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disable crosshair in a mission irrespective of cfg values/ difficulty

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I have searched the wiki and the forum but no joy

I understand that you can disable the crosshair with


in your clientside cfg or by editing difficulty "regular" for the server.

However I want to script in a paramsarray toggle for enabling/ disabling the weapon crosshair alone at mission startup.

Does anyone know if there is a command I can run in the init/ description that would do this, e.g.

In [b]description[/b]

class Params
class Crosshair
	default = 1;

and in [b]init[/b]

WeaponCursor = paramsArray select 13;

I got a feeling thiswon't work though - anyone tried anything like this?

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WeaponCursor isn't a valid arma2 command and I'm pretty sure you can't override game configs from the description.ext file. Would have been fun to create custom units for a single mission etc, but it seems these kinds of tweaks can't be done.

You could read the config to check if the crosshair is enabled, and end the mission if the chosen difficulty setting doesn't match with crosshairs selected in the parameters, but I guess that's not quite what you want.

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Is it possible to turn off crosshairs (weapon cursors or whatever they are called) for each weapon individually?

So I keep the lock-boxes in the Javelin but I don't have a cursor floating in the air somewhere over my rifle.

Anybody got a scripting idea?

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