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Evolution - Free For All

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Name: Evolution: Free For All

Version: 1.02g

Type: Coop-Evolution

Side: Red

Difficulty: Rather hard

Island: Chernarus

ACE MOD: Currently not supported, working on this

Mission has already been played on Russian servers for some months. Now was decided to publish it here.

The main goal of the mission is to clear Chernarus from invaders. You will have to fight hard for towns. Enemy will fire to death, constantly calling reinforcements and attacking your base.

Using action menu, you can recruit units, buy vehicles and unlock weapons, when you are at the base (main/mobile) or FARP`s.

Using action menu, you can save your weapon loadout, when you are near the ammo crate at the main base or FARP`s.

Using action menu, you can repair and reammo your vehicles when you are at the base (main/mobile), at the FARP`s or near repair vehicles.

When you are injured, any player can first aid you. You also can first aid injured friendly units using action menu.

When playing on 'Mercenary' difficulty level, AK-PSO rifles are available at the weapon store.

To unlock weapons and buy vehicles you will need points (default points, which you get in arma e.g. for killing enemies). You receive points, eliminating enemies, transporting your teammates to the frontline, destroying radio towers. Also you will periodically receive some points as team income.

You may repair bought and captured vehicles at main base, FARP`s and near repair vehicles.

There is a radio tower at the each town. After radio tower destruction, town will stop receiving any reinforcements. You may destroy radio tower only using a pipe bomb. Though enemy will periodically counterattack your base, trying that time to regroup forces into the town.

After town has been captured, any remaining units drop their weapons and surrender. You may interrogate captives. If you interrogate a captive, you will receive some points.

You may heal injured soldiers. When you heal a teammate, that was hit by enemy, you will receive some award points. If you are heavily injured, you would become unconscious, and your teammates would have a few minutes to save you.

Download Evolution - FFA: RED 1.02g

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sweet now i know some one did a SP onefor arma so can i ask if you can make a SP one of this one for arma 2 plzz

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nice work WINSE - look in my mission pack for a briefing on how to play evolution - you're welcome to borrow from it for your mission users if you like

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