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  2. To be honest the unused/hidden stuff doesn't work well with the majority of vests and backpacks, lots of clipping. Especially that Micheal Jackson "Thriller" jacket. ^^ However you can find some stuff that brings it together...
  3. Does that work with Vest, or webbing?
  4. lexx

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Very late. Vehicles are still missing now and it was said that in the beginning that the campaign might not get to the dev-branch pre-release at all.
  5. @Dedmen, i have a problem with usage 😞 i use that code: ConnectionMySQL = dbCreateConnection ["",3306,"arma3","","test"]; diag_log str[ConnectionMySQL]; dbIsConnected ConnectionMySQL; diag_log str[ConnectionMySQL]; query1 = dbPrepareQuery "SELECT count(*) FROM players"; diag_log str[ConnectionMySQL dbExecuteAsync query1]; but on log's i getting that error: 2019/06/21, 0:32:23 "[TODO]" 2019/06/21, 0:32:23 Error in expression <interceptOnFrame> 2019/06/21, 0:32:23 Error position: <interceptOnFrame> 2019/06/21, 0:32:23 Error Intercept-DB exception Host 'ibattle.org' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server at SELECT count(*) FROM players 2019/06/21, 0:34:01 "[<not connected>]" 2019/06/21, 0:34:01 "[<not connected>]" 2019/06/21, 0:34:01 "[TODO]"
  6. barczyk123pl

    Arma 2+OA -problem with ACE mod

    You really helpful. Thx for that. but if U can tell me more about this mission editing etc. i will be really thanksful. because i dont know how to do it and if U can tell it more clearly it will be great for me.
  7. jacobs

    Theseus Services

    Loved the new "plaid" textures...
  8. Wiki

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    BTW, no information about when the campaign will hit devbranch?
  9. m1lkm8n

    Static Object Issues

    In order for the object to show up in the eden editor you need to add the editor classes. see this link : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Object_Categorization as for the object you can walk through. Did you add mass to the object as well as find all components via the structure menu drop down
  10. Thanks alot! my code now looks like this: waituntil{time>2}; systemchat "Start"; _allPlayers = allUnits select {isPlayer _x && {alive _x} && {!(_x isKindOf "HeadlessClient_F")}}; if (count _allPlayers isEqualTo 1) exitWith { systemchat "not enough players"; }; _Terrorist = selectrandom _allPlayers; if (player isEqualTo _Terrorist) then { titleText ["Now this is epic", "PLAIN"]; waitUntil {uisleep 1;!alive _Terrorist}; systemchat "Good Job"; Uisleep 3; []execvm "script.sqf"; Only thing I don't think works is: if (player isEqualTo _Terrorist) then { titleText ["Now this is epic", "PLAIN"]; I don't think im suppose to use "player" here ? You can also see ive changed _player to _terrorist but eitherway how would I check if it actually makes someone the terrorist? what I would like is for it to display a titletext when you're the traitor. I know how to that, but at the moment it isnt displaying the titletext and that is probably because im using player. So what I was wondering is what would I do ? thanks !
  11. I like it so far!! The cockpit looks a lot less laggy than the illegal Peral port that everyone is "not" using........
  12. Glow

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I don't believe we will see any alien creature from BI. Contact DLC will create gateway for weird scenarios - it's up to community imagination what this will be - extraterrestrials, ghost, army top-secret lab experiments on a loos, etc. BI targets military conflicts and Contact campaign will be about that, I think. Community will take this "little" Contact DLC and build to "Full Scale Invasion from Space" MOD, but scenarios made by community are already there, scripts too. PHANTOM, ALIAScartoons are with Arma for very long time now (search on Steam Workshop).
  13. Today
  14. New gear looks super duper cool, I do have to mention that Gorkas are looking way too simple and underwhelming. Upper body needs to be "simple" in order to avoid clipping through body armors, but you can work with legs then. Perhaps combine legs from CSAT outfit with current upper body of Gorka? Or at least could you please at add knee pads to current Gorka models?
  15. Hello Bohemia Team, Today on four times I lost the equipment that I put on due to an match making error after the timer for finding a match was gone, the prematch screen did not show but instead I got to the start page of the xbox. That Issue did happen maybe once in the last few weeks but never this frequently. This happend randomly and not in a row or a specific hour of the day. I lost the following equipment: 2x Times M21 with 40 shot and PPSH-41 with 175 shot and 2 antibiotics 1x Time ES16A2 with 90 shot and 1 antibiotic 1x Time PKM with 120 shot and 1 antibiotic because of this I decided to stop playing best regards
  16. Hi, I'm having the same issue, for any chance, did you solved it?
  17. Or something like this
  18. ISparkle

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Excited to see what you will do with Russians. Hope you expand more on what BI started. 😃
  19. will the wheels sit lower when your in flight or will it stay like it is in the picture? Keep up the good work!
  20. @Grumpy Old Man Would I just need to add my other units to the _units list? E.g. _units = [Patrol_Evac_1,Patrol_Evac_2,Patrol_Evac_3,Patrol_Evac_4,Patrol_Evac_5,Patrol_Evac_6,Patrol_Evac_7,Patrol_Evac_8]; If the above works even with more than 3 units, do I then need to individually assign each unit it's own move command or can I just give the group a move command and they'll still get deleted? Cheers!
  21. ISparkle

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Tbh, I am sure some people who are in milsim community within ArmA already are also excited about alien stuffs. Most likely, they will use aliens in their fun ops. I am excited to see what they will bring forth with aliens (should BI choose aliens to be actual faction that can go up against every factions in game instead of some 'Empty' prop).
  22. Rendered at 200%...the new gear is making me feel all fuzzy inside, especially the Russian Spetsnaz gear.....In my house we're calling this the Phantom Pain DLC.
  23. Yeah, it is why I don't think it makes sense to put Spetsnaz on the same level as some CSAT non-specialist units really. Tbh, I wished more for Viper level protection for them as Vipers are tougher and resilient to fight against and they wear something that looks similar to what Russians are developing irl. I love the looks of current uniforms. Just being greedy here really. But, now, I can complete the alien nerd farmer loadout with tinfoil hat I suppose. Lol
  24. For you everything is fun, absurd and acceptable when its done about you because you know such shit will never happen. Your history is perfect . For context Livonia (modern Latvia and Estonia) was thrown around west east south back and forth, constant wars and never free and independent, always under foreign power in history got free again 20 years ago and now to make such stuff like put us somewhere in Suwalki gap with size smaller than Kalingrad and make us Polish speaking is rlly disrespectful. All that info is reachable from google and i doubt they didnt research. If its fiction then make fiction country not put historical names. People in baltic states already take it with offense, just came to post here because one wondered if there are any people talking about it here.
  25. We're not burying them at sea? What then? ARMA 3 + MGSR + TAC VESTS + HIDDEN IDENTITY + MARPAT (WD + DS)
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