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Did anyone play Chromehounds?

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Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone here played it. It is/was a game based around fighting in large mechs called HOUNDS. Now you might be thinking, "Yet another one of these over the top robot man games."

However, it was quite a slow paced, tactical experience. Although the singleplayer was rather weak, the multiplayer was where everyone cultivated, with a huge war going on all the time with players from all across the globe.

The idea around the multiplayer was the 3 nations made up of player-driven squads attempting to control the most territory as possible.

The 3 nations were as follows:

-Democratic Republic of Tarakia (European/American)

-Republic of Morskoj (Former Soviet)

-Kingdom of Sal Kar (Arabic/Middle-Eastern)

Each of these nations had their own distinct look about them, which made combat quite interesting.

Along with general looks, pilots have the opportunity to construct their own HOUND (it was the core of MP), starting from the "chassis", be it bipedal legs, reverse bipedal legs (like a dog's hind legs), quadruped, tracked, wheeled or even air cushion, each type having it's own advantage (much like the other parts of the HOUND).

Next you would advance onto:




-Weapons (stacks and stacks of them)

-Equipment (such as radar stacks or night vision)

All of these had their own advantages and disadvantages, so you could either stick tonnes of stuff, like weapons and armour, on your mech and be very slow, or you could go the opposite direction and be a nippy scout vehicle.

These factors had to be considered, so that's where the squads came in, so you could assign people different roles.

So, you could have the following squad layout:

-Command HOUND (Sensor/Radar equipment, cannons for defence)

-Close Combat HOUNDs (Tracks/Wheels, Shotgun cannons, frontal armour)

-Assault HOUNDs (Bipedal Legs, Cannons/Miniguns, All Round armour)

-Sniper HOUND (Sensor/Radar equipment, Tracks/Wheels, Sniper cannon)

-Artillery HOUND (Quadrupedal legs, Howitzers)

That was just an example, because the amount of customisation in this game was phenomenal.

In addition to this, there was constant news reports reeling down the side of the online campaign map, about medals being awarded to pilots, or areas being lost or gained, and you could also donate money to your country's political party (not sure what this did, I think it increased your country's weapon stockpiles).


The Online Campaign map


The Market, purchasing parts


Lot's of guns on a tracked HOUND


Command and Artillery HOUNDs


Command HOUND, soaking in the Sun


HOUND sporting rocket tubes


A pair of Squad mates showing off their colours


A HOUND spraying lead


Unfortunately the server shut down this January, due to funding or something on SEGA's part.

I would personally call Chromehounds a "big stompy robot," version of the early Ghost Recon games.

Ubisoft currently hold the rights for Chromehounds 2, but I think From Studios are still going to make it. So you can show your support here, though whatever help it'll do I'm not sure. I voted for it anyway.


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The game was awsome with no new Mechwarrior I need to keep my mech simulator fix going too bad no one plays anymore. I can't wait for a sequal but i have a feeling it will not stay true to the orginal and will be more geared toward a action based console marke

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Yes i remember this!!

I loved the game, really great online games we used to have. The customisation was incredible, but it did have some flaws.

There are so many ways this could've been inproved way too many to list here, but if i could only change one thing, it would be to stop chickens. Some of the mechs made had cockpits behind the legs, surrounded with armour and hemmed in with guns, it was rediculous lol. They ran at you really fast and then fired a shitload of grenades at you then game over = no fun lol.

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