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TitleRsc, hint composeText or titleText?

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I'm trying to end my mission intro with some text (preferably red and fairly large in size) that appears in the middle of the screen. I've tried TitleRsc, hint composeText and titleText but can't seem to get the desired results. With hint composeText it always appears in a hint box in the upper right, titleText is as far as I can tell limited to the default white text and after several hours of effort I've been monumentally unable to generate anything other than CTD's with TitleRsc. TitleRsc seems like the way forward and I tried to modify this example: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=65942&highlight=TitleRsc but it doesn't seem to generate anything and most of the other examples i've found of the Forums tend to generate a 'resource could not be found error'.

If anyone can offer any guidance it would be much appreciated!

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