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OFP Mission - Need help guys ;)

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Hello everyone.

I creating my own OFP mission. I have already some scripts, mission plan and etc.

But I am looking for some voice actors too.

I have already 3 actors including me. If someone wants, please reply here :):)

What's going on with my mission?

Mission will be about russian SpecNatz units, what have to find stolen documents. Of cours it not will be simple mission. American forces will be much stronger than player's team. You even can loose mission by killing preson, what can be useful in future...

So its not will be easy mission like: Go to their base, stole documents, back and happy.

I'll try to make this mission... Unbridgeable to win. Of cours, if You make all good, you will win hehe.

And back to my question..

If someone want to share with voice, please contact me on PM / post here.

Thanks, Leaf

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I think it would be fun to try, I speak Danish(primary), English and a little German. My voice is on the brighter side, I sing tenor.

I have to figure out how to not record my loud computer.

Please make the mission completable otherwise its annoying, like making hints to spare somebody if they are meant to give you info later.


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Sure, no problem mate!

Always glad when I can help.

I have strong Russian accent (if need to) and passable US and South US accents.

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