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Need help creating a mission that needs cutscenes and triggers, etc.

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Hello, i am creating a current mission where the U.S. goes to war with Iran and it is about the second day in the war and you are sent in by helicopter to do a bunch of missions. I was hoping to make it where a bunch of destroyer ships cover the coast of the desert map, but it turns out that when i put the destroyer ships down from the editor into the sea they don't show up.

So i decided to just put a helicopter on the base and have an AI fly it. I wanted to put a trigger half way to the way-point, but i found out that the AI flys so low the players barley have time to eject or when they do their parachutes don't open or they die because the landing is to hard.

(Currently i have one AA guy shooting down the helicopter but i would like to put a trigger that damages the helicopter enough for the engine to turn off and maybe so the AI can land safely? if not then just one that damages it and the players can jump out.) I also would like to make a screen at the begging that shows what time and what place they are located at and then zooms back into their character like some modes do on domination.

Also i was looking on the forums earlier and some guy was trying to get a helicopter to spawn in mid-air with the players in it and an AI pilot, but the only problem was that the helicopter wouldn't fly and it would crash? Could any one tell me how i could spawn a helicopter in midair with the players in it without the helicopter crashing right away?

When the players are flying in the helicopter towards the way point i would like to make it where HQ is speaking to them(If possible could i make it where a player actor records his voice and HQ acts like its really speaking).

I would like to make a cut scene where they go to meet their contact and you see the squad leader and the contact talking and you see text does any one know how to make the cut scene along with the text?(If possible voice)

Another part of the mission is where they have to sneak into the city and blow up an ammo depot. and then once its blown up they can choose to steal a tank or run to the next objective. The next objective i want to make a cut scene where when the players get close enough you see to guards standing there, and then you see the gates explode and the guards get killed and you see a tank or the player running into the base and going for cover. (Maybe i am asking for to much? I don't know if it can be done.)

Also i would like to make a timer for the mission when they enter the base with the nuke in it and if they don't make it to the nuke in 5 minutes it blows up.

And then if they do successful get to the nuke in 5 minutes, it cuts to a cut scene where they are looking in the distance and see the nuke blow up at their base.

The cut scenes don't have to happen, but they would be nice in the mission. and i would like the cut scene where the Contact is talking and where the nuke blows up at the base in the end.

Below is a list of the Addons needed for the mission.




And as soon as the Irian forces addon is completed, ill add that link.

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A lot of your questions have been answered on these forums, all you need to do is look...

Anyway ill try to help:

  • About the destroyers not appearing; they spawn at the sea floor level so you wont see them, to make it spawn at sea level you have to use setPos for example:
    this setPos [(getPosASL this select 0), (getPosASL this select 1), -2];

  • To set the height at which a helicopter (or plane) will fly at use the flyInHeight NUMBER command.
  • To damage the helicopter so its engine turns off you can use the setDamage NUMBER command. 0 = full HP & 1 = dead
  • To get a heli to spawn in the air just spawn a manned heli with its special setting to 'Flying', also give it a name for future reference. Then in each of your playable group leaders init lines you could put something like
    {_x moveInCargo heliName} forEach units group this;

  • To make text appear you can simply use the sideChat command. To do find out how to use voice you can simply use this forums search function others can explain better than I can.
  • For the cutscenes there are many camera scripting tutorials on this forum and also on other sites such as youtube or OFPEC

Hope I helped :)

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Here is another question is there anyway, to create an IED that is on a timer and when Bluefor enters within lets say 5 meters of it, it deactivates. But if they don't get to it in a certain amount of time it will explode setting off a nuke killing the bluefor players.

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This should be good!! :yay:

I got more units on the way ;)

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