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  2. wyvern01

    Food chalenge really ?

    Maybe its supposed to be more of a cycle...Like you will always have 50k or so food at max production, but every other time period you will have enough extra to max it out. At any rate the top rewards are a very diminishing return anyway.
  3. Hham

    Food chalenge really ?

    Not only that but if you spend the time looking food, you’re not looting other stuff focusing on leveling up so you’ll miss out on the battle pass you paid for.
  4. Today
  5. I am not that new in ArmA 3 community in general, but a complete newbie in editing&screenshots. I am trying to do a screenshot with flying planes. What I am confused with is how to make the plane a static object but do it in a way so it can raise its landing gear, as with open cockpit and lowered gear the pic looks fake. I already tried doing this enableSimulationFalse and this engineOn true; player action["landGearup",this], in first case it just fallls w/o raising its gear and in second case it falls with doing it, or it just freezes, depending on do I uncheck Enable Simulation boxes.
  6. beno_83au

    ARMA 3 Close Doors In Radius

    No one likes it people necro posts do they? So anyway, on an unrelated topic, I was trying to do this exact thing but I was applying checks and event handlers to buildings and doors, what a mess. I used @Larrow's example, but I guess time got the better of it because it fails. So I went through and reworked it, and I also added checks for locked doors. Now, if an AI tries to goes through a locked door it'll be unlocked, opened, closed then locked again. I also moved away from an OnEachFrame EH to a while loop. The EH slowed things down a lot when a few AI were around. And I store all AI units in a variable first, as opposed to looping through every unit while checking them for AI. I run it slightly differently, but I've substituted my edits into Larrow's example, so it should still work for anyone else looking for something like this.
  7. eKLaB

    Food chalenge really ?

    I had 15 000 ready to donate as soon as the challenge restarted, would have been more if it wasn't thanks to my son donating more 😒 I've got all my rat traps and gardens upgraded to LVL 13. With collecting food in game from the buried cache and what I pick up, I should come close to that 75 000. I do feel for you guys that don't have the upgrades though, that's a lot of looting food and I can't remember the last time I saw a decent amount of food in crates.
  8. Thanks Gunter, I have bookmarked that cache of information!
  9. beno_83au

    Helicopter CaptureUnit

    @Rich_R I think when it was first introduced it wasn't MP compatible. But, no dramas 👍
  10. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    ...Ah, that's a big help!
  11. Arma.Studio rewrite just produced its first, usable, indev release https://github.com/ArmA-Studio/Arma.Studio/releases/tag/AppVeyor-91-b8cba00789531de356c63cd5649cc8c5bc3ca36a https://github.com/ArmA-Studio/Arma.Studio/releases/tag/AppVeyor-100-665ece029f70919bec8f3d9f94df76b62eec331c Note that the rewrite branch differs a lot from the original release, so for anybody looking to reuplad this please ensure that you do not just override the old release. This is, as of now, its very own thing with just a relation to Arma.Studio (AKA: Featurecomplete compared to the old release still is far) But talking about features: SQF-VM Debugger Support Run currently displayed file Halt on any exception raised Live-Editing of local variables Callstack view on halt Breakpoints Preprocessing Immediate Execution window to execute code during execution or while you debug your code Basic Texteditor functionality Save File Syntax Highlighting for SQF Basic Linting with preprocessor in mind (note that this requires your PBO to have a $PBOPREFIX$ file setup to work properly) Basic Projects Management Dedicated Solution Manager Window to contain all your projects Extensive plugin support Every window you see, is build using a plugin. (Check out the `Help`->`About` info if you do not believe me, or look into your plugin folder directly) Auto-Update Auto-Crashreport Think that is all as of now. Feel free to ask questions if they arise. Kindly regards, X39
  12. Thank you so much! Using this currently for a unit and going to be for a warlords server also, by far a great script to do realistic radios with out all the extra hassle of the ones currently out that require extra third party applications. Please keep up the amazing work, as I love all the scripts you've made and have used numerous ones to increase the over all realism and gameplay for over a year now
  13. Yesterday

    help with eventHandler please!

    Hello there DarkViper98 and welcome also to BI Forums ! Maybe you should take a look in here :
  15. That's a hard one. I have been trying several things to get a linebreak in a listbox but nothing worked so far. These are the commands I tried: _list lbAdd format ["line1%1line2", linebreak]; // endl, toString[10], "<br/>", "\n" I then took a look at how arma does it. Turns out that the "linebreak" you can see in the picture above is only happening if the entry has a too long text. The thing is that I couldn't even reproduce that effect. Even after copying the relevant configs it wasn't so I guess it is engine related (aka Arma magic).
  16. R0adki11

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Thread moved to the correct place. As this is the Arma3 area of the forums you will find most content creators making content on for Arma3 only, i doubt many will want to go to the trouble of making content for Arma2 especially since that game is alot less active.
  17. Unfortunately this section of the forum is neither for requests nor Arma2. Expect it to be locked or moved. As an alternative, check out Red Hammer Studios series of mods for Arma2. These are available from armaholic.com . As another alternative, the LAV-25 does have as I recall a 3 man crew and is a close equivalent. -k
  18. @Devastator_cm In seconds. Good catch. I will update the description for the next version. The AI will drop prone when explosions trigger near it. It will only repeat after X seconds has passed (to prevent it from happening too often). The new switch also allows for it to be turned off. -k
  19. Genneo

    Apex Framework

    I would like to congratulate you for the best mission I've ever played the Apex Edition. Here in Brazil I have 5 servers, the one that gets more players is with your mission. Many people are complaining that the aim swings a lot, I even tried to change it in the file fn_clientEventRespawn.sqf put a comment on the line, player setCustomAimCoef ((player getVariable 'QS_stamina') select 1); and inserted player setCustomAimCoef 0.1; but it did not work. Could you help me where I would be able to put the 0.1 so that the crosshairs don't balance so much? Thanks very much Best regards Leo
  20. Thanks, I spent a ton of time on those Bombers trying to get them perfect. Or at least perfectly believable. 🙂 (Pretty surprised, but you might be the 1st one to mention them.) OK to target an enemy vehicle, it should be pretty straightforward. Get your bomber support ready via 0-8-X. Then simply put your reticle (or whatever you want to call it) on the vehicle, and press 2 to "Call via LOS". This can be kind of challenging when the target is moving and/or at a distance. Binoculars can help. Also, you do have to have "Allow Player Targeted Bombing" enabled in the difficulty settings, or they will just target the ground instead. (Also to see the reticle, you need "Show Support LOS indicator" on in the Client Settings.) Or did you have another issue making it work? Btw- These bombers will try and hit moving targets too! Once I got this ability up and running, I had to tone back their accuracy on moving targets somewhat, because they were just too dead on. 💥 Now they can miss too, depending on a number of factors (mainly how hilly it is). Hopefully not too long now frogman. 🐑 Details:
  21. Matt Hejl

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    You are wrong. It's an advantage. You are using your whole arm and shoulder to pin point something. So the cursor is basically an extension of your arm. Now don't get me wrong there are some good thumbstick dudes, but it's an advantage to aim with a controller. Bottom line.
  22. Matthew Aiken

    Food chalenge really ?

    I see what their doing tbh they went from way too high to way too low and now their in the middle. I think it’s a fair medium though I see myself one day not being about to prep for a future donation completion.
  23. kkastl8@gmail.com

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I am wondering if any mod creators can create a new btr-80 mod with just the btr-80 that can also be back ported to Arma 2 that are not Arma 1 models? My son is a high functioning autistic kid with myoclonus who likes variety. He would like a three member crew not just two members like the current ones available in Arma 2 now. Thanks for you help. Stephen Kastl Raleigh NC
  24. Waiting for the Lamb supported version 🐏
  25. real ArmaModFrance

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    New Update is here ! V_0.0.5.1 DONWLOAD (Steam) Changelog
  26. Rich_R

    Helicopter CaptureUnit

    Seriously????? I thought one of the tutorials said it wouldn’t. This changes everything for mission- making. Very good to know, thanks!
  27. @madrussian Please do! Some things are executed perfectly, support system is so satisfying, although I cannot really find out how to consistently target armored vehicles with the supports. Although I love watching plane bombardments, sometimes I wish i had like 10 to spend on a mission just to look at it 🙂
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