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Fuzzy Bandit

Would this Score-Adding technique work?

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I'm looking to add a certain amount of points to a variety of units upon activating certain parts of a script.

Things to know:

  • 'fcp' is a global variable defined in the 'init.sqf' of the mission. This holds the value of how many points to add to the unit. For simplicity, we'll say that fcp = 5.
  • 'additarea' is a pre-defined variable created in the 'init.sqf' of the mission. It is created by using the code:
    additarea = "waiting";


fcp = 5;
additarea = "waiting";

"additarea" addPublicVariableEventHandler {{_x addScore fcp;} forEach additarea;};


(A player-executed, local script)

additarea = "(playerSide == "WEST") && (player distance flag1 <5)";
publicVariable "additarea";

Would that then make it so that on activation of 'us.sqf', 5 points would be added to anybody on BLUFOR who is standing within 5m of the object named 'flag1'?

If not, why not? And how would it be achieved?

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Not entirely sure what you are trying to do here, but to add 5 points to whoever is within 5m I would make a script kind of like this (untested):

if (isServer) then {
_objects = (getPos flag1) nearObjects ["Man",5];
_blu = [];
if (side _x == WEST) then {_blu = _blu + [_x]};
} forEach _objects;
{_x addScore fcp} forEach _blu;

As I said this is untested and it wont work if people are in vehicles, if you want it to work with people in vehicles you will have to modify it a fair bit.

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