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  2. So basically almost like debug console?
  3. Yonif

    About ARMA 3 'win' ending

    The answer is Apex Protocol.
  4. chernaruski

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    Using JSRS myself here, haven't heard any problems with the sounds. You can always load it up yourself and test & if you happen to find any let me know.
  5. Any idea if those amazing new sounds are going to conflict with players running JSRS?
  6. chernaruski

    infiSTAR_defines.hpp error

    Check if the file in your mission pbo, along with mission.sqm and rest of potatoes. You can always ask for infistar related help at their discord https://discord.gg/jg8zVFF
  7. @Robustcolor Code example Function use The nk_fnc_unitSpawn function accepts three arguments 0 : Position of unit spawn 1: Range within which players will trigger script, default is 250 meters (optional) 2: Distance which the enemy group will be spawned, default is 600 meters (optional) On running the function will consider one position. The position may be an ARRAY, a MARKER or OBJECT. It will then check among all players to see if any one of these is within RANGE meters (default 250). If present, it will pick a random one of the players. Behind one randomly selected player, the script will pick one position DISTANCE meters (default 600) away. It will then pick the nearest building and use that as a spawning point. The spawned unit will be given the taskRush mission. example use: ["marker1"] call nk_fnc_unitSpawn ; [ObjectiveTank, 500, 1000] call nk_fnc_unitSpawn; Homework: Firstly, these scripts are written offhand while at work. There is probably an error somewhere. Secondly, why not try to convert the in-file function to one that is preprocessed like fn_taskRush.sqf. :)
  8. Art is a way to express yourself, show your tastes and demonstrate a magnificent vision of the world! But what if the end of inspiration for new ideas? I also asked this question until I found a wonderful site Texelprintstore. I ordered a multi panel wall art and it brought me back to life! Now every day a bright head and pure thoughts. This is a special place, a storehouse for new ideas. Everyone needs something special)
  9. Today
  10. its just a quick example , to understand the point
  11. Agree with you @chernaruski. But don't forget: your script is just made for one marker
  12. Ok. Sounds probable. Let’s hope it is an easy fix.
  13. @killick I use MCC4 mod as well as the stand alone. I mainly use JEBUS for all my respawn needs. Jebus has GAIA integrated into its respawn scripts. Is this a possible conflict I don't think so. I use the stand alone for secondary zones and not the main AO. The issues ibam having is only with opfor MSE3 marid and the BTR K kanysh. It has a full crew with all it's cargo space with units in the same group as the crew. In some ways it's kind of cool because you really have no idea where the group will be in the AO as well as it will move to different location to pick up new groups calling for transport. It does lose its original waypoints assigned from the editor which was sentry and guard.
  14. Yeah im using jsrs and I'm having another problem that is the russian units speak english instead of russian
  15. Hello How to fix? infiSTAR_defines.hpp is not in your MPMission or you forgot to #include it within your description.ext My description ext: https://pastebin.com/Q7jB7M0Z Thanks
  16. Oldninja


    Very true. I think other outlanders get frustrated at losing ammo and post before fully interrogating the other forum content.
  17. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27390 ^what I talked about in my previous comment
  18. dave_beastttt

    Automatically adjust view distance?

    Would something like this work? while {alive player} do { if ((vehicle player) isEqualTo player) then { setViewDistance 1000; } else { setViewDistance 2000; }; uiSleep 10; };
  19. El' Rabito

    Base Building 2.0

    4 Customcode overrides and two arrays to config.cpp of the mission file. If you want it like in the video (Upgrading the frame with an extra upgradekit while still being able the reinforce Exile default or even EBM elements) . ExileClient_object_construction_upgradeShow = "TEST\ExileClient_object_construction_upgradeShow.sqf"; ExileServer_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionRequest = "TEST\ExileServer_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionRequest.sqf"; ExileClient_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionResponse = "TEST\ExileClient_object_construction_network_upgradeConstructionResponse.sqf"; ExileClient_object_construction_upgrade = "TEST\ExileClient_object_construction_upgrade.sqf"; Config.cpp (That's a bit of a "dirty" way but with my limited skills i found no other way 😅)
  20. Thx but not exactly what I was looking for
  21. @tebbbs are you still developing this ??
  22. @genesis92x what up. I fooled around with vcom a while back but one of the things that did not work was groups would stay in combat mode even if the areas was cleared and no enemies in the AO. I had groups in a empty AO running around like chickens yes in full combat mode. I usually like to use a few different AI scripts to control the AI in my missions it makes things less predictable if you have different groups working on different scripts yes there's always compatibility issues so picking the different scripts is key to get it to work. When I was thinking adding a few vehicle only units using vcom and not infantry units unless you change that combat behavior back to geen when no enemy units in the AO.
  23. I'm not sure exactly, but I don't see why MCC4 wouldn't be compatible with Vcom. The GAIA aspect and Vcom may play alright together. Vcom AI does not generate additional waypoints if there are already waypoints created
  24. RaVeN103

    Base Building 2.0

    only 4 files need to be inserted into the customcodes. If you have already changed these, you only have to insert a few codeblocks. the objects can be used as an addition to exile, so no changes are necessary. or there will be a database script that exchanges the exile objects. So Very Easy for everyone 😉
  25. New release today ! Update 1.4a (20191018) Changelog : Added : - Some cleanup and debug values removal - Added CPU Temp Gauge - Added Console Output Visualizer (buggy though) - Added the Status Tab Fixed : - Fixed Crashing when converting string decimals to int in profile - Fixed crash when importing mods from steam while not putting Steam folder - Fixed process finding to handle 64bits and parameters GitHub link
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