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  2. lex__1

    Battleye: Memory Corrupted #0?

    The guy wrote on the feedback tracker that if he starts the game, he remains in the main menu of the game for 5 minutes, only then goes to the server to the network game, he does not throw it out with this error. That is, something prevents the BattleEye process from working correctly. Open the Task Manager window, in the Task Manager settings - on top of all windows, and see which processes get high priority when the game is running.
  3. In the trigger's condition use: this && (({alive _x == 0} count [spotter1,spotter2,.....]) == 0) This way the trigger will only activate if at least one spotter is alive.
  4. dreadpirate


    I tried @ArteyFlow's values and I found a weapon at a military base within 10 minutes, while [50,50,50,50,50] was producing no weapons for me in hours of play. Can anyone explain what is happening "under the hood" here? I assumed the numbers were just a percentage chance of finding that type of loot, but I guess not?
  5. Just saying your calculations will issue (at the best!) the array you could simply define just by picking some points (and you already did it, I know). Your algorithm can be replaced by the way you'd picked them visually in 3den to make paths... I'll not add any more comment about that. Let's go for your calculations.
  6. Thank you johnny, that compliment is a real honor specially coming from the father of all Arma 3 Dogs. 😄 Technically you filled the need for a Dog companion in Arma 3 first... and we all know BI didn't make it easy for you... To be honest I was about to give up on it until you came up with amazing ideas to make it work. I make all my missions MP since all my family plays on a LAN so I really needed these scripts too. 😊 Believe it or not but Arma 2 had much better animal behavior than Arma 3. If Arma 2 was 64 bit I would be playing that...
  7. I'd like to start with 2 functions: Shortest path between 2 nodes Traveling Salesman that visits all nodes We don't have to pass in all building nodes when using these functions. It could be all, or could be just nodes for one floor. We would now have building blocks to support various ai paths: Want group to just pass through building? Then pass it Starting Entry Point, and a second Entry Point (for the Exit), and calculate the shortest path. Now group passes through building, without going to second floor. Want to search floor by floor? Call Traveling Salesman calculator passing in Floor 1 points only, then call it again passing it stairs and floor 2 points. In and out: Pass in a start and end point to shortest path. When group reaches end point, it follows the reverse path to exit building. Search all rooms, then use shortest path to exit: Call Traveling Salesman. When group visits last node in Traveling Salesman path, we then call Shortest path from this node to an Entry point to give AI shortest path to exit building. I will also support Mission Designer recorded paths for any building, or anywhere on map (the path AI followed in my 2 videos was using my custom paths). Please note that I am NOT using unitCapture/UnitPlay. Units cannot react to environment when using UnitPlay. I use my own script to execute a move from point to point, and allow AI to fight at each point if they perceive an enemy.
  8. Defunkt

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    You are seriously naive when it comes to how the world works. Why do you imagine all those Internet giants that lose money year after year are valued so highly? Because they've captured a market, established a recognised brand and accumulated a userbase, same as BIS, and that was a very risky proposition when they started out. That's now capital and this is how it yields a return.
  9. I've been trying to figure out how to apply some of the variables for the Military Symbols Module but I havent been able to figure it out. Specifically I've been trying to figure how to apply the "delay" command and the "duration" command: BIS_marta_mainscope setvariable ["duration",600]; BIS_marta_mainscope setvariable ["delay",0.1]; Where do I put/define these? Do they go in init/description or in the module's init line? Thanks
  10. pierremgi

    Disable Artillery Computer

    See this topic about that. For general effect (on all artillery/mortars) you can write your code in init.sqf or initPlayerLocal.sqf If you want to play with some specific artillery or mortar, let's add some code in init field of the asset ( this will be the reference here).
  11. Sure, but so far, you're trying to find the shortest way to go from ptA to ptB (algorithm), But what about visiting a house? From entry A to entry A?, or B?.. or C?, visiting all rooms, balconies... I guess you need 1 (or n paths for n entries) from Entry_i to Entry_i (so a loop), to keep it simple. Then, is there something to calculate (in this case, which parameters?) or just an array of points to follow? I can imagine you can build library, spending time (but sparing it in fact) to travel with a player in houses. Then, two or three triggers: radio A: add the player's relative position to building's center to an array for this house radio B: start a new array (for floors), optional radio C : new building, new center. On the other hand, any unit will follow the same path (you can randomize 2 or 3 paths by recorded arrays). If you remark that's more or less, the idea with unit capture/play functions.
  12. I never thought of that. That behaviour was intended for player controlled dog so that when player killed, dog circles dead player and mourns him (which is ok for SP). I *think* for AI controlled dogs, if handler is killed, control of dog goes to next alive AI in same group. If no more alive AI, then dog may go in circles again. When no AI handlers alive in group, I should probably change the code so dog becomes feral or he joins next nearest AI of same side, or he runs away and is deleted when not near a player. Good job LSValmont! The fact is, I will probably never get around to making JBOY Dog MP compatible, so you are filling a real need. Thanks.
  13. I am currently running a multiplayer mission file (Exile) and am trying to disable the artillery computer for assembled mortars ingame, if not, the entire server. I know enableEngineArtillery false; does it, however I am not sure exactly where to put it. Can anyone assist?
  14. Sir BadNade

    Grimdark Armory [40k]

    This is going for a more Arma looking style right? More Non-fiction compared to the 40k universe approach on looks. Also what about wear on the weapons and gear? Gear and equipment just seems rather glossy.
  15. Cptlaerte

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Any plans to add 3CB Factions as enemy in parameters ?
  16. ArteyFlow


    @haleks I have an update for you regarding the Respawn bug I've mentioned a few times on the forum (the one where you die immediately upon respawning). I've just now discovered the secret behind the bug, which is that it only occurs if you have "Select Respawn Position" enabled in the mission's Multiplayer attributes. The bug doesn't seem to occur if you leave "Select Respawn Position" disabled. The bug seems to be directly connected to the "Multiplayer Persistence System" in the "Save System" module. I have video proof of the bug located down below, that shows literally everything, including my enabled mods and what not (which are only "CBA_A3" and "Ravage" in the video I linked, so the bug is 100% due to Ravage and not one of my mods). Take a look and let me know if you would be able to fix it. Thanks, my man. Video: Ravage Respawn Selection Bug There's two parts to the video; the first part is me showing a Ravage mission with "Select Respawn Position" enabled, from the beginning of the video to about 8 minutes in. The second part is me showing a Ravage mission with "Select Respawn Position" disabled, which starts at about 8 minutes in and lasts through to the end of the video. You can actually see my game freeze when I click respawn around 5 minutes in the video, it's almost like the game is struggling to even function at that point.
  17. Thanks guys. I’m back from holidays (shit weather unfortunately), so will look into these issues ASAP

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    Hello there lordfrith ! This script will work on random building selection in the given area and the patrol will be updating according to the current position of the patrol , so this way it may be more random. So far testing , the ai's are not following all the building positions on 100% , so in case of stack , i have adjust this to select again a new route. The default is every 10 sec to check , if the patrol is not moving. I don't think that it's much of a problem if they don't enter a building or a certain room , because so else the patrol will procced to the the next point and when it will come up again this may change as well. I think that BIS should have implement a function for urban patrols. It will be soon available !
  19. SpookySplash

    Project True Viking

    Vehicle is looking pretty good! I'm excited to be able to use it
  20. Fairly new to scripting and Eden, so please forgive me if this is obvious. In a scenario, I'm trying to set up several spotters in town who are stationed at various points with eyes on one or more IEDs, occasionally with overlap, so more than one spotter can set off a single IED. The IEDs will be set to be "manually" triggered, not proximity base, to represent that the spotter(s) fire the explosives when a target is near. I'll accomplish this with an area trigger around the IED to set it off when a BLUFOR unit is in range (so that it can't be circumvented by crawling into range like a normal proximity explosive). However, I'm trying to figure out how to deactivate the IED/scripted trigger if the spotters have all been killed. I know I can start with an "If !alive" to check the spotters, but am not sure how to execute the following "then". I would guess it would be something to delete the trigger, so that the IED is still technically active, but with no chance of going off? Also, if I have multiple enemy spotters with eyes on the same IED, is there a danger to listing multiple units in my !alive check? TIA!
  21. lexx

    Object to terrain level

    You should post your code, otherwise folks can only guess what you are doing wrong.
  22. Open your Arma 3 Tools folder, there's a sub folder called DSSignFile, within that there should be your .bikey file, this is the key for server admins. 😉

    IIIE Gear Pack

    Pretty cool stuff ! Congratulations Fros7bite for the release ! Ps : Nice camo selection !
  24. off to watch gunthers video again =D thanks EO
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