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Gorgi Knootewoot

Corky thatcher

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The Corky Rap

My name's Corky Thatcher

I have a red bike

My dad won't let me ride it so I sneak out at night.

I have a dog named Arnold

He pees on the floor

I used to lick it up, but not anymore

I have a friend named Josh who used to go to my school

But he moved away cuz he was too cool

He moved away to the Carribean Sea

He had a condition called leprosy

I know I am stupid but I do not care

Because now I have my girly underwear

I used to wear a hat, I thought it was nice

Until I found out



Ob la dee, Ob la da

Corky wears a purple bra

He is also a drag queen

He likes to eat pork and beans

Well Ob la dee and Ob la da

Oh I wish I could be

a Corky...duh!

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It was the dumbest series ever. I just wanted to post the 4100 topic in the forum smile.gif

I didn't know a subject, so i just looked on Google for Corky. I found THIS website. Corky sucks. Well, i go to the sportschool now. Take care. wink.gif

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