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  2. Is it possible to make a script that disables fatigue loss only when jogging with your gun up? I am referring to the running stance in which your weapon is down, but not fully, so that it is still visible when looking straight ahead. I still desire fatigue costs for all other actions such as sprinting and vaulting.
  3. Sounds about right. I hope we get to see some cfgarmorsimulation snacks soon :D
  4. Hello, I emailed the company and they said they could not suggest a computer for the game and to post on one of their forums. So, is there a desktop that will work well for Arma 3 that I can get at a brick and mortar store like Fry's or Best Buy etc. that is under $500? If I could get a laptop for under $500 that would work well for Arma 3, that would be even better.
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  6. Project Zenith

    Yeah man, you could put an empty texture in the hidden selections for the mbss/pouches and then just the PACA will render. I will have some versions of the PACA/shooter belt combos for the more ind/pmc faction naturally though in due time, alpha and all. :)
  7. Project Zenith

    That last 6094 got me weak
  8. Project Zenith

    Is it possible to get a standalone vest without the MBSS? Via config or otherwise?
  9. Project Zenith

    yeah man for sure! its on the list. :) The ACU's have a hidden selection on a flag. (i have it as a blank one in the hidden selctions via the config so it doesnt show up normally. But it Is the same texture as the flag in the corner of the acu's textures. just a separate call so you can hide it :) thanks sir!! I actually just stumbled upon your poses mod myself and have been having fun!! I actually had a question about them that you dont have to answer here if you dont want to haha but, the BI " poster_pose" , both of them grab the weapons grip perfectly no matter the mod, where as pose mods like yours and dire's dont, is that just something outta the scope for peasants like us?? haha :d either way i love your stuff! 10/10 brotha! ------------ I've been busy with work as IRL, and I'm working on an update that i want to dump on you guys all at once instead of teasing, so I'm only gonna give you guys some new vest version as a tease haha :D I reorganized my entire Zenith vests config/file structure so retexturing will be a little easier. Boyyy do iRegret putting that off lmao what a pain. Anyhow, I'm not dead. Update coming soon. Added a knife model from Frimenitnet (game banana) and some new pouches. As the little items are coming in the vests are looking better and better :) I'm phasing out all the A2/sotg stuff for more up to date stuff since theres a few mods already rocking those out there. I love the way theyre starting to feel! Added the shoulder pads from the 6094 to a few of the naked shoulder straps of the 1961's/6094c's. Good stuff! :) I actually have this unit here as a gloveless unit, and the gloves, glasses, IR, and cans are a "Operator Accessory Set" in the glasses/NV slot. requested more by/around picture makers/people who like to play dress up... but hey... I do too so... :D
  10. General Discussion (dev branch)

    I figure they'll put the DLC on dev branch sometime this week, then release it at the end of March.
  11. Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Sending you a PM to help troubleshoot.
  12. Arma3 Videos

  13. Is there any way to disable those crackling sounds after a vehicle explodes? It's so annoying because it lasts like forever.
  14. Heres a universal method in arma to calculate centroid https://github.com/auQuiksilver/Apex-Framework/blob/master/Apex_framework.terrain/code/functions/fn_geomPolygonCentroid.sqf example use: _positions = [ [0,0,0], [1000,0,0], [1000,1000,0], [0,1000,0] ]; _centroid = _positions call QS_fnc_geomPolygonCentroid;
  15. Eden Editor issue: disappearing items

    Hey there folks, your help is needed with regards to a weird problem I'm encountering in Eden Editor. For the record, my version is the latest available via Steam w/ Apex & Malden DLCs included, and I'm not running any unoffical mods. So I'm trying to come up with a "Escape from Malden" mission of my own, happily editing the loadout of some units in Eden Editor; but as I decide to do a test run with the help of the preview function, I notice the gear I handed out with painstaking care is parts gone. Here it's a bipod that just went from attached in the editor to inexistent in the game. There it's a scope. And that guy doesn't wear the goggle I made him wear. What the heck… The missing items do exist in the editor, and they exist in the mission files, but if the mission is run they're gone and nowhere to be found. But wait, it gets even weirder: Different items disappear independently from each other. If I insert a new unit with new equipment --- just like that, what's been there until now is gone. It's almost like there's a hidden randomizer activated, so to speak. Or there's a limit for a certain item, and I may distribute only so much holosights. What am I doing wrong? Is this a known bug or something? I'm looking forward to every reply. Cheers!
  16. Tanks DLC Feedback

    I, among many others I know, will expect both passive and active protection systems (in tanks) to be a standard for their third but unofficially fourth iteration of Arma. And if the tank dlc does not adequately include these protection systems in tanks, I will be extremely disappointed and dock -75% to my rating of it on steam. This is not operation flashpoint; this is not arma 1 or 2; this is ARMA 3. Its been almost 18 years, almost two decades, since they began making a military simulator game. Electronic warfare and active protection has been more relevant than EVER in this day and age. If you are worried about balance, make a script command that turns those systems off, so you can keep the missions out there consistent if need be. But I can tell you that the majority of the community wants those systems. Scratch that... NEEDS those systems. Tanks are pathetic right now. They are only slightly better than the IFV's in terms of being effective, and almost exclusively rely on the the absence of competent air power (anything, including pawnees, can obsolete 80's era tanks). To say that air power is always dominant is not an argument, its an excuse for not putting more effort in the game. Another important point is electronic warfare and protection systems make the game more intellectually stimulating. Tanks have become much more than a low-brow rolling chunk of metal with a cannon on it. Especially in the sense of conventional war. Pure armor is becoming less relevant with the prospect of other rising military powers. Its only natural to recognize its importance for an accurate military simulator.
  17. Unfortunately that would cause MP to be not so fun, as you would lose control of your gun (but i guess that is subjective in general). This was mainly created for issues with context, so if there was a lot of interactive objects really close together you could tell them apart. But you can also open doors, climb ladders, and other stuff instantly, as well as scroll open doors. Might wanna check it out if you have not tried those things. But I understand what you are saying.
  18. Project Infinite v1.0

    oh you mean by toadie? i forgot about that but that wasn't released yet
  19. Ask us anything!

    What's with the game? Are you guys just making monthly challenges, and not improving the game anymore? The last 3 updates are, as in the change log, just "game mod changes" and this is since nov 2017. I mean four months have passed and so little changed. What are you doing, what are you testing, improving? big real update is coming? Or just lack of solidarity for the game from the devs. Why put on the roadmap monthly challenges? they have so little (to none) game improvements. I feel that you guys are stalling... and that's very bad and sad :(
  20. Also new to ARMA and experiencing the same issue.
  21. BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

  22. Hey all, I just got back into PC gaming after several years and just picked this up last night. I am 26 years old, EST and am looking for good group of squadmates for some COOP missions. Large scale or small operations. I work until 11 pm on the weekdays and am usually up late. I am going through the training to get the hang of it. I play squad and had the first arma back in the day. Send me a message and we can play some games!
  23. I tested in VR with NATO and OPFOR facing each other firing squad or WW1 style. I did unload all other sound mods including screams and yes it is working but I could barely hear them, even as a civilian standing next to them. I did switch all the guns to silencers and it was better. I then did a back to back with this mod vs Laxxman's Scream (still works), Dynamic Shouts, Unit Voiceovers and Project SFX. I could hear all of them so I think you may consider to adjust the playback volume to be a tad under the basic gunfire volume. I think the rifle gunfire eruption covers it up. My SFX volume is at 100%.
  24. @Zhivets In that picture of the downed helicopter crew being captured (I assume that's what's going on), is that like a little camo piece on the rifle being carried by the character on the far left of the image? If so, what modification is it from? I think that's really neat looking.
  25. as in it has to have "Head" assigned to it within the model selection window, otherwise it will float between his legs.
  26. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It's designed for 7.62 NATO originally. But it can be used on other calibers even 5.56 NATO, according to the AAC official website. I feel it can be used on something like SR-25 ECC.
  27. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I feel like the only weapon that suppressor could go with would be the PKP, I don't really think it's compatible with much else. That would be pretty cool to see a special forces version of the PKP though.
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