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[C.S.E.C] CTF & DM Maps

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[C.S.E.C] CTF & DM maps v1.00

Hi all,

I made some CTF maps for ArmA 2 year ago but I didn't released them to the public. Sometimes they were played on the Czech servers, so maybe you can know them. Now I finished next new maps in Operation Arrowhead. The pack contains three maps on the Chernarus, they can be played on ArmA 2. Next four maps are in Operation Arrowhead terrain. The addition are two versions of very known map since OFP called DM Tequila. I removed time setting because JIP players had night.


[C.S.E.C] CTF Stary Sobor

[C.S.E.C] CTF Zelenogorsk

[C.S.E.C] CTF Castle Keep

[C.S.E.C] CTF Garmsar

[C.S.E.C] CTF Zargabad

[C.S.E.C] CTF Nur

[C.S.E.C] CTF Falar

[C.S.E.C] DM Tequila (Chernarus)

[C.S.E.C] DM Tequila (Desert)

First free maps you can play with ArmA 2 only. Other maps are made with Combined Operations v1.52. Maps can't be played with Operation Arrowhead only. You need both games!

Enojy it!


DWONLOAD - [C.S.E.C] CTF & DM Maps v1.00 (313 kb)

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