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Fintac - A finnish tactical gaming community

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We have been starting this community for a while now and now I feel we have a good enough base of people to start expanding. I now invite all finnish (non-finnish are welcome to play at our servers anytime too of course) gamers to join us at http://fintac.dy.fi or in Quakenet IRC #fintac -channel. For now we only accept finnish members, but everyone is invited to join our forums or IRC channel and servers to play. Currently the most active games we play are Arma 2 with ACE2 mod and Project Reality. We've also just started testing Arma2TS and like it very much so far and will probably be using it in the future.

We are also hosting a mp-campaign starting 9th May for all finnish players of Arma 2 and ACE2 mod. Hop in there is still room! :D

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