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    OUTCAST by Alert23 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1738542416 A Former Ravage Special Forces Unit Deployed Into The Desert To Finally End The Z Plague. Find the Biomedical Research Facility and destroy it to bring back Peace to Altis. (saving is disabled,you cant run because its hard to move fast in a desertstorm and dont waste your ammo you gonna need.) beware of suicide zombies. Kill 50 Zombies to achieve an Easter Egg
  3. Hello there whiteface73!


    I don't remember if i already did , perhaps not ,

    Welcome to BI Forum Ravage Club

    Feel free and don't hesitate to ask for anything if i can help !

  4. Hello there Alert23 !


    I don't remember if i already did , perhaps not ,

    Welcome to BI Forum Ravage Club


    Feel free and don't hesitate to ask for anything if i can help !


    ps : + by the way , nice mission the last one !


    GF Ravage Heros Money Reward

    Hello there Nicholas Lendall ! If you didn't manage to make it work , tell me to help you !
  6. it looks like winter outfit (winter map, mountains, oh i wish it is it), or visor gas mask!
  7. Hi all, I’ve been out of town for close to two weeks and ready to pick this back up. OK, what’s next? I’d like to validate what we've got already (from last update) by sending some actual AI through a working building, before moving on. Btw - Should have minimal distractions for the next week or so (fingers crossed), so hoping we can make some decent progress! @fn_Quiksilver That's pretty awesome! Are you using forced animations, or sending em in the old fashioned way? @johnnyboy (and others who have experimented with playMove, playAction, and related commands): What arcane sorcery are you using to get AI to actually move once inside these buildings? When I place an AI inside the building (either by ordering AI subordinate inside or by buildingPos & setPos), and then call playMove or playAction, he simply does this: Then I tried BYOF method (“bring your own floor”), hoping to eventually try invisible portable floors... but this didn’t help: I recall having some success moving AIs around inside buildings a couple of years back. Seems I must have been setting unit position in a loop, or attaching AI to building (via attachTo) in a loop, etc to move them. (That would also explain why I recall them “moving through walls”, “flying through the air” a bit, etc.) ^ Ran some quick experiments like this today, but the result was somewhat jerky, and not smooth like in your videos johnnyboy.) Anyhow, any hints would be greatly appreciated and will help me validate this building scanner and proceed. ^ I have this same question. @froggy @everyone I wonder what’s up with this big "Please go inside immediately, close all doors and windows, and stay tuned for the reveal..." announcement tomorrow? If it’s aliens then we definitely need to advance this concept. You know... so the AI aliens can come inside to abduct and/or kill us!
  8. Grumpy Old Man

    Teleport everyone when fired!

    With a unique name like that it's a matter of 2-3 minutes to find out if the same user name shows up on the typical cheating forums, selling altis life money, gta v cash etc. Would be quite a coincidence, heh. Cheers
  9. Also it's useful to learn how to do NTFS links for maximum flexibility. I do the traditional ArmA command line call via batch files (with "-mod=@mod1;@mod2") and as for workshop mods, I NTFS link them into the ArmA dir.
  10. Without any script consideration, fps can drastically decrease if you point at a town or rocky/forest areas, depending on map (vanilla ones speaking, often worst on modded ones). Particles are also FPS demanding (throw some smoke grenades for test). So, It's hard to stick on what could be the best, for a spawned script. On my mind, there are some risks to be out of sync here. Keep on mind FPS are related to GPU, video/rendering options, at first! And your solution can't be a common one as all players have different FPS for many reasons. So, here, you are speaking about local scripts? SP only? On heavy scenario you are loading the CPU bark for scripts and GPU one for displays. So the fps drop seems more "persistent", along with active scripts but the challenge is not so evident. Perhaps, someone will help for your aim, but on my mind: - pay a sharp attention to the number of active scripts. Some of them are probably not optimized. (count diag_activeSQFScripts & copyToClipboard str diag_activeSQFScripts). - limit the units/objects. Use BI tools like dynamic simulation, simple objects, garbage management and/or your own spawn/despawn along with players' distances. - use Event Handlers or ease the mandatory loops (sleep 2 or even 5)... use lazy waitUntil {sleep 2; <condition>} into them if you can.
  11. Hi, I could do divide and conquer on all used mods and scripts, but first I ask here, maybe someone experienced the same... My player character stops, sits down, starts to do an injection animation every 15 seconds - this starts at some point into mission. I guess after the first shootout. It does not heal the character though ("damage player" value remains the same). I use an auto healing script in SP which heals depending on how the player rests. But this does no animations. Only "player setdamage x". Anybody seen this? Basically I spawn many units and have them controlled with GAIA/MCC and VCom AI and start playing starting from the Editor.
  12. Why would they announce a DLC/expansion and then its A4? Doesn't make any sense...
  13. Addons: Tonal redux, Modul sky, Wilco and ICP anims.
  14. Zakuaz


    I had world war 3 on a map this morning! I have been hunting some bug in game that's bothered me for years now, when I fly a Heli, the game will randomly crash, sometimes 5 minutes in...sometimes 3 hours in. So I unloaded all my mods - again- except for CBA, Ravage, TPW Mods, Achilles and the other Eden editor thingy. I set down Ravage AI, Surv, Settings, Zeds, Etc... 4am mission time blah blah and fired it up. Well I had forgot I had TPW Skirmish set to "on" with OP, IND and BLUFOR units, multiple squads, hasty troubleshooting pays sometimes. I Jump in a Kajman ( had no idea what was about to unfold) and fly myself towards this town and all hell is breaking loose, it was the coolest shit I've ever seen in the game! There was tracer fire streaming all over the place and I'm seeing Blufor engage Raiders and some damn CSAT team is getting rushed by zombies. 50 Cal fire from one technical shooting at another technical 500 meters across town, RPG hits a van full of Syndicate... I'm trying to land and get in on this action but the place is lit up, fluid and very kinetic haha. I died about 3 meters from my Heli... took some heavy AA to the bird on my way down and I think a cook off secondary got me while I was crawling away, fuck you ZEDS! I can't wait to get home and try it with some time on my hands to enjoy it! I've done this -often- on purpose before but not with the unit numbers set as high for each mod and I also probably had 20+ gear mods on, ranging from RHS to SMA, Friths, Warfare Thai...you name it, I ran it and 10 maps, all CUPs loaded...jesus.... No AI stuff though. Game didn't crash but that's not conclusive nor points me to the culprit mod. I will say I was surprised at the frame rates, I didn't have the read out on screen but you know when Arma is running good, the animations look so much better, everything does. So yeah, looks like I'm going full vanilla ( well Ravage and TPW stay, I wont play Arma with out em ) if this is the action and performance I can get.
  15. What if it's neither a dlc nor an expansion...What if this is a sneaky way of anouncing ArmA 4.... Ok don't shoot...it was a joke...😂....But what if it's not?
  16. Today
  17. You can improve it a little bit, adding a condition for player linkItems GPS also, because else means: "in any other case" and then, you run this code every frame for nuts (except when first part of condition is true).
  18. Really? This code will fail for multiple reasons, some of them very basic ones, but I persist to say that the intent to teleport all players in a MP server, shooting at somewhere, is just weird. Furthermore, there is no explanation about this aim. Not mandatory? fine... As you know, Warlord servers suffer for plenty of cheaters, killing the game, day after day (see Warlord forum). Personally, I'll not take the risk to feed this kind of behavior. That's my point of view and the reason why I ask the initial question. There is nothing wrong about the chart. On the contrary! Just remember that you are here on a public forum, with different feelings, different point of view and, first of all, anybody can read and profit of what you're writing. If you consider that relisek is clean, what about some future readers? So, on my mind, the question here is less "how can I help for a cheat code?" than "who will read this cheat code?" If you agree with that, I simply suggest you to continue helping relisek by PM.
  19. Made this little function to get the nearest AF ID. Useful when you want to use landAt etc commands: getNearestAirfieldId = { params ["_nearTo"]; private _world = configfile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldname; private _index = 0; private _closestDist = 1000000; private _closestIndex = -1; _checkAF = { params ["_ilspos"]; private _p = getArray _ilspos; private _dist = _p distance2D _nearTo; if(_dist < _closestDist) then { _closestIndex = _index; _closestDist = _dist; }; _index = _index + 1; }; (_world >> "ilsPosition") call _checkAF; _sec = _world >> "SecondaryAirports"; for "_i" from 0 to (count _sec - 1) do { _ap = _sec select _i; (_ap >> "ilsPosition") call _checkAF; }; _closestIndex };
  20. All the clues from the teasing show it's probably a CBRN DLC
  21. Found a few config errors... will update the fix tonight
  22. Found the answer to my question. The "main" airport's location is in "ilsPosition" of the world cfg So in altis its: configfile >> "CfgWorlds" >> "Altis" >> "ilsPosition" And the "secondary" airports are in: configfile >> "CfgWorlds" >> "Altis" >> "SecondaryAirports" More info: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Dynamic_Airport_Configuration
  23. Hi all, I have a quick question for all, using the BIS_fnc_arsenal how I can remove the magazine spawn on the weapon automatically loaded? I know how to customise the arsenal for select which weapon/item will be loaded, but I haven't idea of how permit to take weapons from arsenal unloaded already.
  24. moneyCheck = player getVariable [TER_moneyVariable,0]; hint format ["Current money: %1 %2 ",moneyCheck, TER_moneyUnit]; The moneyCheck variable will get the amount of money that the player have at the moment, and in the Hint you just call two variables; the amount of money and the money unit.($) This will do the trick. 😄 P.D. You can also make the variable moneyCheck private (_moneyCheck), this willmake variables only visible in a specific script, or function, or Control Structures.
  25. We will probably never seen VBS "in-depth" features in A3
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