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I have been looking for weeks after somewhere to find dokumentation on the Island config. The Biki seems not to include anything on island config?

Of course I can depbo the Cheranus or (whatever map), and try to copy the lines after applying guesswork to what the meaning of these commandlines are.

But is there anywere a dokumentation to what the different commandlines in islandconfig means?

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hi balistic, dont know for sure if there is docu on the Island config's,but i think there would be, mayby someone else can provide a link.

What i do know is that there are some sample maps around that have a config file ready to use, mayby check them out,

here is 1-http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=85579

hope its some help


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Hi Spoetnik

Thx, for the quick reply.

The thing is, I have the samplemaps (both for ArmA and ArmA2, and the Podagorsk and Duala map). I can see the config and try to compare.

But I would like a deeper understanding of the commandlines, fx:

What exactly does this mean?

class Utes: CAWorld

class TUT_SampleMap: Utes (( TUT_SampleMap are to use Configs from the CA directory, or what, why then bring Utes in the picture?))

((Above taken from the ACE tut, below is from Cheranus map).

access = 3;

worldId = 4;

cutscenes[] = {"ChernarusIntro1"};

description = "$STR_DN_CHERNARUS";

icon = "";

worldName = "\ca\chernarus\chernarus.wrp";

pictureMap = "";

pictureShot = "\ca\chernarus\data\ui_selectisland_chernarus_ca.paa";

plateFormat = "ML$ - #####";

((Some of this is obvius, but....))

"plateFormat = "ML$ - #####";" ???

access = 3; ???

worldId = 4; ???

What I am loking for is a document or a wiki, saying something like this:

plateFormat = "ML$ - ##### // Commandline to specify the bla bla bla

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It's all about "inheritance"....

class Utes: CAWorld > > means - I declare that Utes is a subclass of CAWorld, and therefore inherits all nonspecified values from that.

class TUT_SampleMap: Utes > > means - I declare that TUT_Samplemap is a subclass of Utes, therefore if I don't specify any particular customised value for anything in the following config - use whatever Utes uses... and, of course Utes uses whatever the default CAWorld setting is...

Does that make sense??? I only vaguely understand the core concepts behind it all myself - not coming from any kind of programming background, I learn by example and by trying stuff... but it all seems vaguely logical to me the more I look at configs in general... they all work the same way :)... I'm getting there... slowly...

No idea what the "plateformat" line is though.....


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Hi Bushlurker

Got no programming background either, but inheritance makes sence, leaves question: What kind of fella is grandfather CAWorld?

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