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  2. killzone_kid

    50% chance of activating fnc

    The problem is your loop, it will always run, 50% it will run 1 time and 50% it will run 2 times. Make `from` 1 instead of 0
  3. Why do you set the texture twice every time? also this can be simplified: //in initplayerLocal.sqf TAG_fnc_playerData ={ params ["_player"]; private _UIDsTexts = [ ["SOMEPLAYERUID","PATHTOCORRESPONDINGTEXT"], ["SOMEOTHERPLAYERUID","SOMEOTHERPATHTOTEXT"] //etc ]; private _return = []; { if (getPlayerUID _player == (_x select 0)) then {_return =_x}; }forEach _UIDsTexts; _return }; TAG_fnc_setNameTag = { params ["_player"]; private _data = [_player] call TAG_fnc_playerData; if (_data isEqualTo []) exitWith {diag_log format ["Player %1 not listed",name _player],false}; if ((uniform _player) in ["rhs_uniform_acu_ucp","rhs_uniform_acu_oefcp"]) then { _player setObjectTextureGlobal [3,(_data select 1)]; }; true }; //------ [player] call TAG_fnc_setNameTag; ["ace_arsenal_displayClosed", { [player] call TAG_fnc_setNameTag; }] call CBA_fnc_addEventHandler;
  4. @Hi @RCA3 Just wondering what each side considers an obstacle. For instance, do opfor care if they're about to run over blufor? Are there certain rules in place for this?
  5. General Yudenich

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    не делитесь с сообществом и вашими поклонниками некоторыми вещами, над которыми вы работаете в данный момент?😉
  6. Mr H.

    Acex vs Zeus

    honestly this was quickly put together, since you are using ace and therefore cba there are more elegant/optimized ways to do this
  7. Today
  8. Hey guys I need some help finding this error please: File Mpmissions__cur_mp.altis\config.cpp, line 1693: Config: '"' encountered instead of '{' It is NOT on line 1693 in Notepad++ and for the life of me i cannot find the error here is my config.cpp file. I hope someone can help me find the errors because i have been looking for hours. Thanks in advance! My Config File: My Config.cpp
  9. @ALPHIVE Here's a callable function for all your trigger deleting needs, Have fun!
  10. I made 2 weapons mod, both using the magewell function to make the magazine models change while reloading. Now the wired thing happened, one weapon correctly change the magazine models when the character puts out the new magazine, but another weapon change the magaine models after the new mag had been loaded into gun. I can not loacte this issue, both weapon uses same model.cfg, same magazinewells and all other animations works fine. anyone have idea what may related to the issue? EDIT:ok its cuz i forget add magazineReloadSwitchPhase = 0.15384; maxrecoilsway = 0.003; swaydecayspeed = 0; those into another weapon, case closed/,,,,
  11. Gunter Severloh

    Ridiculous Frame Drops

    Ya it sounds like it is something with the graphics card then, either settings with it, or some actual defective issue, would also make sure to check the drivers for it consider that it could be a driver issue making the card not fully function or render things like its supposed to idk, but as you said see what the EVGA forum says, i'd be interested to know what you figure out, so post any updates on what you figure out.
  12. outwardpanicjoe

    Band of brothers Missions

    i got ride of cup real quick
  13. BlackSomethingDown

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    57-N-231 and 7N23 are distinct GAU/GRAU indices respectively, nothing will have more than one index, it wouldn't make sense then would it? Yes, 57-N-231(89) is late model 57-N-231 with PS core. 7N23 is BP core.
  14. Kuljack

    Plan swap :)

    I had the Fallknaven knife blue print in a purple military crate and the blue rare crate. Purposely obtained it from blue crates, to see what the purple would replace it with and it popped the HBAR plans! I am excited to snag that. Just have to wait for a boost or get this threat kill. I still haven’t seen one in three days.
  15. Reid236

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    LOL they are also using the fallujah map 😂
  16. kilo-bravo

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    US army 4 infantry division using ARMA 3 and RHS for training https://www.army.mil/article/228190?dmd So does that make RHS Milspec?
  17. froggyluv

    JBOY Point Blank Melee

    hahaha! nice -i love it 😄
  18. Sure. Now, basic script/trigger should work also. So, the next step is to understand how many effectively indep/opfor units are remaining when you are supposed to win. Perhaps are you using some modules/logics/headquarters/hidden units which are sided and counted as remaining units. Test that in console - watch lines: {side _x in [EAST,INDEPENDENT]} count allUnits If not zero when you are supposed to win, that's an explanation. For further help, upload/publish your scenario.
  19. I think I have put a bandaid on this by putting in the mission init DISABLEAI "TARGET" for my squad leader and same for "AUTOTARGET" which might not have accomplished anything, but I figure he'll maybe stop wanting to attack. Then I changed the GET IN waypoint to Careless and Force Hold fire. I didn't want to do that because I didn't want the radio chatter to reflect it, but I just put enableRadio false in the mission init. I also had to move the car a bit because it was close to a couple of structures which seemed not to jive with the squad AI. This seems to work somewhat consistently.
  20. Gentleman. When it comes to mission design there are many different ways. Some people design missions ultra realistic or very arcade-ish and somewhere between the two. I have been making missions since 2005. Yes my scripting knowledge is limited but my mission design setup and test playing is well above average. My missions are very calculated almost down to the last rocket needed for for armor. My missions are usually involve a few zones in a reasonable AO this mission is only 2000 by 2000 meters with three zones active using mostly GAIA for AI movements and a lot of editor placed guard waypoints. I use JEBUS for all my spawn needs. I have 35 groups with 215 units active in the zones some of the groups will respawn back into the mission a distance away from the AO. Three zones three tasks to stop the reinforcements coming back into the zones about half of the units will eventually return to the AO if a certain area is not reached, radio operator is killed and a tower is destroyed. I don't like to play with units spawning in once you reach a zone. Like the whole mission to be connected. There is no right way to complete the mission but each zone will help the other with some of its units. The zones either overlap or very close to each other. I appreciate all your comments and suggestions but when it comes to mission design I'm pretty good with that. I just want to figure out a way to end the game with one trigger or setup a serverinit.SQF. All the suggestions above do not work the only one that works is using the three triggers which I'm already use it. But I would like to know how I can do it using a different approaches.
  21. crimson_hawk_moth

    Ridiculous Frame Drops

    Arma 3 is on my HDD. Thing is, when i had my 1070 installed, frames would be fine at around 40fps, with no issues with rendering or any of the sort. So it has to be the graphics card. I'll check out the EVGA forum, thanks!.
  22. @xripx, Starting from scratch sounds like a great way to learn how to setup. I think you could use a little MMF_fnc in your mission. But not quite yet because it still isn't ready...
  23. Yesterday
  24. Ha, I'd love to, but I'm no where near an advanced enough user to set it up without waypoints. There are several waypoints and events before this GET IN waypoint that I'd have no idea how to setup and would essentially start from scratch.
  25. @wogz187, This gets complicated fast.
  26. @xripx, We already did that here, _x setbehaviour "CARELESS"; In the case of mounted units they should still return fire if able. Try with no editor waypoints. Have fun!
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