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AI crossing bridge Prob

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unfortunately this is an issue since old OFP days which couldn't be properly fixed. AI's are going mostly for a swim loosing their equipment. Sometimes they manage to cross a bridge when placing WP very precisely. You gotta do some tweaking and trail and error.

Sorry but I guess there's no proper solution yet for this problem.

Kind regards

Edit: I forgot to mention also the importance of the formation in case you order the group to cross a bridge. Best formation is naturally column or column compact.

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i tryed on island celle !!!

got some ai´s like 4inf,2lights and one tank !

i was directly infront of the river and gave order for all to move straight on the other side.

they went 600m to the next bridge ,moved over it and came back on the other side of the river....

to me this issue looks fixed on that island !

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