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  2. Αplion

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Will be fixed ... thanks.
  3. Hi guys. I have win7 and DPI settings on 125% (100% doesn't work for my eyes) ..but the lower portion of TADST (with Profiles and save buttons) it's unreachable. I tried 3rd party application to "size it" differently but doesn't help. Any other magic?
  4. Dedmen

    I don't know why he was banned? İNFİstar BAAN =)

    Don't play on infistar servers then. They have logs, and they told you that. They have the evidence they need. Well you were already banned from KoTH multiple times, and this is your 3rd infistar ban judging by your discord messages. So......... I think that might have sooooomething to do with why they just banned you from their discord instead of arguing.
  5. Hi Vandeanson, Thx for your amazing mod, btw i cant use it on my dedicated as there is no key Any chance to get one ? or is there a way to integrate it as a script ? Cheers Wave
  6. Hi Is it possible to know when variable set to an object is changed in another machine? For example server sets global variable on player and client needs to know when it has changed? I mean this: _player setVariable ["test", 123, true]; // On server With public variables it would be possible to detect the change with addPublicVariableEventHandler but what about these object variables? I could make a loop on client to detect the change but that wouldn't be ideal. thx!
  7. sarogahtyp

    Static drop on map click

    why editing it if it's already created the way u need it? and uuhh ... @pierremgi did it: HALO Jump Script
  8. Dedmen

    SQFLint for Visual Studio Code

    Possibly undefined variable. So yes, a warning. It also shows that when you hover over it.
  9. Also that would mean finally czech content in a czech made game. That would truly be awesome. I'm sure BI would also be very happy about that.
  10. Dedmen

    That BI Thailand Job

    Doesn't say anywhere that you need to speak czech.
  11. So how is the view distance working for everyone else? When I fly a plane the infantry appears too late making it difficult to aim at them.
  12. Dedmen

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    They definitely do. They show quite precisely which part of the frame is spent rendering, ai calculating, script execution and so on. My profiler can also record the entire YAAB run for later analysis. and give you averages/histograms of all the steps.
  13. Today
  14.  EO


    From the pics most of the stuff looks suitably grimy already, but yeah if its allowed I'd love to give them a little R@F. From what i'm hearing tho' the data files will be in EBO format....at least initially.
  15. this should't be the error causing the issue when you start the server with mods there are all rightly loaded? full rpt could be helpful
  16. Steve 161st

    IIIE Gear Pack

    Anyone else get a config error relating to TFR radios when running this? I'm running the older TFR 0.9.12 not the latest 1.x beta. Not sure if that's related. The exact error is: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/TFAR_anprc155.scope'.
  17. Make sure that PBO is loaded on server and all clients.
  18. Hey there! This weeks update & news video contains a release-roadmap for this week. Until thursday and Caw Caw! Narsiph
  19. Dedmen

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Valve takes 30% first, then the rest 50/50 so 35% total for BI and Devs.
  20. soul_assassin

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    hope people are enjoying today's dev release 🙂
  21. Vandeanson


    Are you ready to ravage that stuff EO:)?? Didnt know about this, thanks for sharing, im full speed on the hype train now:) Love the fact about the enterable buildings! Thats such a shame on tanoa..
  22. I think it's redundant because you already stored the arrows in an array. But it's even possible with setVehicleVarName but you have to read the wiki entry carefully to get it work. Also I think you don't need your arrows. you could just store all information in an array instead of creating an object which is not needed: _findVehicleSlots = nearestObjects [[5100,5100], ["B_Truck_01_covered_F"],5100]; { _vehicleSlotPos = getPos _x; _vehicleSlotRot = getDir _x; deleteVehicle _x; _d = vehicleSlots pushBack [false, _vehicleSlotPos, _vehicleSlotRot]; } count _findVehicleSlots; now you have your desired vehicle slots with state, position and direction in your vehicleSlots array. from there you can simply spawn any vehicle you like to... A solution for spawning all such vehicles which are near players could be: _desiredDist = 1000; // range for spawning vehicles near players _vehicleClassNames = ["...", "...", "..."]; // add vehicle classnames as you like _desiredDistSqr = _desiredDist ^ 2; //square distance for faster distance measuring _justPlayers = (allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F") select {alive _x}; // get all alive players // select all slots near players where _state is false (no vehicle spawned) _spawnArray = vehicleSlots select { _x params ["_state", "_pos"]; !_state and {_justPlayers findIf {_x distanceSqr _pos < _desiredDistSqr} > -1} }; //spawn vehicles and store them in spawnedVehicles array { _x params ["_state", "_pos", "_dir"]; _rndClassname = selectRandom _vehicleClassNames _vehicle = createVehicle [_rndClassname, _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle setDir _dir; _d = spawnedVehicles pushBack _vehicle; //update vehicleSlots array vehicleSlots = vehicleSlots - _x; _d = vehicleSlots pushBack [true, _pos, _dir]; } count _spawnArray; after that you have all spawned vehicle objects added to spawnedVehicles array for later use. EDIT: spawn solution without arrows added
  23. POLPOX

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Well, I'll buy GM on BI Store directly anyways, but, I give my :thinking_face: a little about the revenue. 50:50? BI didn't provides support for developing Creator DLC but BI takes 50? Hmm. I'd say, wish the actual developers recieve like 10 or 15 percent more. Also, what if I bought Creator DLC on Steam? BI:Valve:Developers 35:30:35 or 20:30:50?
  24. lexx

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    I dunno. If you consider that this thing is made by (afaik) two people... Seems reasonable to me. Making a mission is easy, making a GOOD mission is damn hard and lots of work. Now I'm not saying I know the quality of the GM content (might as well be shit - sorry), but a lower number of missions usually means better quality. Apex is getting lots of flack for its campaign for various reasons, but IMO the only really bad thing about it was the multiplayer-only (well, and the end-battle). Other than that, every mission has its own unique feature(s) and theme, which is a pretty good approach to mission design. Sure, but then you also can't ask about a 22 bucks price anymore. We're easily at at around 45 now and that feels highly risky to me, at least for a "creators dlc" where the developer is getting only 50% revenue (after Steam)... and this is the first of its kind, so we don't even know what the sales expectations are.
  25. Rydygier

    [SP] Warping Plague (wip)

    Thinking about not really interesting another part of island, stil kinda empty in overall, and thus about that third faction idea. Perhaps a group of other survivors, but acting more like ruthless gang of looters and extortioners, also hostile against creatures and often but not necessarily against the player, as poorly equipped as the player is so no problem with too much too good weaonry... Not sure yet, need some time to figure out their mechanics and background details. Then also about enriching plot background, narrative aspect, protagonist... Anyway, I plan to switch may attention for some time elsewhere, which should give me that time, meanwhile feel free to keep providing any feedback, thoughts, bug reports etc.
  26. maybe you should send me a mod list and we can see how this looks in koti.
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