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503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment

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The 503rd PIR is a realism unit that is playing on Operation Arrowhead and is currently recruiting for Operation Arrowhead. The unit was founded on the 4th Of July 2010, and is currently needed leadership spots filled as well as regular infantry spots. We base ourselves on the core elements of teamwork, loyalty, and integrity. We like to play tactically and realistically but do not like to be so serious to where it isn't a game anymore and becomes the *actual* military. We like to have fun just like any other person because it is what the game was made for. :yay:

We have a dedicated server and teamspeak3. We have in-house mission makers that make our campaigns and coop missions that are unique and unit specific to our needs. We are an infantry only based regiment but also needs pilots due to the fact that we are a Parachute Infantry Regiment and Airborne Qualified as a Quick Reaction Force.

We hope to grow not only as a unit but as a group in whole so that everyone can have fun playing together tactically and realistically. We have a free website that isnt too fancy but why spend money on a website when you are just starting out anyways? The Information is below as well as the information regarding our ts3 and OA Dedicated Server.

Other ways to contact me are through PM's on the BIS forums, Xfire (jesusman111), or my email kevinarma2@yahoo.com

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a pleasant day.

Dedicated Server- 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment

TS3- dallas01.armazilla.us:9987

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