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Intelligent reinforcement like in the wizard!

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When I edit the seize the area mission in the wizard, there is a reinforcement (bmp), he's not coming until I attack the town, it also seems like he comes to the last point I attacked from, its realistic, its like the others tell him where I attacked from, he's then moving till he spots you, how can i make the bmp act this way?

This is how I tried it:

I made a trigger in the size of the town and set it to "count thislist <20" and synchronized it with the waypoint of the bmp.

so it's coming when there are under 20 enemys, it's working ok, but here is the problem, I set the waypoint to seek and destroy and set a placement radius. I dont want the bmp to always come to same spot, its not really working good, the bmp is always somwhere else in town and then he just stops after a time, he's never coming to side where I am attacking from, exept I put the wayppoint to this direction, but this is lame, how can I make it like in the wizard?

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Try the guard waypoint instead of the s/d.

S/D will make a unit search for a while and stop after that or go on

to it's next waypoint while guard will make them go to where the

enemy is known to be. If one enemy unit knows about you, those

enemies with guard waypoint will go for you. ;)

~S~ CD

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