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  2. GPS tutorial released by USAF team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB-DRWoLS1E
  3. AC 130 is work in progress as they stated in the other thread
  4. It's not released yet.
  5. diwako

    CBRN Script

    This script only really works for players. In the mission this was made for it was used to put additional tension to players. Enemies had re breathers already, so i simply did not simulate this. It would mean that you will have quite a few more actions in your scroll wheel menu. Possible, not so sure if it is practical.
  6. Tell us more about the way to reproduce that. (personally, i gave up with UAV's take off in my scenarios. I place them out of map, 500m high, sim disabled and hidden until a player connect. Then, they returns back in this position/status + resplenishment on disconnection. Simple, efficient, and no more problem like this, btw).
  7. Jono the Cutest

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    I couldn't find how to use AC-130. Can you tell me how to AC-130? Like where is it?
  8. Nichols

    [WIP] Black Hornet PRS

    OK so how many of you guys have mouse input turned on as your primary flight control for drones? I just turned my Corsair mouse control way down and I am almost fly it for more than 500 meters. I say almost because the control input from the mouse gets a little wonky when you try to over correct from a small turn and then you are fighting to get back to level flight. I also commented out several items in the config that seemed to create problems as well.
  9. @Gunter Severloh so imagine 4000 or 4200 MHz performance ))) If you don't consider the price.
  10. waitUntil {sleep 5; allPlayers findIf {(_x distance2d getMarkerpos "Marker1") < 1000 && isTouchingGround _x} > -1}; or waitUntil {sleep 5; allPlayers findIf {(_x distance2d getMarkerpos "Marker1") < 1000 && (ASLToAGL getPosASL _x)#2 < 2} > -1}; waitUntil {sleep 5; units _grp0 findIf {alive _x} == -1};
  11. avibird 1

    Supply drop

    @Larrow That is what comes up in the black debug box when I attempted to put your code into the init box of the ammo crate.
  12. i found a bug on the damage model of the F22A Also the damage model of the A10 is floating
  13. @wogz187 I am not using the carrier carrier just a runway😊 @pierremgi I'm setting waypoints through the UVA terminal. I can get the sentinel up with a move waypoint with an altitude of 2000 meters. The greyhawk will just crash every time. I will try to use the loiter waypoint next time. Hopefully that does the trick 🤪
  14. I found links to armaholic, but it doesn't have the download button
  15. Further feedback for the F35: The GAU-22/A has no explosive effect but is only armor piercing despite it using APEX ammunition and having explosion sounds when hitting the ground. Furthermore it is not that effective against other aircraft where sometimes you have to dump like 30 rounds in them. When activating afterburner the “AB“ symbol turns up in the vehicle status however it does not go away after deactivating it. The TGP of the F35 does not seem to have a 360 Degree Radius. The ECM script is working fine and as intended. However when shutting it down prematurely it gives an error message. When lying in wait with engine on and on zero thrust the F35 tends to slowly turn towards the left or the right. I am very much enjoying the new version of the mod! It makes so much fun. Glad that you guys are here!
  16. Nichols

    [WIP] Black Hornet PRS

    Glad you found it @cb65 wish I had seen this earlier. So in the future once I get the flight issues sorted again I plan to make this one available to all factions and also work on making it able to be hacked as well. Although that last part is probably not going to be super high on the to do list.
  17. Today
  18. 😄 Ya idk something i never learned about overclocking and after all this time, and this is my 3rd computer build in the past 12yrs too. I knew about the bios just since the last i worked on the computer which was shit 2yrs ago this month i never did anything else to it so i forgot how to access it, i thought it was either F1 or delete. Made the adjustment, i must laugh again but now the computer starts up extremely fast, gees what a difference in performance before it would take a couple minutes to boot up, now its like less then 30 seconds, i cant imagine what the game is going to be like now, lol heres where the ram is at now http://prntscr.com/plm0k3
  19. Let me know what you think!
  20. Fantastic mrcurry. I'll dive straight in and check this new version out. Thanks so much, so far 😄 Edit: I am not sure if I do something wrong... I added your code to the tablets, replacing "nameOfTrigger" with my lane triggers; "lane1Trigger", "lane2Trigger" etc... I then copied the "initRqrLane.sqf" from the example mission to my mpmission subfolder... Targets that have been up once, keeps coming back up, not just partially, but fully, and they STAY up... I ended up having 4 targets up at the same time, but only one of them would count... Do I have to give the targets specific names, or do they just have to be at approximately the correct distance and in the correct trigger lane?
  21. Merijn Hendriks


    Thanks for the SP optimizations! Since I'm running arma on a low-end system, I really benefit from them. What is the state of Livonia support? Is generating furniture in buildings supported? At last, a suggestion to the data loss you faced earlier: maybe setup a (private) repo on github / gitlab? (both are free)? It will also make it easier to rollback changes in case something breaks.
  22. Brother Makabeus The Bullet

    [RELEASE] Editable interaction menu

    Doesn't seem to be worked for me =( It says that _condicion variable is undefined in fn_abrirmenu.sqf
  23. Hello Mr. Aplion, can you please read the DM I have sent you regarding this topic?
  24. This is a great topic! I am in the process of updating my vDog patrol script and since the dogs are "Agents/Animals" and other Ai won't shoot at them I wanted to know you Halek does that with Ravage's zombies!?
  25. DSabre

    Military Aviation

    2.6.01 - added some interiors and details, - fixed E-2 Radar (thx TeTeT), - various small tweaks, - added preview version of Mirage 2000, - added preview version of Super Etendard
  26. Bukain

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Wow Blutze, huge thanks! To be honest i asked the above question over here just to making sure rhs has different ammo value on it's own(without any mod) before going on ACE3 thread and ask about if ace take consideration on rhs ammo variants or not(i went to asked on ace thread anyway before getting this answer) . Now you answer both:D. I'll check all those things you mentioned in the tomorrow morning. Oh about that scar sound issue, i can't find the culprit, couldn't still reproduce it properly:(. Me and friends are currently playing with jsrs, going really well.
  27. So I am trying to make a script or add an event handler that detects if you destroyed an object. This is for an object repair script. So if you destroy the object yourself, you will not be able to repair it.
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