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  2. Oh wow! Look's like we are messing around with exactly the same problem! Well A.I. movement in general is kind of strange sometimes... I created a test mission with multiple radio triggers which allowed me to on the fly switch / toggle between diffrent move commands and positions with and without enemy(s) diffrent behaviours and formations all this kind of stuff... But still i'm not sure what exactly leads to A.I. not moving sometimes... Looks like environment is a big point! Mountain / Rocky areas are a mess... A.I. really is not able to properly move through those areas... Somehow they always manage to mess up their formation... Most of the time you can get them back to continue moving by using: {_x doMove (getPos _x) } count (units _group); or (units _group) doFollow (leader _group); which i think will make them kind of clean up their formation and continue moving again. But just as you already noticed sometimes they stop moving in the middle of nowhere in flat empty areas... Yes that's really true! Disable A.I. unit(s) "FSM" makes them skip all B.I.S. hardcoded micro A.I. cover search behaviour which leads to much faster A.I. movement in general. About the A.I. not moving problem: Guess if you use _unit disableAI "FSM" somehow makes given A.I. unit(s) stuck at some point of the FSM file which leads to A.I. not moving. You can disable all A.I. unit(s) "FSM" once at start and keep them disabled all the time to prevent A.I. stop moving. Switching it on and off will mess things up! A.I. AWARE vs COMBAT behaviour: A.I. group(s) which use AWARE behaviour will move almost exactly the same as A.I. group(s) with disabled "FSM". Guess you already found a way of how to get them to AWARE even if in combat. {_x disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"} count (units _group); _group setBehaviour "AWARE"; "AUTOCOMBAT" has to be disabled to change A.I. group(s) behaviour to AWARE during combat!
  3. pr9inichek


    May be request help(votes, opinions) through reddit and official discord? Agree with you. Another idea: some sectors randomly empty, without AAF
  4. Larrow

    Repeatable Objectives

    Why? That should not work. The array version of inArea expects the first parameter as a position or object, not a string. Is the marker an area marker? or just an empty? If its not an area marker change the waitUntil condition in the code in the spoiler below to... waitUntil{ //If the task has been set as failed [ "t1" ] call BIS_fnc_taskState == "FAILED" || //Or all units of group _HVT are in marker_63 { units _HVT findIf{ !( _x inArea [ getMarkerPos "marker_63", 8, 8, 0, false, 8 ] ) } isEqualTo -1 } }; Uses inArea ARRAY but passing markers position rather than string name. Sorry my mistake for not spotting that _HVT is a group not a unit
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  6. If you do not like the content of a DLC...simply don't buy it. We all love our Arma 3 WWII, Halo and Zombie mods but if the devs try something different it is all evil.....It sometimes seems that Arma community would be happy with only playing cold war crisis and middle east scenarios for the next 25 years....
  7. Cockheaven

    Repeatable Objectives

    @Larrow Your code is incredibly plug and play, thanks for that. I added both of those check to the Capture.SQF and changed the line _HVT inArea "marker_63" to _HVT inArea ["marker_63", 8, 8, 0, false, 8] When I use the code as is (as you prescribed it) it works but it wont detect weather or not _HVT has been brought to the marker, so I considered it needed a search distance (didn't seem to be baked into inArea) so I changed it to the array posted. however when I use this new line I get the error '...] spawn { params[ "_hvt" ]; waitUntil{ |#|_HVT inArea ["marker_63", 8, 8, 0, fals...' Error undefined variable in expression: _hvt I don't get it, do I have to redefine _HVT , if so how do I do that? I don't really know how to reference objects spawned preciously are they stored in the script they are spawned from? do I need to pass them as a variable to other scripts that utilize them? how do I do this? What I don't get is the EH to check if _hvt is alive works, when I shoot _hvt the task fails.... Thanks!
  8. wansec_6


    G'day @Meatball0311 Welcome Back. Looking forward to seeing what you produce.
  9. Let's hope it won't bring aliens or lasers into the game. I'm not against these assets, but this would break Arma series. Chemical or nuclear warfare is better option.
  10. //initServer.sqf TAG_basePos = #;//Your base position TAG_enemySide = east; //? TAG_marker = "someMarkerToMove"; TAG_fnc_findNearestSector = { params[ [ "_current", [] ] ]; //Get a list of all sectors _sectors = BIS_fnc_moduleSector_sectors - [ _current ]; //Get all the sectors that are either uncaptured or belong to the enemy _sectors = _sectors select{ _x getVariable[ "owner", sideUnknown ] in [ sideUnknown, TAG_enemySide ] }; //Set all sectors in the list to [ distance from base, sector ] _sectors = _sectors apply{ [ _x distanceSqr TAG_basePos, _x ] }; //Sort sectors to nearest first _sectors sort true; //Get nearest sector _nearestSector = _sectors select 0 select 1; //Get the nearest sectors trigger( capture area ) _trigger = _nearestSector getVariable "areas" select 0; //Move marker to trigger TAG_marker setMarkerPos getPosATL _trigger; //Store on the sector a reference to... _nearestSector setVariable[ "SEH_ID", //Add a "ownerChanged" SEH( scriptedEventHandler ) to the sector //This is the same as the expression field in the editor [ _nearestSector, "ownerChanged", { params[ "_sector", "_owner" ]; //If the sector is no longer uncaptured or belonging to the enemy if !( _owner in [ sideUnknown, ENEMYSIDE ] ) then { //Remove this SEH [ _sector, "ownerChanged", _sector getVariable "SEH_ID" ] call BIS_fnc_removeScriptedEventHandler; //Find a new sector [ _sector ] call TAG_fnc_findNearestSector; }; }] call BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler ]; }; //Find starting nearest sector [] call TAG_fnc_findNearestSector; Untested. Rewritten it as initServer.sqf I wrote to find the sector module not its capture trigger. Fixed in above code. Done in above code. The expression field is the same as a scripitedEventHandler of "ownerChanged" placed on the sector.
  11. If its aliens, I'll be disappointed... If its not Naval related, I'll be disappointed... If its not ArmA 4 related, I'll be disappointed... The ArmA series is unique in the business of gaming. Its the ONLY one of its kind. If BIS squanders time, money, and resources for anything other than what is missing, or doesn't expand and improve upon the core focus of what has become an epic gift to the mil-sim community, game-dev hobbyist, or passionate simmer...... Well... I'll have some serious doubts about the vision, commitment, and management decisions over at the Bohemia studios.
  12. johnnyboy

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    Everybody's a bloody critic... lol
  13. beno_83au

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    The bloke with the Katiba at 1:55: He in the wrong spot for the demo and hoping no one notices him fix it? Advice: If they've taken a casualty in a room they could frag it before trying to clear again?
  14. johnnyboy

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    Hahaha. Sadly, there is no way this will ever be as good as Swat 4. That was the best coop game ever.
  15. beno_83au

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    @johnnyboy I can't imagine the complexity of having a team of AI do this But holly crap, if I see a video with a team explosively breach, flash bang and clear a room with a hostage inside of it, I may NEVER again re-install SWAT...... (lol jk I always re-install it)
  16. I posted a progress video:
  17. johnnyboy

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    UPDATE: I've made some progress on getting a stack of 4 (or less) units to move through a building path. As you can see from the video, there is lots of room for improvement. It's been a royal biatch getting the little AI wankers to perform this well...but I hope to improve it. New features: Known Problems: Future: My apologies to @beno_83au for not yet incorporating his breaching script. He kindly delivered a working copy integrated with an old version of my script a month ago, and I haven't integrated it yet. I promise I will get to it mate and release a vid! Progress Video: If you are curious, this is the path array that was used for this video:
  18. aussie battler

    Enhanced Movement

    Love this mod, it has added so much to the game. Does anyone find some players get slower sprint after using enhanced movement?
  19. My last unit and now my new unit absolutely HATE this stupid idle timer for our small milsim groups. What's the current news on how to disable it? I'm really surprised there isn't more uproar about it because it's one of those "features" that I'm sure 99% of server owners never asked for. It's been a huge headache and has disrupted the way we operate.
  20. I was just eating and trying to wrap my head around it lol Good thing you caught it, I would have tried to make sense of it for ever lol Now, objnull, is that a placeholder for an object that is absent ? Like, a player that is offline, but could come back type deal ? 1.5 I'm assuming is the distance the action will show, however, what are the two boolean placements ?
  21. He didn't say that. He said aliens would be more appropriate in another franchise, which is completely correct. I am one of the many people that don't think aliens are right for the Arma series. If Arma 4 is as far away as the developers are suggesting, Arma needs an expansion, are real expansion that is consistent with the core of the series. I could be wrong, but if this expansion is aliens, or something similar, I expect it could very well end up having as poor of ratings as the GM DLC.
  22. Just realized a mistake on my part, param for _unit should be: [“_args”, [],[[]]] and you would: _args params [“_unit”] under the original params line
  23. ozdeadmeat

    getobjecttextures Action Boolean

    OK, to make the condtions a little neater I have created a small function. CHECK_PATH = { //Returns true of false based on a texture path private ["_obj", "_n", "_TMP", "_fileroot", "_checkpath", "_fullpath", "_return"]; _obj = _this select 0; //Object (the one with the texture being checked _n = _this select 1; //Number _TMP = toLower(_this select 2); //Texture Mission Path _fileroot = tolower(parsingNamespace getVariable "MISSION_ROOT"); _checkpath = _fileroot + _TMP; _fullpath = toLower(getObjectTextures _obj select _n); _return = if(_fullpath == _checkpath) then {true} else {false}; _return }; with the new condition as '((_this distance2d cursortarget < 3) && ([_target,0,"CustomTextures\Tutorials\UPGRADE_CRATE_INFO.paa"] call CHECK_PATH))',// Condition for the action to be shown This still requires this line in the description.ext __EXEC (MISSION_ROOT = __FILE__ select [0, count __FILE__ - 15])
  24. Thanks @Phronk, I hope to use some techniques from that. Even without AI moving thru buildings, if we place balls in strategic points based on MR's nodes (doorways, stair landings, windows, etc.) we can have AI cycle through watching those objects and thus intelligently scan for threats.
  25. Thank you a ton J, couldn't ask for anything more, I was goofing around with a param array earlier, but you put that to shame lol Cheers!
  26. player addAction [ “Sneak Attack”, { params [“”, ””, ””, [“_unit”,objNull,[objNull]]; if (isNull _unit) exitWith {}; [_unit] execVM “myscript.sqf”; }, [cursorTarget], 1.5, true, true, “”, “cursorTarget isKindOf “Man” && alive cursorTarget && *sideCheck* && *distanceCheck* && *stancePlayerCheck* && *speedPlayerCheck*” ]; Something like this replace necessary conditions/script path/name etc. Rough outline at least.
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