then jumping out of it well standing well it is moving. How in the world did he do this?! Video - https://youtu.be/Pb6g0CIkVIo
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  9. Or, more generically for the sake of examples: _num = selectRandom [1,2,3,4]; switch (_num) do { case 1: {hint "1 was selected."}; case 2: {hint "2 was selected."}; case 3: {hint "3 was selected."}; case 4: {hint "4 was selected."}; }; So yours should probably look like: if (_projectile == "") exitWith {}; switch (_selection) do { case "face_hub": {//code}; case "neck": {//code}; case "head": {//code}; };
  10. cry me a river

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Loving the update so far. I do have a few criticisms though. The main bay doors remain constantly open when the AIM-120C are selected and if there are still missiles left in the weapons bay. The way the function in real life is to only open when the missile is being launched; note that this does not apply to the side bays for the AIM-9X. Because these missiles need to have a direct line of sight and datalink usage can be sketchy in a dogfight with friendly aircraft around, the sidewinders are left in the slipstream with the bay doors open when the missiles are selected. The AIM120Cs are designed primarily for long range use and thus they always use a datalink for initial guidance; even when the bay doors are open the missile rails are not extended and so the missiles cannot see the target anyway. The AIM-120s can still be deployed at short range, but its riskier in real life (though this is not something that is replicated in Arma 3 game mechanics). The way we can better reflect this in game with the mod is to only open the bay doors when the missile or bomb is being ejected. The F-22's cannon sounds like a rat tat tat machine gun firing sound effect when it should be closer to a higher pitched version of the A-10s BRRRT There is currently no computer aided aim reticle for the gun. There is a special piper icon for the gun IRL that is also used by the vanilla game. The piper hovers over where the cannon shells will go given their ballistics and the plane's trajectory. In simple terms, it is a lead computer site. You simply put this sight over an enemy aircraft instead of guessing the amount of lead necessary yourself. Minor issue: The AIM-120's on the missile rack used for the service menu have "AIM-120B" written on them. I know you guys are busy finishing the rest of the mod, so please consider this only as a possible next step when you move towards polishing.
  11. fn_Quiksilver

    Make agent attack players

    if its an agent you need to script it with move + animation commands
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  13. beno_83au

    BMR Insurgency

    @Jigsor I've just started playing on Livonia, and when the AI spawn inside the little FOB there they have a lot of trouble getting out. I'm having to halo jump them outside the Hesco barriers to be able to use them.
  14. Scavenger47

    Second Wind multiplayer sector control servers.

    Fairplay in arma? Some say it's a myth. While they are partially right, the mod does it's job well to mitigate bad design. One of the recent updates, among other features, brings: Disabled ability to use custom oversized FOV (Field of View) by injecting it into profile settings.
  15. Scavenger47

    BreakingPoint: Second Wind

    Recap of last updates: Interface: - Disabled ability to use custom oversized FOV (Field of View) by injecting it into profile settings. Weapons: - Reduced dispertion of most hunting rifles to bring them closer to real life standards. - Reduced dispertion and increased maximum effective distance of Dragunov Sniper Rifle. - Greatly increased bullet penetration of various low and medium caliber ammo (was too low). World: - Updated world spawn areas at Sunken Altis. - Tweaked Sunken Altis latitude. Nighttime is shorter as a result. - Increased amount of animals and vehicles on Sunken Altis. Class System: - Changed penalties for killing friendly classes: Penalty scales up with killer's level: -600/-600/-1200/-1800/-2400. (traitor/lvl1/lvl2/lvl3/lvl4). - All characters except traitors spawn with a map. Misc: - Dogs are much less likely to glitch through obstacles when chasing enemy. - Fixed autoswim animation issue. - Code optimization and bugfixes.
  16. That is not how to use switch do. switch (_selection) do { case ("face_hub"): {/*something*/}; case ("neck"): {/*something*/}; /* more... */ };
  17. Anyone knows why this is not working when inside a Damaged Eventhandler: hint is showing _selection body and _origDamage 0 telling me that anything inside the switch do is not working but it should!
  18. God damn JB, your a wonderful man....are you single? ­čśŹ The dudes over in the Ravage thread will freak out when they see this shit, you just given us a really authentic looking "DoubleTap" script.
  19. Mission accomplished! ­čśé https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=gCjryRmuTZA&feature=share
  20. johnnyboy

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    Hey EO. The script works pretty good vs. Zombies: However I did see cases where zombies move too close to shooter after being struck, and then shooter won't shoot. This is because zombie agents do not obey forceSpeed 0 command. So I probably need to attach them to an invisible object so they don't advance after being hit. Or I have to add more code to repeat the shooter melee attacks to drive zombie back again (but this is more work and may not be worth it). What I learned about zombie agents: forceSpeed 0 does not work on zombie agents zombies can still attack (swing arms) when in a forced crouch animation or when on the ground because of setUnconscious true. I think this means that zombie attacks (arm swings) are implemented as gestures and not animations. This was actually cool to see the zombie flailing at shooter after knocked to the ground.
  21. Totally agree. Pointing your weapon in friendlies and civ's faces without a reaction is an immersion breaker and deserves punishment.
  22. Hi Temppa! I posted on your workshop page but figured I might as well mention it here as well. The ambient sounds are bugged whenever you move away from vegetation. They become mute and the game becomes weirdly silent except for your character movements. I love your maps especially hellannmaa so this is an especial bummer for me. Thanks for what you do!
  23. Can't wait for the indochina era stuff and stuff up until the 80's :DDD
  24. Added another variant of a upgradekit in the scripts. https://github.com/ELRabito/RwG-Base-Building-2.0---Exile-compatibility
  25. I like it for both the immersion and tactical penalty of your AI having weapons at a ready when running thru a heavy civvie population. For instance, I penalize the player for always keepin his gun up, if he runs too close to Civs they yell out and attract attention of enemy soldiers. This makes you think about keeping your weapon in the ready position too much. With the above I can now apply to the players Ai squad who may be forced to be in a less 'ready position' in heavily populated areas. Thats just the way i like to roll doe.
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