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[SP] Operation Skalisty

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Hi Guys,

I'm releasing my first SP mission "Operation Skalisty". This is a small single player mission (that should work in Co op as all your 4 of your teammates are set as playable).


You play a Delta force team leader on a mission to locate and seize some Russian Scuds just of the coast of Chernarus on Skalisty Island. this mission requires Arma2 And Arma:OA although it requires no other addons... that being said I highly recommend using Zeus AI Combat Skills & AI Spotting modular by Protegimus which is a must have mod for myself personally.

My mission features the following;

-No Addons Required

-Full Detailed briefing

-task hints

-less enemy's when playing on recruit

-features to add to its presentation intro/outro scripts


-custom PPeffect filters and effects

-random enemy patrols

-save via radio

-a few more surprises

It should only take around an hour or so maybe less, so bear that in mind.

Credits and Thanks

Mission tested and created by myself only so I would GREATLY appreciate any feedback (the good, bad and the ugly) As I'm only a beginner hopefully I'll improve and bring you guys better missions :D.

Also a thank you to all those who post on the editing threads they REALLY help people like me. And for this mission in particular borrowed some code from BI missions and others as well (I made a note in all my scripts naming the rightful owners, I figure its only fair)So thank you to BI for their awesome games and the Arma community. If i missed anyone please let me know.

This will be the final version unless I get feedback requesting something major or there is a game breaking bug, I'm currently working on my next mission another singleplayer/coop on Takistan keep a lookout for it!!.

Change log;

V1.0 (Final)

-Added more enemy patrols and ambushes (as per requested)

-Fixed a couple bugs

-added Awesome "PPeffect fog" for atmosphere

So thanks again and Enjoy the mission

Operation Skalisty v1.00 Final


A big Thanks to the guys at armaholic for the top class hosting, Cheers guys.

Edited by Vicarious
Added updated armaholic mirror

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Completed without any gamebreaking issue.

Pretty cool showcase of several mission elements. Detailed coding.

Just the fog is too heavy that I can't even see any roads at the 1st Vantage point until I set the view distant = 5800+

Thanks again for BIS providing such great ARMA 2 + OA. Bravo!

SPOILER (how to set a show button and hide my words?? please. ):

1. Some enermy teams may Born at a location that I have checked clear my scope.

Maybe when I get to a certain point, the game would load some new enermy for my arrival??

2. I hide my teammates upon a hill near the road with the Patrolling APC. I ask them to Go prone, STOP and keep in stealth. I go alone to set a C4 on the road. At some point I prone near to the road, as the APC had passed few times back-n-forth, it suddenly shoot my guys who are still hitting the dirt, and keep freezing.

3. When I Disembark teammates from PBX, sometimes 1 or 2 of them will 'swim' after dismount. I ordered "Move there" to inner land, they just got freezed once after quitting their 'swimming', without any weapon at hand. I have to 'unlock' them with 'switch to' them and free them with a weapon change.

sorry for my bad english.

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first off Thanks for the feedback mate, i'm glad you enjoyed it i will try to address the issues you mentioned;

1. All units spawn on initial loading of the mission, I don't have any vehicles or units spawning via triggers minus the extraction chopper, and just under half the units on the map have a 50% - 60% possibility of presence to keep the mission fresh for replays. but I'll definitely have a look and see.

2.I think that this may be attributed to the AI in arrowhead, personally Ive been having trouble setting units back into "safe" after they have been put into danger mode. Also i created this mission using the 71900 beta patch..... interesting ill check it out.

3. This has happened to me before, so i think I'll definitely have a look into that issue I'm not certain its mission related but ill try to find a cause and hopefully it will be fixed in the next update.

Thanks a bunch for the feedback mate, I'll try and update it as soon as I can

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Oh I forgot to say the mission itself is serious, formal and beautiful as presented since the briefing. :)

for point 1. I think it's due to my carelessness to ommit some enermies coming near.

And I just load 71900 and cba0.5.1 only.

Hey, possible to add events after I distroy the comm tower? e.g. A nearby patrolling troop rush in?

Keep up the heat, man!!

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Defiantly, I was actually waiting to hear feedback saying weather or not the mission was difficult enough or had enough action, its something I'll be adding to the updated version.

Thanks again.

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which friggin game does this run on ?

im friggin tired of figuring out peoples screwups.

dont run on arma2 or OA?????????

I get booted back to menu whith no explanation?


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It requires both, I.E. Combined Operations. It doesn't need anything else.

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Hello everybody.

-Installed OA standalone and played it a little bit.

-Then I reinstalled Arma 2 v.1.07 in order to play this mission.

-Put the Op. Sk. pbo file into "missions" folder in OA folder.

-Start OA, go to single player, missions, Op. Sk...

-It asks me the chernarus file or something like that and the mission doesn't start.

-Tried putting the Op.Sk.pbo file in missions in A2 folder, doesn't work.

-Tried putting all the chernarus. pbo files from the addons folder inside A2 in the expansion>addons folder in OA, doesn't work.

What the **** do I have to do?

Thanks a lot.

Edited by paolo2015

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This is a solid and good mission!!

Thank you very much for your work, I really enjoyed it!

Great scenery and locations! :)

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