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  2. Hey there, I have a few script errors which bother me for a while in the UPSMON-Urban Patrol Script by Monsada & Rafalski. I have no Idea how to fix them, since UPSMON is way over my scripting capabilities. One in particular is pretty annoying, it starts spamming at mission start: Error in expression < }; if (_inheli) then { _landing = _heli getVariable "UPSMON_landing"; if (> Error position: <_heli getVariable "UPSMON_landing"; if (> Error Undefined variable in expression: _heli File D:\x\x\ArmA 2\missions\OP%20GECKOHUNT%20v2%2e2%2e9%20Final.Takistan\scripts\upsmon.sqf, line 1473 I feel like this one is bugging out the helicopter AI landing from time to time and makes the chopper stuck. Here is the script: Link to the scripts: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9213 And here is my full rpt file for a few more UPSMON errors, saved ~30sec after mission start. Something is happening with the markers, something with the stuck control and something inside the functions script file. I hope someone already got experience with those errors since it is the latest UPSMON version. Cheers
  3. You can use vehicleVarName and setVehicleVarName
  4. Hey, I managed to get it to work after some small changes. Here the finished scripts: Script executed via init.sqf: groupinit.sqf ShoutSound.sqf Thanks again for your help! Cheers.
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  6. @Snkman: Oh, that sounds so promising! 👍 I am eagerly looking forward to testing the new version! ☺️
  7. Thanks for your reply @pierremgi. I used your tip to made a search in google and I found a very interesting approach. This work make me to change the original idea. I imagine my new algorithm in this way. After fired any weapon setcapture is false and it check after some time (random between 20 and 40 seconds) if the enemy knows about player. If not, setcapture change to true. A second idea is that firing a weapon and kill some player start a countdown trigger. This trigger simulate that the enemy killed fail to answer a radio check. I'll search the way to put the enemy in alert when this trigger is activated. Do you know if the enemy detect if the player has the weapons down or in his back?
  8. ANZACSAS Steven

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    I dont see how BI will be able to get proof of original authorship of all code and files unfortunately.
  9. Heya, yes we would like to expand GM of course. In our minds we're far from done. However any updates have to be negotiated with Bohemia Interactive, as they'll have to clear any update/patch through their QA. The setting for GM is generally 1980s, while the campaign and terrain are set specifically in summer 1983. At that point the vast majority of MBT available and waiting on each side of the wall were Leo 1 and T-55. This means of course that the next logical step for new MBTs within GM are indeed Leo 2 and T-72. 🙂
  10. Interesting, so it's possible we will see more vehicles added over time? If that's the case, are those future vehicles included in the 42 vehicles/variants on the steam page? I found it a bit odd how the DLC will be set in the 80s but the MBTs are T-55s vs Leo 1s, unless ofcourse you plan to add T-72s and perhaps even leo 2s.
  11. Your very welcome oldy41! Yes it really is... There are so many different types of scenarios possible in ARMA... Thought i would have already covered them all but as you can see... Indeed your find really is linked to a command i was using wrong! I used: _unit doWatch _enemy; Which makes A.I. unit(s) watch their enemy(s) and keep track of them even if without LOS. I changed it to: _unit doWatch (getPos _enemy); Which makes A.I. unit(s) watch their enemy(s) once only and if no LOS they will not be able to keep track / watching their enemy(s)! Good find i have to say!
  12. NikkoJT

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    All Creator DLCs are vetted and checked by BI before being accepted into the program, are developed in close cooperation with BI, have to be up to BI's standards of quality, and are QA'd and approved by BI before release. It'd be pretty hard to get through that, and because there's legal contracts and stuff involved, any creator that somehow did get illegal or copyrighted content into a paid DLC would be in the shit with the law. It's not just "anyone can make a paid mod now". There's a process, and only a select few proposals get accepted.
  13. Is the image browser working for everyone else?
  14. Congratulations team!! Sounds great and best of luck to you.:)All new creations is a big selling point.:)
  15. Hi all, I'm having this huge issue with AI-mods. I mean it is common knowledge ArmA without AI-mods like VCom or ASR is not that fun. Now then, if you want to run e.g. VCom on your dedi, it means ALL missions run on the dedi will have VCom on. Some great content - missions, campaigns - just do not want you to use such mods due to compatibility issues. They might have some already integrated, or then made so that an AI-mod could break them. Now there are also things like Tactical Combat Link - Type X, and I would be very keen to run that for tests as well (warm memories of GroupLink 1..n), but I'm torn because the difficulty to set the server so that it supports optimal gaming experience for many different mission types and theaters. Should one run two (or more) servers side by side with different AI-mod (or no AI-mod) setups? How to solve this?😕
  16. .kju

    what do you want hosted?

    are you more about public server/public game modes, or also interested in tournaments/events (like MP PvP campaign style)
  17. ANZACSAS Steven

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    If we,the community and moderators cant stop free mods from using unauthorized content, what is going to stop mods from selling the unauthorized content?
  18. a.d.3001

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Any plan to add vanilla tank FCS to M1Abrams series ? Then Abrams can lead moving target.
  19. Hey skruis, Athena is one of my favourite mods. I have recently bought a surface tablet and zooming the map is a bit difficult. Is it possible to add "pinch-to-zoom" to Athena or make the zoom slider bar a bit bigger so it is easier to operate it with fingers?
  20. When Tanks DLC was released, it was enough to change the control keys to get a completely manageable model. I did it, and did not experience a problem with it. I was able to set up a control that reproduced the old control model. Based on my vehicle control key model, I wrote on my ticket some edits for some of the fixes. But now (in DEV 1.93) there is a problem that is completely broken by another problem. My last comment on this ticket describes the problem https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127310.
  21. Depends on your audience. If your audience is the End User/Player, then Steam + Armaholic. If your audience is server admins/communities, then posting it in "User Missions" subforum here is sufficient.
  22. Another issue with rain fx is that the sound of rain hitting your helmet stops when you look through the scope. It’s not a biggie, just something that I noticed.
  23. The difference in steering behaviour in different control commands has been the case since the alpha, up to at least 1.90. It's a game principle - that has been become a problem with the commander control.
  24. Here are alternatives you can use, these are programs that you and your friend download, setup and basically it will allow either of you to connect to each other's game through lan, it basically creates a network that you can join, you dont need to worry about ports, program does it for you. I would have added Tunngle to the list but it cant be found anymore something i used myself for a little bit before i rented a gameserver. Hamachi - https://www.vpn.net/ Gameranger - https://www.gameranger.com/download/ Evolve - https://www.evolvehq.com/ Netovernet - https://www.netovernet.com/ Freelan - http://www.freelan.org/ Wippien - http://www.wippien.com/ Zerotier - https://www.zerotier.com As for port forwarding if you prefer to do that then heres a video tutorial on how to do it: Written Port Forwarding Guides: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server#Port_Forwarding https://portforward.com/arma-3/ https://armaguides.com/2018/05/31/how-to-port-forward-an-arma-3-server/ http://damteam.proboards.com/thread/974/host-dedicated-personal-arma-server https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/35220315821643648/ Hope that helps.
  25. Yeah, the RSO building pack is almost 90% done, only tiny glitches regarding doors animation, but other tasks could make the project duration even longer. For BOF, I have not touched it for a while though, there's a big possibility it could become another dead project, hopefully not in this life :) below is the latest image was taken several days ago, comparing it with the real-life location. the map is ready as terrain, the only problem is now placing objects (the other houses, street, light, etc.), which is really would take a lot from my time. Hope I can just release the early alpha this year (possible, but unlikely)
  26. Askeland Infantry hold a small checkpoint, while an IDAP convoy approaches. Addons: Project True Viking, Direones Animations, Polpox's Artwork Supporter, Vidda
  27. Thank you @phronk. I was inspired by the Line of Sight tool in Steel Division. It's very cool. I'll keep tweaking it to see it I can come up with a faster method or visually more appealing. I would like to be able to create 'blobs' with smooth filled curves but I notice you can't fill a drawPolygon so it's triangles or similar it seems. Unless anyone has any ideas how to do that, I would be interested.
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