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  2. GhostJumperHD

    Calling functions when Player respawns

    Got the fix for teleportation by making local vars. _spawnPos=getPos player; _telePos=getPos player; profileNamespace setVariable ["spawnPos",_spawnPos]; profileNamespace setVariable ["telePos",_telePos]; saveProfileNamespace; [player, 3] call BIS_fnc_traceBullets; player addAction["<t color='#59b300'>Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;}]; player addAction["<t color='#d9006c'>Go to Spawn</t>", {_temp = profileNamespace getVariable "spawnPos"; player setPos _temp;}]; player addAction["<t color='#bfff00'>Teleport</t>", {_temp = profileNamespace getVariable "telePos"; player setPos _temp;}]; player addAction["<t color='#4cffff'>set Teleport</t>", {telePos=getPos player;}]; player addAction["<t color='#0080ff'>Teleport with Map</t>", "teleport.sqf"]; The execution at respawn was dealt with after making a "onPlayerRespawn.sqf" with: _nul = []execVM "myFunction.sqf"; The only thing not working is the bullet traces after respawn.
  3. Given we've not yet had an announcement that's likely still years away, and still more years until we have the level of content available now in A3.
  4. ronin1979ca

    Arma Fixes

    thank you for the reply Dedmen, that doesn't sound very fair.
  5. Normal for what we are used too, but in general no. If and when BIS were to add that capacity to the AI then there would be certain circumstances in which the AI would or could engage a heli, i think it would need to be based on realistic capabilities in real life, for example: 1. If a heli was hovering and not far, then there then would be a perfect target and best option if the AI chose to shoot their main cannon at the heli. 2. If a heli were flying slowly but moving then the Ai could again choose to engage that heli provided they are programmed to calculate, and lead their target and hit the heli timing in that would be crucial because based on the terrain, speed of the heli, and reload time of the main cannon, distance heli is and progressively making - (give or take he does some tactical evasive maneuvers if hes smart) then theres still a good chance the AI could hit the heli without problems. No one is argue with you, a discussion as we are having is not an argument, im not against what your saying just question whether its worth requesting at this stage in Arma3's game development, but then that all depends on BIS, they do tend to surprise us in their updates. My suggestion is to use this thread as a reference and create a ticket on the feedback tracker for arma3 https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/1/ Be specific and give the reasons, not opinions because you like or dislike, just show why BIS should add that function, they need a reason to do something if you say this sucks because they cant do this or that, then i would think in most cases your request might be ignored or overlooked because its taken as a rant, cant say for sure but do your due diligence and do it right. If you dont want to do the ticket then well, unless you keep bumping this thread and hope that a dev sees it then imo your wasting your time.
  6. It pains me greatly to say this, but Poseidon is apparently abandonware. The previously talkative @Tom_48_97 hasn't replied to the Poseidon thread since August year before last. Even if he's tagged, it gets ignored. I propose that doing this is henceforth known as doing a @klamacz. See here. If I'm honest, I had a sinking feeling that this would happen when he because officially BI team. Ho hum. So I'm moving to Visual Studio as that appears to have the next best level IDE for SQF.
  7. F. Garay

    DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Amazing mod and great work Deltahawk! One of, if not the finest US gear mod right now. Is there a possibility of adding PASGT helmets with camouflage scrim on it? It would fit very well for a Grenada/Panama mission. And besides that, they look really intimidating.
  8. Anyone know how to fix the Session Lost issue with this mod? Seems the server I played on (MonkeyMan) which has always used this mod now won't connect. There are players active on the server but I cannot join and it's down to this error: '@NATO\addons\mas_apc.pbo' not found
  9. Today
  10. These codes act instantly: Fuel: vehicleName setFuel 1; // 0 = 0% fuel, 0.5 = 50% fuel, 1 = 100% fuel. Ammo: vehicleName setVehicleAmmo 1; // 0 = empty, 1= full. Health: vehicleName setDamage 0; // 0 = 100% health, 0.5 = 50% health, 1 = 100% health. I hope this is what you are looking for.
  11. I posted these thoughts in the Creator DLC Discussion thread but I think the points are still valid here... Seems strange that while the DLC's will be available here on Bohemia Interactive's very own Store, the Creator DLC team are reminding everyone to wishlist it over on Steam, even the Global Mobilization Team link the Steam Store page as the first reference point. Remember, Valve will get a portion of each Creator DLC sale on Steam, whereas buying it here the revenue will be split 50/50 between BI and Creator DLC Developers. If I were to buy the DLC on Steam will BI absorb the portion given to Valve, in other words will Creator Developers still get 50% of the Steam sale as they would if the DLC was purchased here.
  12. lilwillie

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    I would also but it sounds like BI hasn't set up a way for that to happen or can't find a way like they did with Apex. It's above my pay grade in knowledge so I don't know how they did it with Apex and cannot with this particular DLC. I get the frustration. I'm just looking at it from the entire community, not just the MP servers that will have to figure out what they will do. Frankly the current state of the MP servers you see and are active are why I bought my own for my group. We couldn't find one that wasn't extremely mod heavy with tons of downloads to do or updates to keep track of, third party tools for downloading, or have mods we don't like at all, or have toxic player base (cough, armalife, cough) so we went our own direction. Again, I get the frustration that this isn't like Apex for a download you can see, but can't use.
  13. stburr91

    3den Enhanced

    R3vo, I noticed that when you set a unit as a hostage, the unit is not set to captive, and a opfor unit will kill a bluefor hostage. Is that intentional on your part?
  14. markocro

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    This strategy wont help vanilla servers which were developed and upgraded their multiplayer scenarios from almost beta period of ArmA3, since so much time was invested in vanilla multiplayer scenarios large portion of people was excited to see fresh content integrated with vanilla servers so the spirit keeps fresh and player base stop declining. Im 100% for idea to make Creator DLCs remain OPTIONAL DOWNLOAD, but make EVERYONE can download Creator DLC data but only who bought it can use its assets.
  15. It turns out that AI is programmed to fire primary weapons, secondary weapons, they are also programmed to fire from the Launcher but they are not programmed to fire 120 mm at helicopter - and do you think this is normal? Or maybe do you think that the programmers who created Arma3 are UNABLE to program their AIs for shooting from 120 mm? As I understand, you suggest that I (or anyone else) solve this with the help of scripting. Unfortunately, I do not own scripting. I propose that the game developers decide this, not in order to satisfy my needs. I propose to do this in order to remove imbalance from our favorite game - I think you should support me and not argue with me
  16. Looks like addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargo and Global only generate a weapon if ["All of", "arguments strings", "have", "valid", "classname", []] rearmTruckOne addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargo ["arifle_MX_F", "muzzle_snds_H", "acc_pointer_IR", "optic_Aco", "bipod_01_F_blk", []]//works rearmTruckOne addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargo ["arifle_MX_F", "muzzle_snds_H", "acc_pointer_IR", "optic_Aco", "some invalid class", []]//doesn't work rearmTruckOne addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargo ["arifle_MX_F", "muzzle_snds_H", "acc_pointer_IR", "optic_Aco", "", []]//also doesn't
  17. Hi @tpw Hope your well man. Just got back to Arma after a break.Cool new features and great to see you still adding new stuff and refining the mod. I use TPW fall lately,and iv noticed AI units who fall indoors,have a high chance of staying down indefenitely,and never getting up. I tested this on AI team mates,and set a trigger to teleport them to my position. So in testing,they often while indoors,once hit,fall and stay in that animation forever... As soon as i exit the building and use the trigger to teleport them to my position they get up rite away. This is Altis buildings,happens more on destroyed models.Using default settings from user config(minus the aim down sites sounds). Also,im just curious...in your time making TPW FALL,in your opinion is it CPU heavy?I have some scenarios with on hit event handlers on alot of AI(about 40-60 in combat) and just wondering if i will be making things considerably worse with FALL enabled. I know its a quite difficult question to give an exact answer,but just looking for your opinion since iv not been using TPW in recent iterations. Cheers man
  18.  EO

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Seems strange that while the DLC's will be available here on Bohemia Interactive's very own Store, the Creator DLC team are reminding everyone to wishlist it over on Steam. Remember, Valve will get a portion of each Creator DLC sale on Steam, whereas buying it here the revenue will be split 50/50 between BI and Creator DLC Developers. Edit: Following on from my comments above, If I were to buy the DLC on Steam will BI absorb the portion given to Valve, in other words will Creator Developers still get 50% of the Steam sale as they would if the DLC was purchased here.
  19. Hello all, I am pleased to present my second attempt at making a map - Ypres 1917. Background The map is a WW1-based terrain set during the Third Battle of Ypres, 31st July-10 November 1917, also known as the Battle of Passchendaele although the heightmap and satellite are randomly generated/custom made. For this reason, the Arma 3 WW1 mod is highly recommended. When the map is released in full it is possible that it will also become integrated into that mod, but for now any earlier version will be independently released. Features Map Size - 2km by 2km. The map features over 2.5km of trenches, both front line and communication trenches. Various underground bunkers/ dressing stations. The map features transitions from a small rear area, untouched by war, into the front line and no man's land. There is an airfield behind the lines in this area. Several fortified strong points along the front line, including a ridge with several pillboxes and outposts as well as a sector of the trench that is integrated into the ruins of a village. Different types of sectors along the front line. Because of the size of the map, a single, unbroken continuous trench line would be boring to make and play on. Instead, I've tried to add some variety to the terrain in different parts. One sector of the front line is flooded partially and composed of multiple outposts or fortified shellholes. Another sector features several separated but mutually supporting slit trenches in a forest. The fairly small gaps between different sectors are covered by barbed wire and pillboxes etc. A few artillery positions/emplacements. 2 half-destroyed towns. No man's land - ranges between 300-100m between the opposing trenches. Covered with shell-holes with varying depths that offer cover. Gameplay/playability One of the main issues about making a WW1 map is the Arma 3 AI. The AI aren't really capable of moving within the longer lines of trenches, but I've altered the map in some areas to improve AI playability. Some parts of the trenches are separated for 5-10m which allows the AI to pass through the front line into the rear, or likewise to pass through trenches on the way to attack. At some point I am going to add some better sheltered forming-up positions which will allow the AI to attack or reinforce with ease, making it possible for them to gather for an attack but out of sight of the opposing trench. The AI can't really enter or jump into the opposing trench line unless there are gaps, but they will attack it and stand on the parapet,letting them shoot into the trench. They are however capable of defending trenches pretty easily, and quite effectively, as they just need to be placed on the fire-steps. The AI perform much better around the less complex slit-trenches, which they sometimes are capable of entering/moving around. The shorter the distance between waypoints the better. Sometimes the AI will try to avoid passing through trenches completely and will detour huge distances to get to a waypoint behind the front line. However, this can be avoided if waypoints are placed close to each other. I highly recommend VCOM AI for attacking AI, although it should be disabled on defending AI to prevent them moving and glitching through the trench models. Gameplay - The map requires some skill/planning to attack an opposing trench. E.g. A frontal mass infantry assault in daylight without artillery will fail. However, in order to pull off a successful attack it's necessary to carefully use smoke and artillery, and make use of the cover in shell holes. Anyone willing to playtest the map is welcome. The mod uses assets from IFA3 as well as the WW1 mod, so both are required. To-do list / problems Add more reserve lines of trenches. This should allow for scenarios with multiple stages of attack. Polish the map and tidy up some of the messier sectors of trenches. Add more textures to the map. The current satellite image is provisional, and might be changed. Add more cover to no man's land in the form of craters, debris etc. Make the map in general, but specifically the trenches more easy for AI to use Screenshots Any feedback is welcome.
  20. lilwillie

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    I can understand some frustrations people are having when they play on certain servers or with friends but considering how many people outright don't even go on MP games, and how many copies of Arma 3 have been sold. There will be a demand for this. I guess I would tell people to talk with their groups, discuss adding it or not but I can't see how this is going to hurt the Arma franchise. Personally I'll buy it, and have it on my server, but on just certain off nights.
  21. Hi Pierre. As you describe, we hope to have already calculated the minimum nodes necessary to navigate a building (room centers and doors). We will also have already stored the distances per each pair of adjacent nodes. We then pick a start point and end point, and the algorithm calculates the path (the sequence of nodes) to travel to get from start to end. The second algorithm we want is the shortest path to visit all rooms once from a given start point. Initially, I think we won't bother with pinging for obstacles in buildings. The only blockers would be units (vehicles can't be abandoned inside buildings). Later we may get more sophisticated and try to ping for obstacles. I'll check out your addon. Thanks. "anywhere else" refers to my script using a pre-defined path to go anywhere, and actually has nothing to do with path calculation (sorry for the confusion). @madrussian is calculating the minimum nodes necessary to navigate a particular building class (minimum will likely include doors + each room center + ?). We then calculate paths per entry point for sweeping house. I appreciate all your suggestions on how best to calculate those paths, and hope whoever takes on this challenge takes that into consideration. I know there are many algorithms out there, and we really only need one that works well enough. These building aren't that big so any of the algorithms would probably suffice I'm guessing. Thanks man. I saw those too. I'm hoping for someone to implement one of these algorithms in SQF. I chose the link provided in top post because it clearly states the problem, and provides a simple test data set, with expected outcomes. This should make it easiest for someone to write and test their SQF solution.
  22. pioneer

    IFA3 liberation [WW2]

    IFA3 Liberation https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=950999958 v1.9 adjusted zeroing on the cannons texture removed from Stug 3 the m38 connections were removed. the nagan has a flame-thrower removed The PZIII SOV is moved to the Panzerwaffe fraction flight model correction Improvement of effect scripts for tanks Improvement of effect scripts for airplanes
  23. GhostJumperHD

    Calling functions when Player respawns

    This seems to make the script execute: _spawnPos=getPos player; _telePos=getPos player; [player, 3] call BIS_fnc_traceBullets; player addAction["<t color='#59b300'>Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;}]; player addAction["<t color='#d9006c'>Go to Spawn</t>", {player setPos _spawnPos;}]; player addAction["<t color='#bfff00'>Teleport</t>", {player setPos _telePos;}]; player addAction["<t color='#4cffff'>set Teleport</t>", {telePos=getPos player;}]; player addAction["<t color='#0080ff'>Teleport with Map</t>", "teleport.sqf"]; But the teleportation position is not saved in a var. And the traceBullet function doesnt seem to work either.
  24. Well... Pretty sorry for not updating T.C.L. for quite a while... Currently time for modding has become very little... But! Finally! It's time for an update! Lot of stuff has been fixed and optimized. Please make sure to check the ReadMe folder for further informations! As always... Please post any bugs and / or requests in this thread! Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) Beta v.1.0.19 ============================================== Download: ( drive.google.com ) Tactical Combat Link - ( TypeX ) Beta v.1.0.19
  25. ArteyFlow


    Oh, that makes sense then. I have Cup and Rhs set to "Yes" atm. I'm guessing I should set them to "Equipment Only" then, right? If i set them to equipment only, rhs and cup vehicles will still spawn, right?
  26. Thanks much .kju. These are exciting developments!
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