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[OA] how to make camo netting industructible

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so as i Know sometimes the word "damage" should be written with double "m".

> "dammage"

im not sure but i think i saw it at mr murrays editing guide.


found it:

was another context in the editing guide. getDammage or setDammage codes for example.

"simple repair script" should help ! or another script which setDamage 0 the camo net all few seconds



"this allowDammage false" could work! i cannot test atm.


you could protect your camo net with some sandbags anyway

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The code below works just fine. Tested with armoured and wheeled vehicles in A2/OA and Ace2.

this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}];

Put it in the init line of your camnet.

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