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JoC-Slingshot-Mod BETA-Release

have you test this mod and can you give me suggestions to optimize this mod  

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  1. 1. have you test this mod and can you give me suggestions to optimize this mod

    • No interests, because its ancient!
    • Nice idea, I could help you!
    • very good, its useful for creating violent demonstrants and rebels
    • no ideas! Very bad

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Hi all

This is a BETA-VERSION of my slingshot



This is my first ARMA2-Mod to release. Its a beta-release. I need professional help to finish this mod.

Only the model.cfg makes trouble (The speed of the sling, during the shot-procedure, its to slow! Maybe I forgot

to use any parameters?) I don't know.

At First the Class-Names of all (to use in scripts)

Slingshot (german: Steinschleuder) = JoC_Flitsche

Magazine of slingshot (german: Kugelsack) = JoC_FlitschMag

The simple steelball (german: Stahlkugel) = JoC_FlitschBul

Reammobox with Slingshot and Mun (german: Munitionskiste) = JoC_Crate

I add a "open-source"-Pack of my Mod to find the bugs. I tried to implement a black-tracer bullet (p3d-model inside)

but my first problem is the speed of the sling.

You have all permissions to modified the mod, even the config.cpp and the model.cfg

Joc_Handgun (Main

-Data (paa-files, rvmat-files)

-picture (small picture-files to explain for the ammobox inside )

-Joc_Flitsche (main p3d-File with the model.cfg, model of the slingshot)

-SchleuderMag (p3d-Model of the small Bag with the steelballs (Magazine))

-sound (ogg-soundfiles, shot, dry-shot, magazine-reload)

-icons (paa-icon for the ammobox, using in missioneditor)

-crate (p3d-modell of the ammobox)

-JoC_Cartridge (p3d-modell of bullet and bullet with black tracer)

don't forget to give me credits and don't forget to give credits yourselve

Download here:


please share this Mod to other ARMA2 -forums like Arma2.info, armaholic.com, Arma2.de etc.

have fun


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